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  1. CowboyRip liked a post in a topic by Bs-KILL in OFFICIAL ANGRY ARMY GAMERTAG LIST   
    Thanks to this topic.

    & thanks to CrazyCrab's idea on making similar topic as from the link above..

    Same reason as Kash posted.

    Its better to create a list of people whos looking for friends on XBL rather than making several & scattered topics with the same purpose. if you are OK to share your Gamertag and be added by other AJSA members, reply to this post and ill keep a list in this OP.When adding someone from the list simply add a message of "AJSA" so people know who we are.

    XB1 also has a Group chat but its pretty limited unlike ps4. ( Also you Need to invite other on party inorder to have a group chat and the rooms have limit.)
    So PM's are all good.

    (Gamertag)  -   (Forum Name)

    UltraC0MB0 - Bs-KILL (Replace the letters "O" with Zeroes)
    Swiftly Bearded - VerySwiftlyBearded
    WarriorSoldier - WarriorSoldier
    Hostel Tragedy - HOSTELSTEVE
    TwistedNipples92 - Twisted Nipples
    ShadyFusion23 - amb7247
    OpeningImpulse - Thrones
    Sir Smurfington - Sir Smurfington
    TheMASterBlader - mas8705
    Elite Marine 47 - DERKA DERKA
    batboy746 - batboy746
    joeCold - joeCold
    Watashiaikb - Fake0Name0
    Enni2S - Enni2S
    ChrysiLas Vegas - Cheeselegs
    NKOxAce - NKOxAce
    xXTheParadoxXx - The Paradox
    aceofspadde569 - aceofspades569
    MYLES PR0WER - Myles Prower
    J2theT82 - J2theT
    KnueppelMuzel - Goregasm
    VoteYes4Weed1 - mcasro80us
    TheFinalBoss11 - WeAreTheAJSA
    Valkain - Valkain
    CptKickass357 - CaptainKickass69
    NKOxAce - NKOxAce
    Abalson - Berserker
    Drewsif41 - Drewsif41
    StewJ44 - StewJ44
    MatchAttax08 - MatchAttax08
    star fyxen - fyxen26
    Doshka17 - Doshka17
    X1SwiftShot1X - WildAce
    DAX 0075 - dax01
    g4m3sh4rk - g4m3_sh4rk
    Xx1SH0T2NAN3YxX - UpYourArsenal
    CyclicFlame - CyclicFlame
    C00LluNchb0x27 - c00llunchb0x27
    Tsukyomiii - Tsukyomi
    DzA NoFuture - DzA_NoFuture
    Maverick Bison - Maverick Bison
    Ozzyman314 - Ozzyman314
    Forgewolf - Forgewolf
    Rampage_Shogun - Rampage_Shogun
    CrazycrabAJSA - Crazycrab
    ShaggerAJSA - SHAGGER
    Chumbry42 - Chumbry42
    Markley2game - Rhalicyn
    Faravahar1200 - faravahar1200
    KinkehOne - Kinkeh
    ASIANDYNAMITE90 - spykidd7
    Mattman031 - MatthewPaul
    SoldierMedic559 - Rena
    Colemankinghorn - Coleman23449
    snackattack1210 - Skeeter57
    EvoKinevil - EvoDube
    GloryHound5711 - GloryHound5711
    PantherFangG - PantherFangG
    BoneMark909 - BoneMark909
    Welfare Queen I - Welfare
    Xx El Kino xX - Kino
    combicoilag - combicoilag
    MARKS INSANE - MarksDaBoss
  2. CowboyRip liked a post in a topic by Doshka17 in Please welcome your new Xbox One Commander, RuneX!   
    Just over one year ago, myself and a few others gathered together for a singular purpose. To take the scattered gamertags within the AJSA and unite them under the Angry Joe banner so that they may find each other to enjoy video games together. Since our initial success in acquiring Official Status, the Xbox One Community has grown in ways we never predicted. Soon it became impossible for me to manage on my own, and thus the Xbox One Staff came to be. 
    With the ranks filled by chosen gamers in the community, the Staff has worked tirelessly to provide as many experiences as possible for the AJSA to unite and conquer across many titles on our platform. 
    It has been a roller-coaster ride of success and not-so-success, many ideas we pushed proved to be positive learning experiences on how we as the leaders of this community could do better. 
    And today I am sadly announcing that, due to developments IRL for myself, I am no longer able to give the time and dedication needed to provide the community with the leadership it deserves. I am stepping down as the Xbox One Community Commander. In my place, I would ask that you all welcome RuneX as he steps up to fill the role I have had the privilege to receive. He has my complete confidence in the ability to grow the community further.
    It has been an honor to serve the community in this role, and I look forward to seeing how far it will continue to go. 
  3. baronrouker liked a post in a topic by CowboyRip in Hi   
    Just a Xbox gamer for now saving for a decent pc lol
  4. CowboyRip liked a post in a topic by Velocirapter in Star Wars Battlefront 2015   
    Reply here why you are going to buy/ not buy this game and why it's gonna be awesome/ suck