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  1. Are you sure you didn't accidentally make 2 accounts at some point? If not contact their support, they are pretty helpful unlike valves.
  2. Oooo, better luck on your new build!
  3. Just curious, what went wrong in your last build?
  4. ESO is on sale for $9.90 it's one of my favorite MMOs and there is a ton to do.
  5. So I uninstalled Geforce Experience again and then installed the beta and it worked
  6. I was never able to backdate it because it failed. Then I realized that a lot of my NVIDIA stuff was screwed so I did a restore. After the restore I did a clean driver install which fixed everything but Geforce Experience which still crashes. (I reinstalled didnt work)
  7. I'm not finding any Geforce Experience folders within the NVIDIA Corporation folders in the registry. I had the beta installed, then I uninstalled it (did not uninstall at all) and then I installed the current (non beta) version which was installed in the folder where the beta was already installed. I then uninstalled Geforce Experience and completely removed the folder. Then I installed it again and it doesn't start up as it gives the above error.
  8. It seems that NVIDIA installed Geforce Experience twice in the same folder. Completely uninstalled and removed the folder and then reinstalled, still doesn't launch
  9. So I can confirm that games do launch with the NVIDIA card so thats good enough I guess.
  10. So a clean driver install worked sorta. I can change NVIDIA control panel settings but Geforce Experience doesn't work.
  11. Trying a Clean NVIDIA driver install so it will hopefully work.
  12. Oh yeah I can'[t uninstall Geforce Experience or the NVIDIA Drivers.
  13. So Geforce Experience doesn't open, I cant change any of the settings in NVIDIA Control Panel because "Acess is Denied". Basically everything NVIDIA related went to shit and I don't know how to fix it.
  14. "oktoberbest" "literally freeze" can one figuratively freeze? This game looks like plain garbage. The only game so bizzare it was fun was LSD revamped. http://lsdrevamped.net/