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  1. There is actually a LOT of reason to trust the hype for Anthem, honestly. The circumstances and scenario relating to Anthem has a lot of parallels to that of Destiny back when Joseph Staten was still involved with it. That was back when the original story of the game was still intact and the original "vision" for the game was still there. It was that vision which generated soooooo much hype along with the fact that you had Bungie, a well established champion developer which had really made its mark with the Halo series, a game that literally revolutionized the genre. Much of Destiny's success is owed to the Bungie Brand being stamped on it. But as we eventually learned, before the game's release there were multiple red flags happening behind the scenes. The execs at Bungie had decided Joseph Staten's story was somehow too linear and complex for the kind of audience they were looking to target. The original masterpiece that had been created was subsequently butchered along with various chunks being torn out and put aside only to be repackaged as "DLC" (Dark Below and House of Wolves) and sold separately. Its the exact same setup as what we see with Destiny 2. The ending of the game's story missions followed by the EXACT same aggressive marketing included in the game's case trying to sell players ANOTHER "Expansion Pass" that is just waaaaaay too similar to what happened last time. Now, many of the former Bungie Dev Team have either quit the company or have been fired. Luke Smith has risen up the ranks and has taken full advantage of that whole situation to elevate his position within the company. (I friggen hate that guy...) HOWEVER... Anthem has been pooling together the creative talents of legendary writers from BioWare history; Just like Bungie, BioWare is also one those studios that have achieved a sort of Legendary status with a large following of fans. And while the recent Mass Effect game had serious issues, we now know that the reasons for this were because it didn't actually have BioWare's full attention, as most of the studio's resources and efforts have been going into the creation of Anthem. (Likewise, Mass Effect 3 was supposed to be the end) Also, Anthem has the added benefit of being able to learn from the mistakes of Destiny and use the feedback from that community to help improve and properly charter the direction for their development along with other games such as Warframe. People wanted to be able to fly in Destiny? Boom, people can fly in Anthem. People love the underwater sections in Warframe? Boom, people can go underwater in Anthem. People wanted to enjoy exploring in Destiny? Boom, people can go exploring in Anthem AND be rewarded for it. (Its actually encouraged) People wanted more weapon diversity in Destiny? Boom, we obviously see that confirmed in Anthem with one guy rocking a Mortar Launcher and the other showing off a friggen Multi-Missile Launcher. People wanted better graphics for Destiny? Boom, Anthem looks hella good. And while a lot of what went wrong with Destiny can be argued that most of the blame can be attributed to Activision, BioWare has been dealing with EA for years now. Does EA factor into this? Yes, but for the most part the publisher doesn't impact or restrict BioWare's creative freedoms. The most we can see in terms of involvement is EA imposing micro-transactions in their multiplayer aspects. That's about it. And it seems as though BioWare has control over what is or isn't put in said micros. Whereas with Destiny, that shit started off in the Taken King expansion and has progressive become much worse. (So many people in the community protested micros in Destiny...but there were so many trying to defend that shit that now those micros have become a permanent fixture in the game...) But on that note, another thing to keep in mind is that it is abundantly clear that EA has been making power plays against Activision lately. We saw this with the release of Battlefield 1 in which DICE straight up directly challenged COD. Now we see Anthem coming in heavy, fully loaded and looking to directly challenge Destiny. And when companies compete against one another, the customers are the ones who always benefit the most. Which is why I say thank God for Anthem, because another main reason so much shit has been allowed to happen with Destiny is due to the lack of serious competition in the market place. So even for people who aren't all that interested in the game and are hardcore Destiny players? Anthem can only mean good things for Destiny as well, because Bungie/Activision are going to end up having to compete for your attention and money, which means the Destiny Community will actually have some real influence finally instead of the illusion of being cared about.
  2. I have literally been holding off on listening to anything related to Destiny 2. As a Day 1 player of the first Destiny, I saw first hand how the game so many had so much hope for was slowly ruined and turned into the mess that it is today. Vanilla Destiny was good, but the game was just...lacking in so much. And that basically defines the entire franchise at this point. Just a damn shame. I was first introduced to Joe's channel with his previous Destiny Review. Became a fan ever since. Its rare to come across a game reviewer who is actually honest and tells it like it is. Ever since this review was posted, I've been finding myself getting into arguments with people in the youtube comments. I try to ignore it, but the sort of mental gymnastics they do to justify their blatant bullshit just drives me nuts. I mean seriously, some of the crap these people say; "Joe is a liar!" How is anything he said in the review a lie? "Joe didn't even play the Raid!" He did experience the Raid... And regardless, why the hell is the Raid so crucially important like it could somehow magically invalidate any and all negative points being presented about the rest of the game? O_o "Oh, this just isn't Joe's kind of game." ...How do you even know that? How does him having a negative opinion about the game automatically translate to that? So anyone who doesn't give the game a high score are only doing so because its just "not their kind of game"? Its friggen daffy. Its like the people who try to say "Oh man! Destiny 2 is a whole new game!" Delrith hit the nail on the head with that during his rant on the Twitch stream, its not some whole new experience. There is one thing I would have liked Joe to touch on as well, which would have been the fact that Bungie literally swept EVERYTHING OF INTEREST from the original game under the rug. Sooooooooooooooo many people wanted to actually travel into and explore the Last City. There was so much potential with it. Interactive NPCs, Player Housing, Shopping District to open up the possibilities for items and crafting, a Recreation Center (Something akin to like the Gold Saucer from FF7 where you could spend Glimmer to play Arcade Games, possibly even some of Bungie's older games like Oni or Marathon, Sparrow Racing simulator, etc.), CLAN HALLS (Different spaces you can spend Glimmer on to buy and fully customize for you and your Clan Members to access and hang out in to actually socialize), interactive benches and seats for you to actually sit on like a normal person, etc. SO MUCH that people were wanting to see done with the Last City. And what does Bungie do? THEY DESTROY THE WHOLE THING! Or what about the Speaker? Everyone was waiting for him to actually explain shit to us. The original story for Destiny written by Joseph Staten even had the Speaker as being a central character and hinted at him being a primary antagonist for the plot. It was supposed to be a huge deal. Again, so much potential to be had there. And what does Bungie do? THEY KILL HIM OFF LIKE ITS NOTHING! You don't even care that he's dead, either. His death is so meaningless because they did NOTHING to actually establish his character. Its the same damn thing with the Awoken Queen apparently getting killed in Taken King right at the start. I mean seriously? First they butcher Joseph Staten's masterpiece and then they just gradually kill off and destroy all the remaining fragments of his story. Destiny was meant to be so much more than it turned out to be. Its a damn shame. Thank God for Anthem...
  3. So yeah, this has been gradually getting worse for me and now that I have just beaten the game not but 15 minutes ago, I desperately need a venue for expressing my thoughts and venting a tad bit. I may or may not decide to go ahead and toss a copy of this over in the feedback section at the game's official forum. I happily welcome anyone else who would like to weigh in on this or share their own opinions on the game as well. Where to begin, though? In truth, if I wasn't such a huge fan of the series the vast majority of my issues might not even exist, but considering what they were trying to accomplish with FF15 I feel its important to be critical on the things that clearly deserve it. And when I say I'm a fan, I mean that I have played and own every single Final Fantasy ever to be produced, have assisted with a number of "Fan Theories" associated with them and have even done my fair share of online RPs centered around the franchise. (FYI, my two favorite games in the entire series was FF6 and FF9) Let's go down the list. Pros~ I have over 80+ hours spent as of beating the game, so it isn't as though it was terrible. The developers managed to nail a few aspects and that is ultimately what kept me playing for as long as I did. The Kingdom of Lucis was rendered beautifully and I quite enjoyed spending time in the world setting itself. I actually liked the added danger that accompanied night time and that made the world come more to life. I liked the Mob Hunt system and that served to show off the environment more by having me travel to places off the beaten path. In addition to that, the spirit of exploration was alive and well here. I hate games that offer you an "Open World" and yet there is very little reward for spending that time exploring, which is definitely something you get here. (Such as picking up a Thunderbolt 2H from Malmalm Thicket. You can tell that exploration was seriously on the developer's mind as even the Tipsters would show you the location of caches for extra goodies. In this respect the game scores major brownie points for going above and beyond in this regard, something most other games either do a lack luster job at or only bother to put in the bare minimum effort. Camping was also quite enjoyable and between that and being able to sleep at inns as well as actually EATING in the game, it makes the experience far more authenticate in terms of realism. Not to mention all the various mini-games that were available; Pinball, Fishing, Chocobo Races, etc. The game's combat was also very good. The combination of effects and sounds really serve to make you feel like a badass when you come down hard with a Greatsword and break off a piece of an enemy. The Warp-Strike was also a nice addition that kept the action fast while giving added tactical options in battle. Cons~ The story. Yeah. What you have here is basically all the right elements of an EPIC tale, but damn near none of it is properly put together or conveyed. 1: FF15 is like FF7 only without the Turks, Rufus, Hojo or Shinra in general. The Niflheim Empire was utterly pathetic, relegated to nothing more than a simple plot point used to conveniently progress the story missions along. You had important looking characters show up such as that old guy who never made another appearance, they were shown once or twice and then quickly forgotten. And just when you think this will change or the game will start to pick up with all this? (When you actually travel to the Empire, personally) NOPE! EVERYONE IS DEAD! You can't even be like "what a twist!" with that nonsense. Quite possibly the most interesting character of them all from the Empire was General Glauca who played a MAJOR role in the downfall of Lucis. We're talking about the guy who killed YOUR father, and you don't even get to see this dude. Not once. And why? BECAUSE THEY DECIDED TO KILL HIM OFF IN THE KINGSGLAIVE MOVIE! WHAT. THE. FUCK. I get that they want FF15 to be the second coming of FF7, but look... The game had already been released for years before they ever came out with Advent Children, and even then that was meant to serve as a sequel to the game's story. You take a HUGE chunk of the game's narrative, rip it OUT of the game itself and decide to sell it separately as a movie? No. That's bullshit. At the very least, General Glauca should have survived to be present in the actual game. I don't care about Nyx. If you wanted me to care about him, then he should have been a party member. 2: ZERO BACKSTORY FOR ANYONE. You know what MOST of all the other games have in the series? Fleshed out party members. Example, as part of the main story of FF7, Cloud and the party travel to Rocket Town where they encounter Cid who ends up joining the party. You get some of his backstory the first visit and then the second time the game brings you back to Rocket Town its all about Cid. Each character is given ample stage time, and as a result the player gets invested in them. THAT is why Aerith's death is considered legendary, because to actually lose a character, a party member in a Final Fantasy game, will hit the player hard right in the feels. Where was that here? You got Ignis, Gladio and Prompto at the start of the game and that was it. Which is fine and all, but are you seriously telling me that NONE OF THEM get any kind of personal quest? Or is that the purpose of these paid DLC "Episodes" because money? Yes, I am aware of the anime Brotherhood which tries to do this, but again WHY DOES THE GAME RELY ON ME LEAVING THE GAME TO LEARN THIS? This is like Destiny with those stupid Grimoire Cards all over again. Additional Media is intended to "ADD" to the experience, not serve as the damn foundation for a story that was clearly in desperate need of more TLC. 3: Prompto, specifically, is the most ridiculous character of them all. In fact, the game itself contradicts his own backstory that was established in Brotherhood and utterly fails to answer any basic questions. You find out that the Empire's Magi-Tech is created from Daemons and that the machines you fight are essentially newborn children bred for combat. You then find out from Prompto that he is no different from them, created in the same way. BUT THAT MAKES NO SENSE. In Brotherhood you see a young and plump Prompto living in Insomnia who later becomes friends with Noctis at school. HOW THE FUCK DID HE GET THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!? His backstory is just, at this point, soooooo convoluted that I can't even bs my way into somehow making it all fit together. And bare in mind, I don't give a rats ass if they somehow magically find a way to tie the loose ends together in the DLC, the fact remains that the game, upon release, has a twisted story riddled with plot holes. I feel as though the game world and mechanics were made first and then the story came second. Its NOT OK to seal off KEY PLOT POINTS behind paywalls. No one should have to be spending extra money JUST to understand what the game failed to properly convey. I care less about pretty graphics and care MORE about a meaty, juicy story, which is why I STILL rank FF6 above FF15. 4: Princess Lunafreya needed a LOT more fleshing out. She had the ability to communicate with Noctis and his group through Umbra the entire time, so why the hell did they never meet up? If it was her "mission" to give Noctis the ring, she literally could have done it at any time. Likewise, they could have traveled together to form the covenants. Now... If she was purposefully keeping her distance from Noctis because of the covenants seemingly killing her and she knew he would try and stop it? That's one thing. Though, the game fails to give any sort of indication about this. And the romance between her and Noctis just...it feels way too forced. In fact, the entire time I kept hoping that the game was being "hands off" about it in order to leave an open opportunity for some other potential love interest, like Iris. (Who I was personally pulling for) And even when Lunafreya dies? You get this impression that she's more like an older sister to Noctis rather than a lover. 5: I'm still confused about Ardyn. The game didn't do a good job of explaining what his whole story was about. Its revealed that he was also a King of Lucis, but then that is where it gets muddled. Ardyn is the darkness, but why? How? Was there some random thing in the game that I failed to read? Because the story failed to convey these answers to me even after I killed the guy. And a better question might be what was his motivations? I got the impression he was trying to bring about the prophecy (Which was likewise rather vague and poorly delivered to the player, I mean that's the kind of thing a game should establish either right at the start or close to the beginning), which truth be told I didn't even remember until inspecting the various paintings just before the Throne Room at the Citadel. But what was his ultimate goal? He obviously was expecting a final confrontation with Noctis, but was he expecting to die? He seemed awfully surprised when Noctis and his ancestors vaporized him afterwards, but shouldn't this have been also expected as per the prophecy he was helping make happen? In the end, Ardyn's reasons are just convoluted. I felt no real emotion from the battle itself or even after he died. His existence just seemed like one giant Deus Ex Machina, there for the purpose of setting up Noctis having to die in order to drive away the darkness. And even then, is the darkness actually gone for good or is the world just screwed now that the last King of Lucis is gone now without any living heirs? Not like it matters since the ring clearly dissolved as well which means the crystal is pretty much useless now too. There were a number of other, smaller story related issues that popped up but they mostly came up in dialogue between party members, I can't really remember what was said off hand. But yeah, the game's story was a massive problem for me. Like I said, all of the elements are there to have this really amazing, 10/10 epic story, but it was completely mishandled and needed way more work. Of course, that wasn't my only gripe with the game. I get that they were wanting to do this whole "Road Trip" thing with the four guys, seeing the sights and camping out, etc. But to be honest that kind of shit should have been all focused BEFORE the Empire decided to betray Lucis and seize control of Insomnia. At no point did I feel like the "Rebel Prince" fighting to reclaim his homeland. With the exception of Cor and the lady who was with him, there was no one else. Why? Hell, even at the end of the Kingsglaive movie, Nyx's friend managed to survive and left the city. So that's it then? No one is contnuing to fight back or put together a resistance movement? And why the hell was Noctis and the others just so casually driving around the countryside after the fact? Again, I understand the whole Road Trip experience and such, but there weren't any Imperial Checkpoints that had actual soldiers stationed at them. You got to visit a grand total of 3 enemy bases (Even though they appear to be all over the place on the map), and after clearing them out it was nothing. Why? BECAUSE YOU HAD NO REBEL FORCES TO MOVE IN AND RETAKE CONTROL! You don't even get the opportunity to destroy these places, you literally just leave so that the enemy can move right back in, totally invalidating your efforts. (Like capturing that one guy during the second Base Infiltration only for him to escape before you can even finish the mission. He gets handed off to some Hunters and then magically escapes, cause reasons... ) I felt no drive or motivation in the least to attack these bases. And the only other time I had to deal with the empire, outside of the main story missions (which were short as fuck, for the record), were the random drop ships. Furthermore, what the hell was up with that super linear garbage past Altissia? Let me get this straight... You took the time to flesh out Lucis, but Altissia only offers the city despite the map clearly showing a larger land mass? Yeah, I was seriously expecting to be able to leave Altissia and go explore the rest of those areas. This really clipped my wings when I quickly realized that the "Open World" aspect which was one of the few big things keeping me invested was restricted to only Lucis and no where else. I immediately got the impression here that the game felt unfinished. Which is probably the case, the developer was most likely forced by corporate to push the game out despite wanting to do more with it. And if that is the case and what we got was a rushed product? Then that could very easily explain why I have all these issues with it, in which case it really is just like Destiny all over again and I really... REALLY wish this bullshit would stop already. Again, if having a FULL and COMPLETE game means taking a hit on graphics? Fine, I'm cool with that. I grew up playing ATARI for Christ sake, I don't give two shits how photo realistic things are on my screen. OH! AND THE END GAME! NO! BAD! You know what made going after Ruby, Emerald and Ultima WEAPONs worth it in FF7? Spending time at the Gold Saucer fighting in the Battle Arena or breeding Chocobo for the sake of getting a Gold to visit the secret locations on the world map? That all of it was taking place before the end of the game. Basically all of the "cool" stuff is set for AFTER you beat FF15, meaning that you can't even access it until after you have already completed the game. Why should I bother spending time getting something like the Balmung Sword or any of these other "Legendary Weapons" when the story is already over? The 80+ hours I have was spent doing Side Quests. Why? Because I wanted to do as much as possible and be fully prepared for the "Final Boss." It was a joke. Ardyn was a total failure. I kept expecting something grander to happen, but no. I had 99 Hi-Potions, Potions, Elixirs, Hi-Elixirs, Antidotes, etc. I came expecting a challenge. I even went and grinded for a Sturdy Helixhorn to fully upgrade the Engine Blade into the Ultima Sword. I even went and got ALL the Royal Arms. I kept waiting for Ardyn to whoop my ass throughout the entire battle. Hell, I thought the way to him was going to be loads more difficult than it was. In the end, I was disappointed to not find said challenge. I know there are supposed to be "free updates" coming out to expand the story, but as it stands now I don't feel like investing anymore of my time into the game as a result of having beaten it. Yes, there is plenty of "End Game" content in the form of new side quests and really powerful bosses, but do I REALLY want to put in anymore time than I already have knowing the kind of ending this was? And look, this isn't even "End Game" either, because all I'm doing is literally "going back in time" to before I went to Altissia. That isn't what I consider to be End Game. TRUE "End Game" would have been Noctis NOT dying at the end, assuming his position as the new King of Lucis and then getting to see the Aftermath following the defeat of Ardyn. Hell, you could have even justified not being able to go around Insomnia by saying it was still undergoing reconstruction. And then I could take KING Noctis around the world and do said End Game activities. But no, instead you did two of the things I hate most in both games and anime. You did a stupid ass "10 Year Later..." garbage during the main story as well as killing off the main character. That pretty much ends my rant. Personally, I would give FF15 a 7/10...8/10 if I'm being generous. The 7/10 seems more fitting if you add in the horrible way that Magic was handled in the game (Grenades? Really? ) and if you weren't really into the Side Quests or other various side attractions. And if I was judging the game simply on its main story content alone? It easily drops to a 6/10.
  4. Ahem... *Votes RWBY*
  5. I didn't want to do individual quotes. I apologize if I gave the impression I was accusing you of being just a Joe follower, I didn't think I was saying anything that would infer such about anyone. And I'm personally a fan of the show and take pride in being a member of the Angry Army, so to clarify nothing I've said here was intended to sound like I was against Joe's video. I actually quite approve of him doing hardware reviews. Also didn't think there was anything wrong with his review of the Rift, either. He covered basically everything that folks should know about it. That being said, you kept making mention in regards to my list that these were things not known because the Rift hasn't been out long enough. If you take notice, prior to my list I pointed this out myself and the list itself reflects that. These are things we don't know but that are possibilities. There just isn't enough data regarding long term usage of these things. As for what I based this list on? Simple medical research. The Oculus Rift weighs 470g which translates to 1.03617 pounds. That weight is centered on your face, meaning your neck muscles will be activated to compensate while wearing it. In addition to this, the camera movement is dependent on you moving your head around. So while this shouldn't be a problem for those who only use it for short periods of time, those who are wearing it for extended periods are going to be more prone to having neck related problems. Even headaches triggered by those muscles knotting up. And if you find yourself doing those snap motions with your head to look at something there is also the chance to pull said muscles. And for those dropping $600 on this thing? Or hell, even $300, I doubt most of those folks plan on only using the thing for short bursts, especially if they get heavily invested playing with others while using it. Everything on that list is rooted in scientific fact. I didn't claim them to be 100% true problems but rather making the very real point that they are all possibilities that need to be addressed. To my knowledge, there has been no case study done on the long term usage of this hardware. If there has been I would very much like to see what the results were, considering the fact that we're talking about a commercial product being made available to the general public. But if such research has never been done, then what we have here is a text book example of how these companies only wish to cash in while using the consumers, or in this case the early adopters, as basically guinea pigs to do the testing for them. That's a practice that I do not approve of nor support. Also, with regards to the example of Sword Art Online, that takes place in a world where technology and society itself have advanced enough to the point where its acceptable. In SAO, such VR gaming experiences are integrated with other aspects of reality itself. This is best seen during the events of Gun Gale Online where the eSports scene is very clearly evolved and events aren't just broadcasted across the net and other such games as well but where players can even make a financial living. There is less isolation in this situation, in fact the social medium itself has expanded to the point where entire families are involved in such things. The sad truth is that our society is progressing at a slower rate than our technology. Humans are not ready for this yet and there is no telling what will come of it. Our species has not evolved enough to handle this concept.
  6. No, you really aren't. I apologize if I might sound brash here, but this is the recurring trend that keeps grinding my gears. "I found this boring." Why? "It just was." That is seriously the extent of what has been said here. You're drawing comparisons between the characters in Destiny to The Division and saying one is better than the other with literally NO reason why outside of "just because" and that irritates the crap out of me. How can anyone be a critic about anything when they themselves have zero basis for such allegations? I'm just so exhausted from seeing the same thing everywhere. You cared more about Dinklebot than Faye. But why? That reads a logic error, there is no reasoning behind this. It is a notion that cannot be understood nor disputed because there is no intellectual foundation for it. Yeah, of course no one is arguing because there is quite literally nothing to argue. Anything that anyone were to try and say in opposition to your statement would just as easily be dismissed by you saying "that's just how I felt." Literally anyone can say the exact same thing about anything. Geralt of Rivia could be awarded one of the best portrayed video game characters of all time and yet someone could just waltz up and be like "I hated him" and give no reason as to why they actually feel that way. Where are the standards, man? I mean its not just that, either. And if you want to say this is a matter of personal preference? That you prefer a tiny floating robot with like two moments of dry humor as opposed to an actual person with a more serious-minded character role? Then THAT is what you say. That's called clarification, your preference doesn't match up. But at no point in time does THAT rationale ever justify declaring the other character as being worse in comparison. At that point you're just being incredibly biased. Like how dare this other person not be the same as this other character. Or how about saying Vanilla Destiny offered more than this. Like wow, really? What exactly was there more of by comparison? Vanilla Destiny had... -Zero Context (You were dead, brought back to life with no reaction or background info given at all and then it was suddenly your job to kill aliens because...reasons?) -Small World (If you took the maps for Earth, the Moon, Venus and Mars and combined them, The Division would probably still be bigger) -Pointless NPCs (They were literally all just glorified Vendors. It took them until TTK which at that point was a $140 investment to finally get anything even remotely resembling what one would expect from NPCs in a story. And even then? I gave TTK a score of Nathan Fillion because he carried that entire storyline.) -Recycled Content (The Black Heart mission, Final Boss. Need I say more?) Now let's do a comparison, shall we? Vanilla Division has... -Story Context (You know why you are here, you find out why the others before you failed their mission and you are presented with clearly defined antagonists. Beginning, Middle and End) -Large World (I have the "preference" to explore game worlds and unlike Destiny, I found more reason and reward with The Division. The only reason to explore in Destiny was for Dead Ghosts to unlock more of the non-existent story that you wished was in the actual game and the stupid treasure chests which really didn't give anything worthwhile, as opposed to The Division which is filled with collectibles that likewise reward you upon completing said collections, serving to add more atmosphere to the game and overall plot, as well as all of the loot in the game all having some sort of purpose. Not to mention finding these random locked doors that need lockpicks to open to access more areas. Others may not care or have any interest in this sort of thing, but I personally like my games caring enough to give us explorers a nod) -Useful NPCs (Faye alone gives you more info than Dinklebot, the Stranger, the Speaker, the Awoken Queen and her brother AND the whole damn Guardian Vanguard Council combined. Jessica is your major insight for the virus itself and gives you leads to work off of to track down the source of the disaster as well as the cure. Paul works with you and Faye to understand more about what happened to the First Wave and eventually discover how everything went from bad to worse. Benitez is ever driving the hammer and giving your crusade against the other factions more emphasis and meaning. All of this conveyed to you with good voice acting on top of it all) -New Content (Yes, a Helicopter. Sorry it wasn't Metal Gear Rex or something instead. =P ) There is a LOGICAL BASIS for saying that The Division is BETTER and offers MORE than Vanilla Destiny. Its not Sci-Fi? That's personal preference. Its people instead of aliens or robots? That's personal preference. Its not a First Person Shooter? That's personal preference. Its bullet sponges instead of being realistic? That's personal preference. Huge. Difference. Something not being a personal preference does not translate to "bad game" or "5/10". SCIENCE. Using the scientific method to render a logical conclusion. That is what I respect. That is what I expect from anyone who looks to give a review of anything.
  7. There's multiple reasons, and just because nobody here is talking about the other nonsensical gimmicks out there doesn't mean they aren't also equally acknowledged as such. Curved TVs simply aren't the topic here. As for the reasons why NOT to buy one? Outside of outlining what I already explained regarding accepted norms turning into barriers that prevent continued innovation, the fact of the matter is that this is once more a mass production paid beta test. No one actually knows what prolonged use of these things will do to a person both physically and mentally. I can already determine what some of those reports will end up being. 1: Neck Pain/Neck related problems. 2: Sensory Disorders. (Eye Problems) 3: Seizures. (Not like normal gaming doesn't already have this problem, this would definitely HUGELY increase these odds) 4: Psychological Disorders. (Pushing that isolation factor to the extreme is sure to have some fun long term side effects for folks) 5: $600-$300 could easily be spent on something else? 6: Its doesn't really offer that big of a difference for the experience. (I mean come the hell on, "Virtual Desktop"? Is ANY of this REALLY necessary? ) Outside of all that? No, not much else stopping someone from buying one I suppose. Though that list provides plenty enough reason for me at least. That's just my opinion, at any rate.
  8. The problem there being that we already saw the Kinect and its ilk level out and then drop off into obscurity. Actually, we've seen this happen a lot in gaming history. In the end, the industry always takes a concept and then goes with whatever proves the most cost efficient. And this time around you're narrowing the potential buyers in the market right off the bat with that hefty price tag. The concept of VR is what they are marketing here, even though it really isn't actual Virtual Reality we're dealing with. But they are pushing that notion hard because they want society to adopt this as being that. Query: "Why should I bother investing more finances into further research of VR Technology when the masses already accept this as such and are willing to pay boat loads of money to me to have it? Besides, too much immersion would only hurt my profits in the long run anyway if they are spending too much time in only a handful of games... Wouldn't it be better for my bottom line if I can just keep stringing them along with the same old shit wrapped up in a nice new package?" Business and Passion rarely go hand in hand these days.
  9. The harsh reality here is that this technology is still not an example of true Virtual Reality. Its essentially a reboot for the Virtual Boy. For those who don't know what THAT thing was: And while the first immediate thought anyone will have is that this thing and the Rift are from two totally different periods of gaming history, the fact remains that they are still both the exact same concept. The Rift and all these other VR devices coming out all primarily work off of isolating your visual and auditory senses to simulate more "immersion" which is just straight up stupid. You're basically strapping an HD monitor to your eyeballs with a headset and using your head to control the camera as opposed to just using your thumb with a controller. That's it. That's all this is. Its an overpriced, more advanced Virtual Boy that gives you the illusion of a VR experience. The technology just is not there yet, science hasn't progressed enough to allow for such a thing. A true example of real Virtual Reality is seen in Sword Art Online: Technology capable of rendering a cyberspace, a system in which data from all five senses is not only transferred across that space but is also received. Neural Feedback in which a person is detached from their physical body in this world and dives into this other world. The true representation of a "Virtual Reality" that is akin to being its own form of expressed existence. THAT is what I would consider the "next evolution" of gaming while the Rift and the other various copycats are simply pale imitations pretending to be the next level of gaming development. For years the major allure of such things as MMORPGs and the like has always been the ability to go beyond the confines of your own life/reality, to do things that you could never do in real life. This is true for gaming itself in many respects. That being said, this is a double edged sword. Should this current VR trend crash and burn, the odds of us seeing something like SAO becoming a reality will likely get set back quite a number of years. Of course, it also stands to reason that should the Rift and other such devices prove successful, it could just as well create a barrier in which developers stop trying to further advance the technology to accept the current concept. I mean how aggressive have they been to push the notion that this is VR? Trying to make this the accepted norm. And how many have already accepted it as such? To consider this to be some sort of massive accomplishment when all they are really doing is taking current age technology and repackaging it as a consumer product? There are pros and cons everywhere with this. I have no doubt in my mind that one day science will progress enough to make a true VR Device. That is the natural evolution of our species, to achieve a point in which we can break the bonds of the physical realm and limitations. After all, when you break a person down to their core component, our minds are what define our existence and only simply rely upon our bodies to sustain life. Gaming was born of our imagination, and imagination is the root of all evolution. In which case, it makes sense that gaming itself will serve as the avenue for this. Its just a matter of time. I personally will not be buying the Rift or any such device. These games promise nothing outside of the same kind of experience I could have just as well playing like I normally do.
  10. Honestly, what's annoying me the most are these various expectations people are throwing at it. For example, a lack of enemy variety? I would love it if people would just stop complaining about this without giving at least some inclination as to what in the hell THEY think would somehow make it more so. Has anyone even noticed all the different types of enemies in each faction? And no, they don't all play the same. The standard assault rifle guy that each faction has all behave differently as a prime example. Cleaners will steadily advance on your position to get within range so that they can douse you with napalm since their rifles have an attached flamethrower rigged up under the barrel. The Rioters have like 2-3 different standard assault guys who damn near all seem to be packing grenades, especially those damn fire ones that they use to try and flush you out of cover. And they WILL just be like "fuck you" and run up on your position unless you can manage to put enough heat on them to make the bastards back off. I could probably sit here and type up a legit list showing just how many different enemies there are and how they differ in behavior between each faction. Namely because I've beaten every single Challenge Mission against every single faction. No joke, the variety is indeed here, and you immediately notice those differences when playing on the highest difficulty. And we're going to criticize The Division's final boss being a Helicopter when Destiny's final boss was three of the exact same mini boss that you already defeated previously in that game? Seriously? No recognition or any kind of props given for this at all? That the final boss actually be something that you haven't encountered? Rather we should play it off and insult the game over this? You'll hear all the time how the game is boring and yet no one ever explains why. I've asked others if they could elaborate on this and the question is either flatout ignored or I get an idiotic "It just is" response. Because I'm trying to investigate why folks feel the game is boring. Ultimately, the best I could manage to get from anyone is that its repetitive. Which leads me to question further "aren't most if not all online games repetitive?" You will always find a repetitive activity boring, the point there is then how well a game can make repeating something as less boring as possible. So to just label any game as boring for the sole purpose of it being "repetitive" isn't a good reason. And they put out a patch that fixed the penalties and rewards for the Dark Zone. The problems that the game has aren't issues that couldn't easily be addressed. Its not hard to change numbers or drop rates and they already are doing so.
  11. I guess my prediction came true... The instant he first described it as average on Twitch I immediately knew it was going to get a score of 5/10. Which honestly does disappoint me. This is the first time I find myself actually disagreeing with one of Joe's reviews. For a number of reasons, because I want to at least be fair with why I say this. 1: He bashed the story hard, in a "not-so-fair" way. Unless he decided to make a new character while he wasn't streaming, anyone who watched him on Twitch could see that with the group consistently just rushing through things, the story obviously lost a good chunk of its effect. If we are in fact looking to use Destiny to compare this game with, which he was also doing, I'm truly confused that he would literally give the exact same reaction for the game's characters that he did for Destiny; "You don't remember anyone's name." FALSE. I'm sorry, this is perhaps the only time in which Joe just wasn't being fair. There are plenty of people who can name the characters simply because, UNLIKE DESTINY, you actually had a good deal of legitimate interaction and voice acting with each of them. Jess, Paul and Benitez were all done well and each had a well defined and properly portrayed character design with matching personalities that were easily distinguishable. That's not an opinion, that's pure fact. Seriously, because bare in mind, he scored The Division LOWER than Destiny. I literally cared nothing at all for any of the characters in that game because they were all basically stupid vendors. That's it. I didn't even read any of their dialogue because, for a AAA game in this day and age, I expect some god damn voice acting. Meanwhile, The Division had loads of this by comparison. And I agree with Joe that credit should be given where credit is due, so why in the hell was it the absolute opposite here? And with regards to potential? Yes, Destiny had a great deal of potential thanks to the efforts of Joseph Staten, potential that was ultimately wasted. But I fail to see why this game somehow lacks the same potential. The mission you unlock AFTER beating Bliss, "Unknown Signal", does in fact set things up for them to do soooooo much with this game in terms of possibilities. Like, zombies or something close to it actually becoming a thing. Aaron Keener is introduced gradually to you in the missions, revealing him to be the game's true antagonist while Bliss was simply just his puppet. In Destiny? You get none of this. Literally. You kill the Black Heart and then nothing. There's a speech given by the Speaker who has got to be one of the most annoying and useless characters ever in gaming, and then miss "I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain" who shows up at the end and still gives ZERO answers. Let's be real here, the story in Destiny was literally non-existent, it was 80% left up to the player's imagination and that number is me being generous. 2: This consistent hate on the clothing is getting old... While Joe was funny as always with it in his review, its just super friggen misleading to play it off like you're putting in so much effort into killing something only to get a stupid piece of clothing. I have NEVER received a clothing item from any named enemy. In fact I always end up getting purples. You get clothing in this game so ridiculously easy too, and to be frank my guy looks like a badass. All I seriously ended up doing was taking off the coat and using a Tactical Layer which gives my guy the appearance of a Section 9 operative from Ghost in the Shell. The Appearance crap is 100% optional, you can just remove all of it so that only your equipped armor is showing instead which Joe commented saying you couldn't do for some reason. I guess because he thought that the coat covered the armor. Or how about some mention that literally every piece of loot you get in this game serves some sort of purpose and has some kind of value to it? Whether its stocking up on useful items for yourself or to give to NPCs, or simply breaking them down into raw materials used for the game's Crafting System. I don't know, I just feel like Joe was overly bias on this one. He said he really wanted to give it the same score as Destiny for the sake of others who were comparing the two, but I would have much rather he judge it based upon its own merits instead. I mean, yeah, if you wanted to get technical about it if you matched Vanilla Destiny at release with The Division at release, its painfully obvious that just by comparison alone The Division should have been higher. But let's be fair, though. The crybabies dealt a serious blow to the game's PvP because the Dark Zone really is crazy punishing. I'm DZ Level 30 and I've been playing the game completely solo. (I found the experience more enjoyable solo. If I can't enjoy something by myself then its a shitty game, you should never have to NEED friends playing in order to have fun with something) I agree 100% with Delrith with regards to how stupidly pointless it is to go Rogue. Hell, its frustrating enough as is getting killed by the enemies. I had a group spawn in on me and I died, setting me back by an hour. And I'm the sort of person who HATES having their time wasted. LOSING hours of work for a single death is not okay with me. Ever. That being said, Destiny had shit for PvE but was held up by its PvP. Meanwhile, The Division is like the polar opposite, its PvE is great but the PvP is severely lacking. In which case, yeah it would be more correct to have given at LEAST a 6/10. Me and my lot consider it a 7/10 because there's just more value here than there ever has been with Destiny in terms of what you paid for. Its not just Joe, either. You see a lot of reviewers giving this game poor scores. Like Jesus fucking Christ, man. THIS is why we can't have nice things. Because they either get shit on right out of the fucking gate or they aren't like the exact same copy/paste formula being used by other games. And other people are hating on this game for even LESS reasons than what Joe gave, we're talking straight up ridiculous bullshit. Some people are taking a dump on it just because its from Ubisoft and no other reason. Damn... Sorry, didn't mean for this to transform into a rant.
  12. True enough, Legolas. Though, at least in that situation I feel it would have been a more reasonable response for him without having those other factors involved. From my own group of friends and associates, I've come to the conclusion that The Division is one of those "hit or miss" type of games. Its aiming for a certain kind of audience. 7/10 was our overall conclusion of it for a variety of reasons. Joe wasn't wrong when he said the story was weak, like those Intel bits you unlock for doing the missions. Especially the Virus Reports, they began to seem like they were just repeating the same information over and over. And the Missing Agents, it would have been nice to maybe get like an Echo or maybe a recording in the form of a cutscene that showed how they died and such.
  13. I probably should have written this days ago, though I was hoping I wouldn't have to. I'm generally a strong supporter of the show and AJ. Both me and my wife will recommend his reviews to others, since she works as a manager at Gamestop. Yesterday I finally finished watching the uploaded recording of Joe's marathon on Twitch with the game and to be honest, I wish I had been present during it. (I was too busy playing the game myself at the time) First I just want to say that I like Delrith, but I have to agree with Joe that the relentless rushing was ridiculous. I mean, yeah, I get it but at the same time when you're intent on doing a legitimate review for a game that approach is just...bad. I found myself having to struggle with the fact that what I was watching was just a recording and I had literally no means of conveying my thoughts/anger/help at the time. (Like there were a few times where Joe was having trouble figuring something out. I flipped shit on the chat each time. "Quit shitting on the damn game and HELP Joe for Christ sake!" =/ ) I mean without a doubt, the overall experience of the game was ruined for Joe because of it. That was it. THAT was his first time experience with it, just a huge race to the finish. I personally played through the entire game on solo. I was level 30 by the time I did the final mission, as I had done literally every other Encounter and Side Mission available prior to it. I also had my Base of Operations fully maxed out as well. After watching those hours he spent on Twitch, its glaringly obvious that we had two totally different experiences. While he felt bored, I felt engaged. And its not as simple as saying he can just go and 100% everything afterwards, because why would any of that matter to you AFTER you have already done everything? I found the characters they introduced to be interesting. Unlike Destiny, I actually remember NPCs. I enjoyed building up my Base of Operations, choosing upgrades based upon what I would consider "priority" for the people there instead of my skills. (Its just more of those RPG elements that they included) I became invested in the game's setting and had fun exploring the buildings and using my lockpicks to open up secret areas inside of these completely random apartment complexes or warehouses that were off the beaten trail. Basically, what I'm getting at is that I'm worried that the review for the game will be negatively impacted because of Joe being rushed through. I mean case in point, when answering someone the next day about whether or not the game was worth getting, Joe's response was that it depends on how bored you are... =/ And yes, I understand he's just one reviewer and its all just his own personal opinion, but you need to think about the impact opinions can have on others. Should the game be faulted for not having enough enemy diversity? Each time this kept being brought up, Joe would always make reference that there aren't any aliens and that he prefers more of the sci-fi genre. Now I keep seeing a flood of this same opinion, and it annoys the hell out of me. What wasn't diverse about the enemies? Seriously, there's only so much you can do within the confines of reality. Does this mean there shouldn't be any games based in reality anymore? You might think that question ridiculous but what is more absurd is how many times people have answered yes to me... Rioters? Normal thugs, didn't expect anything super duper about them from the get go. Rikers? Basically more pumped up and aggressive version of the Rioters. The Cleaners? That was where the diversity began to really show itself for me. I mean case in point, I could sneak up and shoot the gas tank on one of them to cause an explosion that would instant kill that guy and hurt the other nearby enemies, taking them off guard. Not to mention their whole cult mentality where they're attempting to purge the city of the virus by turning everyone and everything to ash. The LMB was a whole other kettle of fish, especially when you encountered those guys using Division Tech. Matchmaking for literally everything in the game is great, but I have to say...playing The Division with others kinda ruins it. Like I said, I tried playing with others through Hard mode on previous missions and it was SUPER friggen easy. Like, we're talking finishing the final mission on Hard in under 20 minutes. Though, those Daily Missions are legit hardcore. Holy crap, it was like running the Nightfall back on Destiny. So the PvE definitely still offers you a challenge. I'll be honest, I've spent more time doing stuff outside of the Dark Zone. Which isn't to say that the Dark Zone is bad, I absolutely love it. Open World PvP is the best and its definitely intense. Especially when you score yourself some epic loot and then it becomes a matter of survival and stealth to sneak the goods out with extraction, trying NOT to get caught by both enemies or other players. I still intend to watch through the rest of the past broadcasts on the Twitch channel, so maybe I'm just worried for nothing. Maybe his opinion will take a more positive turn. I don't know, I just kept getting this vibe from him that he was just hating on it or being overly harsh. I'm not saying the game is perfect, but calling it "Average"? 5/10? (Which would be Average on Joe's rating scale) Why do we have to be so cynical? You know there's a difference between being critical about a game and just being negative. If we're going to say its average, what are we comparing it to? If we are going to say there wasn't enough diversity in enemies, what are some examples to illustrate this point? If you're going to say its boring then explain what could be done so that its not. I'm a Halo fanboy through and through, but at no point in time did I ever disagree with Joe on anything he said that was wrong with Halo 5 because he was being constructive with his criticism. He had a problem with the Master Chief vs. Locke fight and he gave examples of how it could have been done better just as with everything else that he found fault with the game. THAT IS EXCELLENT. That's one of the reasons I always tell people the Angry Joe Show is the best place to get game reviews. But this time was different, I didn't feel like he was giving enough reasoning for WHY he felt the way he did about this game. And on a side note, the nonsense going on in the chat was just as frustrating. It was like this toxic cloud of hatred being spewed forth treating this game like it was utter garbage, not a single damn good thing to be said about it. I'm sure it has everything to do with the recent string of bad and disappointing games that have been getting released over the past couple of years, but dude... The gaming community has developed this almost poisonous attitude where literally nothing can ever be good. Maybe its just me who sees that, though. I must just have shitty luck and horrible timing that I always end up finding myself either coming across it on the internet or listening to it while I'm out and about. In the game's current state, I would say its at least a 7/10. Its clearly missing content still which will be getting added soon for free, so there's plenty of possibility there for that score to improve. (Score for the base game sold at $60) For anyone who has beaten the game and done that "Unknown Signal" mission that unlocks after the final campaign mission, you can see how they have it setup for them to do practically ANYTHING with this franchise now. There is loads of potential here. I haven't done the season pass for this game because its not from a trusted developer, personally. (Example, I'll totally get the DLC/Expansion/Season Pass for any games from CD Projekt Red, Bethesda and BioWare cause those guys are in my "Trusted Developer" list) I'm waiting to see what else they add to the vanilla version of The Division. (The non-DLC required content) So yeah, anyways, just wanted to voice my concerns.
  14. Who plays DOOM for multiplayer? O_o I dunno, looks way too COD-ish for me. Think I'll stick to the campaign.
  15. I'm an oldie, but here's some I think a few of you will remember... Those are all the "big" ones where the openings sold me in a heartbeat.