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  1. PSN: CuteTsukasa I got too many PS3 and PS4 games to mention Mostly Jrpgs, interested in getting MHW.
  2. I was about to flip out lol ~ then I noticed you was just playing footage from the Japanese version. I highly doubt that will reach the west, it would be nice but I doubt it.
  3. I still play it off and on, mostly not competitive with it anymore though.
  4. Welcome to the AJSA forums, thank you for your service
  5. Welcome to the AJSA forums Nice to meet ya!
  6. I was watching the stream for a bit to see some of the gameplay elements, I didn't like what I saw lol ~ money saved
  7. I've been playing nothing but wildlands since Tuesday, I've almost maxed out - doesn't seem to be many who play on PC though.
  8. Are you running SLi? I read a few reports that was causing problems for players.
  9. I wonder if the Xbone and PC versions will be cross-platform? If so, then count me in
  10. I played the PC version for about 20 hours and for the most part I enjoyed the experience, sure the beta had some issues and glitches but I had fun playing co-op, Arcade mode was a bit too easy but ideal for a first playthrough, more tactical players will probably prefer Extreme mode which is more akin to classic Ghost Recon gameplay and very severely punishes run and gun rambo combat since you'll be downed in one or two shots. I pre-purchased the PC version actually today so I'll be definately playing on the 7th.
  11. Anyone here planning on playing Ghost Recon Wildlands when it launches on the 7th March? I've been playing quite a bit now and I've actually really enjoyed the social co-op aspects of the game, it would be nice to get a unit setup especially for the endgame content which could see some epic fire fights. Uplay ID: HiiragiTsu
  12. I joined the crew, but I can't really do that much in GTAO until my new gaming rig arrives and is in working order ~ can you believe its been RMA'd twice now? >.> First time, Bad PSU...2nd time UPS didn't handle the package safely enough and it arrived damaged. I'm praying it'll arrive in time for Witcher 3..
  13. Thanks :3
  14. I really should cut back on modding games like Skyrim and Fallout as I usually end up going too far and the game usually ends up into anime version or something lol but at the same time, these games demand to be modded
  15. Hello AJSA, I decided to sign up ~ like many here, I've followed Joes youtube reviews for a while and I find them both funny and also an important source of non-bias reviews, so I'd like to show my support by joining the community. I occasionally twitchstream and I have done lets play videos in the past but these days, I prefer just to play and have fun. I'm pretty much a jaded gamer these days, I just turned 40 and I've been gaming since I was 5 years old. I currently have a PS3, PS4 and active steam accounts. I play most games, with my favorites being RPGs, FPS, MMos and 4X strategy games. I currently have Grand Theft Auto 5 (PC), Witcher 3 (PC) and Omega Quintet (PS4) pre-ordered. My hobbies besides gaming are watching anime, reading manga and collecting anime related figures ~ I'm pretty much otaku, I hope that isn't going to be a problem ^^