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  1. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Crowedclown in Awesome new MMO   
    If you would read my comment right, then you would see, that I "HOPE it WOULD be" awesome. I´m old enough to know how the bunny runs. Most MMOs are Bullshit these days, but the only thing we got left is hope. I don´t say found this game and i didn´t say you should buy it. I said CHECK IT OUT! Nothing more nothing less. In this part of the forum, people speak about new games. If youre not mature enough to speak about the game itself, you should go to the hater part of the Forum. Thank You.
  2. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Crowedclown in Awesome new MMO   
    Hehe it´s not a Problem. If you know it´s existing, it´s enough for me. I hope this game will be as awesome as they told us. Almost every Game that came out this and last year sucks at least at one Point and if this Game does it too..... The Future will be dark and lonely. No Joke if I say that this is the last hope for 2015. Sad but true. Im in the Alpha of this Game, so if you wanna know if it´s worthy or not i can write it here again.
  3. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Crowedclown in Awesome new MMO   
    Check out the new MMORPG from the maker of Ultima Online:
    Go to www.Crowfall.com and CHECK IT OUT!!!
  4. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Crowedclown in Awesome new MMO   
    I didn´t post pictures or Information here cause I LINKED you to their Official Website. You will find the Information you need and more there. And this Forum is Called "KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGNS", so you shouldn´t be surprised someone posted a Kickstarter campaign . If you are so afraid of waiting for a Kickstarter game to get ready you shouldn´t enter this forum. And yeah I would be happy too.
  5. undeadslayer4 liked a post in a topic by Crowedclown in Software of the Angry Joe Show   
    Thank you. Apperantly its Sony Vegas.
  6. Crowedclown liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Software of the Angry Joe Show   
    He does mention some information in this Vlog and probably in some others to.

    I'm not sure about what specific editing software he uses, I think I heard him mention Fraps once for capturing or something but I'm not sure.