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  1. I wana see me over there! Ahahahaha *cries* In all seriousness, I just want a new IP
  2. I was once taken by my sister's friends/ex boss and his wife to the Japan Foundation, we saw this presentation called "LET'S PLAY: VIDEO GAME DEVELOPMENT IN JAPAN AND CANADA" presentated by Dan Epstein (Prof from Sheridan College) and Atsuo Nakayama (Studio Head, Executive Vice President of Bandai Namco Studios). (yes I copy and pasted that) We were all expecting information that were technical, but it turns out Dan Epstein had more of a inspirational speech on how canada makes stories that are about survival and how canadian game companies like Bioware made Mass Effect a game with the theme of surviving the odds and the obstacle of being the newcomer aliens (it was beautifull, I shed a tear) WHILE Atsuo Nakayama on the other hand gave a speech about the past and the present economy of video game by console in Japan (which, I admit i sort of got bored but still managed to stay up cause I knew that it was important). Long story short, Atsuo Nakayama said: -Japan usually starts out first and pretty big in terms of earning money whenever a new console is made, however as time goes by they fall back to its steady increase and behind the western companies revenue. -Mobile games stands out to gain more revenue than other due to its portability and availability to the mass. -He charts some game company like gree (which i stay away as much as possible bcz far as I know that is an ABOMINATION OF DATING GAME MICROTRANSACTION) and another game company that is known to only run one successful game which i forgot its name.. as successfull - Mobile games are seen as jackpots to the game companies because they are very exponential with micro transaction. In other words , there is a shift coming in the gaming community.
  3. I am no fan of horror games but I was looking forward to see how it would have turned out. This sucks man :l
  4. woah, my respect for them went up because they understood and listened to the community. Its nice to to see a relationship between the consumer mass and corporation that works as symbiotically and not hunter-prey relationship...actually I dont know what to describe the last one BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. I know corporations only cares about money but still
  5. Is this a Alternate Universe? this is a alternate universe...right?
  6. I dont know when this initially came out and I have been also catching up with WWE for sometime (like...last time I watched it was like...way back). So I have to ask...no Paige? o_O?
  7. X_X; woah? I dont know what to say...
  8. Urgh, I cant take it...my heart is still broken from the trilogy :'( SHHEEEEEEEPPPAAAAARDDDDD! ps: Is this like a alternate universe? because its like far removed by time and space?
  9. Is it me or is batman is jealous of superman? ehhh as depicted by the trailer?
  10. I see a lot of people talk about map location and "hand holding". I just want to put my two cents here: I for some reason cant really grasp the whole environment in a 3d game, Maybe it is because I haven't played alot of 3d games. For example when I was playing the beginning of Mass Effect 1 I had to go to the map and either put markers or see where my character is MULTIPLE TIMES because I just couldn't tell where the paths were and I stepped over poor Jenkin's corpse X_X; I know looking at the map it had pretty much a linear one path, but still. That is just me though. Edit : Same thing with Jade empire though I think that was easier.
  11. Ehhh I think Phoenix Wright Dual Destiny is a bit far off deep into the Ace Attorney series to start from. Story driven games like that should be played in chronological order due to their emotional value..It is a sort of visual novel/choose your own adventure game after all. If you decided to play Phoenix Wright OP I would suggest you start from Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, they have it on IOS..its a bit buggy though. I played the first version of it and it was great!
  12. O.O;; Thnx? Hope to have a great time here. Might I enquire about your punching signature? what does it mean and whats your inspiration for it? It makes me laugh for some reason XD
  13. Maybe you can backup your files and do a clean os install? I know its not the same thing and is pretty extreme but it did help me through situation where I do not know what to delete. Backing up your files and reinstalling your os forces you to prioritize the files you need and the ones you don't need.
  14. Thanks! You know that combination does sound awesome ^-^
  15. Hi guys, ravensep here! I decided to come here to see what the AJSA was all about, it was only days ago that I discovered AngryJoe's channel. Initially I thought it would be a guy who was just gonna scream all the time, instead he turned out to be a very rational guy with a good sense of humor. I am a pc gamer...ehh..that is only because I just dont have a console..other than my nintendo 3ds...though my favourite is GBA, which i never had...but still was able to play..*cough* I am afraid though that I am not the shooter type of online gamer, I usually like story driven role playing game or side scroller...which were usually GBA games like teenage mutant ninja turtle and summon knight : sword craft story 2. I used to play maplestory alot before its big bang era and now I dont anymore. ehh..I guess my current state of gaming is "catching up to AAA games" . I havent been able to play for a long time, that being said..GOG has sale..should I get Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter? or should I just get Pillars of Eternity that is not on sale?