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  1. Do you use mods? Uninstall mods and/or use Witcher script merger to fix potential problems. You could try verifying the files: Right-click on the game in Steam. Choose Properties>Local Files and click "Verify integrity of game cache"
  2. These three are my favourites and - I believe - my only bought games this year: 3. Elite Dangerous: Horizons (I'm pretty sure it's gonna be) 2. Pillars of Eternity 1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  3. Worst game: Battlefront 2015 - PC Beta When: A couple of weeks ago? The game looked good enough, sure, but it was simply not my kind of game. Not surprised though, I'm not that much into arena shooters or shooters in general anymore.
  4. Nothing. Simply nothing. I'm waiting for the new Witcher 3 expansion!
  5. My friends and I don't like the same games, but that's fine because I love my single player games! I do remember playing multiplayer games - shooters mostly - with friends a long time ago and that was really fun! Now, however, I have more fun on my own.
  6. Are you being serious? I think I would be able to contribute!
  7. Sure dude! You could be Corporate Commander! We're just having a laugh. I know you and most ppl here aren't game devs, don't worry. I'm not expecting you guys to make the game Or am I?
  8. Yeah I also took the Elf woman and she dodged as soon as the sh*t hit the fan She was by far one of the coolest characters, but to be fair, I didn't know her all that well.
  9. Good idea this! And yes, it doesn't need to be expensive! I'd like to see a AJS RPG game! You know... choose to be either, Joe, OJ or Big D and build him up with abilities. Go on adventure in a city... Reviewing crappy games in stores, go and buy Hint water etc.
  10. I loved it! If you guys want - check my little review here, under General > Games Beaten By the AJSA SEP-DEC 2015 (spoiler free).
  11. I can see that you are just asking because you are worried and/or concerned and that's cool. Most ppl just scream and demand stuff from AJ. They don't realize that if he only made reviews he'd not be able to continue doing this stuff since Youtube doesn't pay as much anymore. Also, the quality would certainly suffer if he mass-produced reviews To answer your question, first of all, remember that Joe had some health issues that took time. He also had to go see a doctor about his eyes (those two might be related, but it sounded like there were two seperate health issues). Secondly, what made it possible to bring OJ on full time was for him to move closer to AJ in Austin, TX. This took more time than expected according to Joe. Thirdly, AJ & OJ had to go to Philadelphia a month ago or so for some business related reasons. The Rainbow Six interview, if I'm not mistaken. That slowed production down quite a lot too. Last of all, Joe is just one reviewer. It will be pretty much impossible for him to make more reviews and other quality Youtube videos even with the help from the other guys. I for one, don't want him to cut down on quality, but he could possibly make a new smaller review series on the side that is much shorter. There has been talk about that. I have a feeling there will be much to see in the coming months! I believe there is some kind of special boardgame in the works as well AJ has some big plans for 2016! Let's just wait and see.
  12. I think what makes AJ so fun is that he doesn't try to be. He just says and does things that turn fun, because he is himself. Here are some of AJ's funniest moments in my opinion: 1. Angry Joe Plays Alien: Isolation OJ is playing Alien: Isolation and AJ is unusually critical about his playstyle. The whole clip is funny because OJ is doing everything wrong according to AJ, but this part made me fall off my chair in laughter (click above): OJ turns on the radio (which can attract the alien), and AJ says: "Yeah, go ahead! Turn on the god-damned radio! ... BLAST IT! Have a good time!" 2. Terminator: Genisys Angry Review The whole review is great, but the funniest part is when they rate the different Terminator movies. Joe asks Big D (Del) what he'd rate Terminator 3 and Big D says "7 of of 10" - Joe goes into falsetto: "REALLY? THAT HIGH? Fucking hell, man..." 3. AJ can't kill Olgoth in Shadow of Mordor This whole series is up on AngryJoe Livestreams on Youtube, but this last video in the playthrough is from AngryJoeShow on Youtube. Listen to what Joe screams when Olgoth calls him stupid: "SHUT UP! SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" Do you guys remember any extra funny AJ moments? Please share
  13. Won't even buy that s**t on release day! Sry... What I meant to say is that I'm not interested and I will never again pre-order any game! So yes, I'm resisting!
  14. Completed: Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Date of Completion: Oct 24, 2015 Platform: PC Playtime: approx. 20 hrs. "Petty human! Me and my boys are getting real tired of killing you over and over again!" TINY REVIEW (NO SPOILERS) This was my second playthrough of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (SoM). I had a friend over one weekend and he was so impressed with the finishers in the game and the overall gameplay that I ended up completing the whole game with him watching! You are Talion. A ranger of Gondor who gets himself and his family into a bit of a pickle, one might say. Since I won't spoil ANY of the story, I won't tell you exactly what happens, but you should know that Talion inhabits another spirit (or soul). He's like a coin with two sides. The spirit is an Elf who wants to take revenge on Sauron for killing him, but says that he can't recall exactly what happened. Thanks to this Elf's spirit, Talion is able to reanimate after death again and again. He's also blessed with super-human powers called wraith powers. The game's story takes you through Mordor. At first glance, it may seem like a bleak and boring place, but don't let the aesthetics fool you. It's a playground and you will come to love it. You and the Elf spirit set out to take revenge on Sauron by killing every uruk (orc) in sight! One of the main things that make this game shine is its mechanics. The gameplay. You can pretty much go anywhere in this open world and approach camps of enemies (uruks) as you wish. You can approach them head on with your sword and combat finishers or more stealthily with your bow and arrow or your dagger (actually a broken sword similar to the one in LOTR) and wraith finishers. When in trouble, you can always run away from a fight and collect some Ol' Toby (Pipeweed flowers) to heal up. Actually, all plants around the world heals you which is pretty strange. I would have liked some kind of healing potion mechanic here. It would have been a bit more realistic and fun! The Uruks in SoM are all part of Sauron's army and have different ranks. Some are warchiefs - some are captains. Others are just low-level grunts, but these grunts may kill you and gain rank and eventually become captains or even warchiefs! Warchiefs and captains all have both strengths and weaknesses that you can take heed of and exploit in some way. Uruks will actually remember you if they kill you and you come back to finish them. This is what the developers have dubbed "The nemesis system". The first time I played, I actually got a nemesis who always insulted me when I tried to kill him. Eventually I succeeded, but it was really cool to see him grow in power and get better and stronger. This didn't happen in this playthrough though, since I knew how to deal with every situation. SoM is a pretty hard game the first time around, but once you get to know the mechanics you'll feel invincible! And this might be my second gripe with this game: I don't mind feeling powerful, but the Nemesis system could be improved on. Also, it would be cool if some of the higher level captains had more powers or were stronger once the game detected a skillful player. The thing I truly love about this game is the systemic gameplay. As I said, you can approach Uruks anyway you want and since the game is systemic (meaning that the game simulates enemies and their actions according to what is going on around them) anything and everything can and will happen! You may be in a tower scouting out a few Uruks around a ruin. You have just poisoned their liqor and are waiting for them to take a sip. Soon one takes a drink and dies due to the poison. The others get mad and start accusing each other. They start fighting. At this stage, you might fire off a shot from your bow to release a beast and just calmly watch as the caragor attacks the Uruks below. More Uruks are drawn to the place and all of a sudden one of the Uruks might be terrified and run away. He's afraid of caragors! Now you can choose to intervene or not. Shadow of Mordor features some of the best character animations in any game I've seen so far! Also, the weather system with rain and actual hale(!) is simply beautiful! Add to that the cool perks and abilities, the systemic gameplay and the awesome graphics and you have the recipe for a smash hit! This game is for anyone who loves feeling powerful and who likes swordplay, stealth and action-oriented gameplay. There is not much story here. So if that's your main concern you might want to try The Witcher 3 instead. Now I'm just waiting for SoM 2 with an improved nemesis system and more sidequests! SCORE: 9/10
  15. Completed: "Hearts of Stone" (The Witcher 3 first expansion) Platform: PC Date: Oct 26, 2015 Why does Geralt insist on getting it on with women in the most impractical of places? Love it! The characters were some of the best things with Hearts of Stone! TINY REVIEW (NO SPOILERS) I had previously finished my first playthrough of the Witcher 3 and had since then started another playthrough heavily focused on Alchemy & Signs (which I wanted for the expansion Hearts of Stone). However, when Hearts of Stone released, I was nowhere near the level to take on the expansion (which pretty much requires you to be level 30 or higher), so I went back to my old save which was a level 35, Swords & Signs character build. Hearts of Stone (HoS) is perhaps not an expansion, per se, but a quite expansive set of quests featuring a really gripping story, sidequests, characters and plenty of side activities like new treasure hunts for gear, rune crafting for swords and armor (more on that later) and a few new Gwent cards to collect/win. It's not an expansion compared to what StarCraft did with Brood Wars, but I don't care. This is at least 10 hrs and has a different atmosphere and tone than the main game which is all great! HoS starts off pretty casually with Geralt just checking a bulletin board for a new contract, but it quickly turns quite topsy-turvy and intense! This little review won't spoil the storyline, but the main goal is to help Olgierd von Everec with his dilemma. You will face a bunch of new and old enemy types and they really provide a challenge! It's actually sad that I think some enemies (especially the bosses) are better than in the main game! During this epic story that takes you around Novigrad and Oxenfurt, Geralt meets a whole cast of awesome characters ranging from the most suspicious to the most adorable I have ever come across in W3 so far. Pretty early in the main quest, Geralt meets an old acquaintance: a young woman named Shani. This red-haired, intelligent medic from the first (original) Witcher game is a reason alone to play HoS. She's just such a well-written and beauitful character! You will have a chance to romance her, but this is totally optional and is handled very maturely. What really made me invested personally in HoS was one of other main characters whom Geralt actually met once before in W3; way back in the starting area White Orchard. Namely, Gaunter O'Dimm! This charismatic and enigmatic person always kept me on my toes and was so cool. I'm not going to spoil anything, but you want to meet this guy! Apparently, CDPR had plans for him even in the main game. They had some rough ideas on how to use him in a future expansion and now, here he is! Runewords are special upgrades to weapons and armor with some pretty cool effects. You'll have to seek out the Runewright - a character from a faraway land - to enchant your gear with these runewords. For instance, one particular runeword can turn ANY armor set into a heavy. However, this will negate any bonuses that you had previously for that armor set (even the Griffin or Viper bonus). In short, I didn't bother too much with runewords. It was very expensive to help the Runewright and to get the best runewords. I didn't quite like that runewords removed my other buffs either. That might be my only gripe with this expansion: I wish they had made runewords a little more accessible and that they didn't remove any previous buffs. The pacing of HoS, the new locations, the bosses, the great story that really got you invested and the wonderful cast of new (and old) characters really made this an unforgettable experience! Actually, I thought the tone of the whole HoS experience was stunning. I had a blast and are so hyped for the next expansion. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to playing HoS again with my new character build, and make other choices. Because they really mattered (as they did in the main game as well!) SCORE: 10/10