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  1. Soooo i was wondering how/if AJSA was going to be creating a clan in titanfall. also i wanted to talk about it with people who are planing on getting it when it comes out or are interested about it. basically i wanted to talk titanfall with people and i saw that there wasnt a thread already.
  2. I dont mean to ruin the game at all for anyone but the online will probably not be all that good becuase both next gen consles will be experiancing networking issues due to sony and microsoft ripping out drm policies
  3. You do realize that you no longer need to have the Kinect hooked up anymore (http://www.ign.com/wikis/xbox-one/Xbox_One_Kinect). Also if you are distrustful of them then look at their past. they have in my opinion been a very honest and reputable company and even if some of their past decisions havent always worked out they at least admit it and move on learning from their mistakes. Just my opinion sprincled with a bit of facts
  4. Im pretty sure that it was just a typical case of someone leaving a work account logged in at their house and a kid figured that out and thought that they would be funny. Thats just my opinion though