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  • Birthday 07/24/1999

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    new jeresy
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    league of legends soon to be ps4 online
  1. username lopez8162
  2. dont worry were here to help if you need some help feel free to message me
  3. darius he is just to op and his ult nearly kills you all the time
  4. just damage but remember you are there for support so backing out and having tyhem chase and your pattern gank them is one of the best tricks you can do
  5. trendamere or olaf they get op if they farm and then game over for the top lane people
  6. rule number 1 be a team player if you see a teammate bout to die you rush over heal him or at least try to protect him
  7. main is alistar garen and trendamere
  8. ya abc some of them rage so hard they threated to report everyone even their own team mate just cuz they were noobs
  9. nice to have you here btw as a pc gamer do you play league of legends
  10. great to have u on board
  11. are the serves just for pc or can theyu run on consoles a well
  12. man this is an awesome way to start the raffle
  13. mind jacked it was such an awful game and such a great review of it
  14. wow the ajsa nearly broke joes new site im so proud
  15. new to army hoping too be of service