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About Sonarok

  • Birthday 11/13/1988

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    Reflectia / Sonarok
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    =AJSA= Sonarok
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    SWTOR, Battlefield, Grandia, Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy, Planetside, The Witcher, Magna Carta, Tales of Series and my Cat's!
  1. my character name is Sonarok ingame invite if you got time
  2. hi all jupistookimcganel.5049 server nsp if I can join to, it would be great grettings sona
  3. i first played medieval total war+viking invasion later shogun 1 and of course the rest of the series to day... For me its somehow a Hatelove, sometimes you love the total war series and sometimes you really hate it for the bugs and glitches. grettings sona
  4. thank you very much bolpog! first i got problems to make it work... but after that i see that i made a mistake if you use firefox you must use Ctrl+shift+K and not Ctrl+shift+J. Ctrl+shift+J is for Google Chrome grettings sona
  5. what bothers me the most is that the sound in two or three maps completely disappears in bf4... this destroys somehow the war feeling in game. Maybe its a problem that the old bf3 had; asus xonar soundcards... asus and sound driver support=terrible. But as a total picture, for me personally is bf4 a good increase to bf3, i hate myself only for buying the digital deluxe edition for china rising dlc and not purchased directly the whole bf4 premium edition. Now i purchase it like twice now... grettings sona
  6. my bf4 name is Sonarok, but reallife is holding me back from playing much more... work work work grettings sona
  7. for me its the legend of zelda... it was my childhood, i grew up with it. i'm getting old... haha grettings sona