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  1. ichig1vsnarut0 liked a post in a topic by Velocirapter in New System Build   
    Just curious, what went wrong in your last build?
  2. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by ichig1vsnarut0 in New System Build   
    You dinosaur pirate 
  3. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Apex Spartan in Valve is getting sued by British Telecommunications for making Steam!!   
    BT seems pretty butthurt

  4. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Seirex in Monitor Flickers and Turns off around 7-8 PM   
    Yeah I would, hair and dust gets gummed up in there. There's a stupid copper contact goes from you CPU to a heat sink on the side of the case and there's a little turbine fan next to that. It forces the heat out. That's pretty much what you got. If it gets to gummed up it will damage the fan. Blowing it out will help it last longer, a word of warning though you can blow crud into the computer so I'd be careful. Also I wouldn't use very high pressure as that can also damage the fan.
    The best thing to do would be to take the keyboard and icon cover off so the main board is exposed and clean in there and the fan, but if you've never done that before I wouldn't recommend it. Laptops are significantly more difficult to take apart and put back together. And if you damage a ribbon or a gate you basically screwed.
  5. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Seph in Monitor Flickers and Turns off around 7-8 PM   
    Are you getting any error messages? That sounds a lot like the graphic issues I had with a and card a while back as side from happening at specific times.
    The artifacts and screen going black are most likely video card/video driver related. Now if it is happening at a specific time every day, I would check to see what you are doing that may be different at that time of day. There may be something running and eating up all your resources.
    If you do end up getting an error message or worse, a blue screen, a quick Google search will usually net you a forum where someone has had the same issue and someone else has already gave a resolution.
  6. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Adding DDR2 RAM memory   
    Your motherboard is compatible with the RAM in your OP and I would actually go for that over expanding into the 4 slots like Ancient suggested.
    I think the bigger problem is your hardware is pretty outdated, so much so that compatible parts aren't that easy to find.  If you can stretch to it I would consider getting something new, trying to keep this RIG up to date might actually be burning a bigger hole in you pocket than building a new one.
  7. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Doctor_GLaDOS in "PlayStation 4.5"   
    It's a PC.
    Personal console.
    Aren't you glad to join the master race ?
    "Hey mark ! What CPU do you have in your Play station ?"
    "AMD 9590 on my AM3+ chipset. Why ?"
    "Isn't it overheating like hell ?"
    "Yea I installed a custom water loop yesterday because it's a 125W CPU"
    "I prefer my intel i7-5820K Haswell because it's a bit faster and my motherboard that came with it supports more PCI-E extensions slots"
    "Cool, I don't intend to run my GPU on Cross-fire so one PCI-E x16 slot is all I need for my Play station"
    "If you say so, how is your RAM doing on your play station 4 ?"
    "I'm fine, I just upgraded to 16gb on a quad channel DDR3L on 1600mhz"
    "Nice, I only have 8gb because I have to eat"
  8. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Ranisel in Lionhead: The inside story   
    That guy tho
  9. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in On Screen Notifier Software?   
    I just looked around and found this one called TreyStatus, I just tried it out and it works fine on Windows 10.  Not to mention it's free.

    LINK for download
  10. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Shrouded in *Shooting a flare* Hello fellas!   
    Hello Angry gamers!
    Im a new recruit from Sweden, been gaming my entire life and spectated the AngryJoeShow for a good part of it, Happy to be here and even happier if i somehow can contribute to the community.
    Have a great evening with tons of good K/D Rounds!
  11. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Raspharus in Rant on Microsoft and Quantum Break   
    I didn't follow all of Quantum's Break news, but recently out of curiosity I went out there and searched some stuff on it. And apparently Microsoft is yet again(surprisingly?) trying to screw over people with their shananigans. Not only they've been pushing windows 10 on other people's throats like it's the second coming of Christ, but apparently they plan on slowly consolizing the PC. I don't mean to attack any console, but as we all know PC is all about freedom of choice and customization. So why the hell do you wanna dumb it down if it works properly? I kinda have an idea on what Microsoft is heading to, but I hope that this does not become the future. 
    So, windows 10. While good, and nice on paper, in reality windows 10, and specifically the practices that it uses are very very shady and grey. First of all if you have the Home edition which most people have, where you are not able to stop updates. Playing a game and having some fun? well tough luck bud windows 10 wants to update so you better deal with it. Not to mention that the said updates can fuck up your entire system(which actually did happen to me). Next, directx 12. Why the fuck is this exclusive to windows 10? back when dx11 came up it was usable on systems ranging from vista to 8.1, and even 10, later when 10 was announced. Wanna play a new dx12 game on your brand new system, but you only have windows 7? well tough luck bud. I mean, I understand if they discontinue the dx support for older systems like XP or maybe even vista, but I mean c'mon 7? or 8? Maybe I don't wanna upgrade to 10, why do you force me to? This is not a console it's a goddamn PC, I should be able to do what I want to. I actually understand now, why valve went up and created vulkan, and why it doesn't agree with the implementation of dx12. V
    This goes without saying that windows 10 collects all sort of data, so who knows who is watching you.
    Moreover they try to force people to install windows 10. I've been seeing threads on reddit and neogaf with people that had windows 10 being downloaded in the background without their permission, and that when they restarted the PC, windows was already upgrading! I mean c'mon. 
    Not to mention UWA(universal windows apps). I think that what Microsoft meant by trying to do a universal cross play, which they did announce was in fact a mere scheme in order to promote their new "games for windows live-like" bullshit, which is the windows store. Games for windows live finally died because people didn't use it. Apparently microsoft wanted to force people to use their shit since a long time ago. Wanna play with your console friends? Too bad, you bought the game from steam, no dice buddy. The windows store, I wouldn't mind it, if it wasn't fucking retarded and full of mobile crap. The ROTTR on windows store was dumbed down as hell, without the graphical tweaks and the options that the steam version had. Why? Why are you doing this? And now Quantum break comes up, and they do even more stupid shit. Windows 10 store exclusive. Are you shitting me? People may think that maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, because let's be honest, companies like EA(origin) or even Ubi(uplay) do this shit, but this is different... this is a windows 10 exclusive... why though? are 7/8/8.1 obsolete? no. Is this a console? No. Why then are you limiting people? People choose PC for a reason. 
    They tried to do this shit with the xbone. Locking things down even further. People spoke against it, and now they did a 180. But doing this on PC? Damn, they must have some balls. But you see, by doing it bit by bit, without others noticing, first time with free windows 10 updates, then windows store, then exclusive content, maybe the fools won't realize? WRONG
    And what the hell is with the system requirements on this game? Last time I checked it wasn't the next crysis, and judging by the fact that it runs on the Xbox one, which is not that powerful compared to a 800 dollar pc, it shouldn't even need that amount of hardware. Why did they even port it to PC? I think that if this game was xbone exclusive it would've been much much better, since it's a game designed for a console. Cinematic action. Movie like. What is this shit? These are video games not fucking movies! Last time someone tried to pull up shit like this was with The order 1886, which was a cinematic piece of shit. No one cares about cinematography when it comes to games. Games are games, they do have some cutscenes and a story but they are games. This goes without mentioning that the game is barely 8 hours long, 60 dollars price tag, this is already besides the point.
    I get the feeling that what Microsoft is trying to achieve consists of creating this common platform with PC's and consoles and mobile/tablets, where you have a store which has both apps and games(exclusive to windows store). By using this platform, the windows store you can also get access to cross play and xbox streaming(and app which was dead on arrival), pairing with  your phone, or god knows what other shit. Basically limitation. I get the feeling that this is related to what microsoft wanted to do with the xbox one and television/background apps/anything but games when it first came up. And we all know how well that ended.
    Edit: I even forgot to mention that if you change your hardware your copy of windows 10 is done for, and you have to buy a new one. So windows 10 is free, but not that free in the end.
  12. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Epileptic Flickering on my monitor in full screen games   
    I think that's a better choice.  I've found another Laptop for under $700 that I think is worth considering.

    Amazon.com LINK
    The R7 360M in this beats the older 860M in most benchmarks and It's got allot of features.
  13. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Jayson's Rage in Wait wha-! Fallout 4!   
    *hides my 32GB of RAM*
    What RAM? Yes, more RAM please
  14. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Doctor_GLaDOS in First PC build for these games only(for now)   
  15. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Scohui in PC dying I think   
    40 minutes into reboot and chill and it gives you no look because it's dead inside

    I'll post the performance task manager prints. Eventually.
    EDIT: Turns out I was waiting for nothing all I needed was to start explorer.exe manually. Sigh.
    Right after I read the post

    After clicking on skype to open (it didn't)

    On boot, I think

    I'll run the CCleaner like Crazycrab said in the meantime.
  16. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Mechanical Keyboard   
    Well, it looks like Darth Vader's death switch, so get's my vote.
  17. JamesGoblin liked a post in a topic by Velocirapter in Awesome new MMO   
    It's got cool features
  18. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Battlefield 5   
    For me DICE and EA hit a bad note with Battlefield 3 and have just got worse and worse with increasingly stupid (to now non-existent) campaigns and ludicrous monetization. Frankly I'd rather just sit back and watch it bury itself which it almost certainly will.
  19. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Jinzuro in Free Game Year 2016   
    Here it is. Got through a year of free game-age and now its time to start another. I will be continuing along the same format, though this year I will have to keep a cap of $25 max for each monthly winner. This is the year I will be moving to California so I will be spending a lot of $$$ to get many things taken care of before I move and for the move.
    There will be an end of year tournament for this year and with some suggestions and questions from some participants it will be more detailed as far as the winnings go and I will definitely work on getting a poll put up after doing some research into games that can be used at the end of the year for the tournament.
    Considering there will be many that will no doubt prefer to have a tournament format in which they can actually participate personally I'm thinking there will definitely have to be some in which people may have to purchase the game to be included.
    Whatever game that ends up being will be decided by the polls so there will be a cut off time set for Oct 31st. Whatever game is highest in the polls will be chosen for the end of year tournament and that will leave at least the month of November for everyone who plans to get into it to join the game before things get rolling in December.
    As for the games I'm definitely going to look for those that allow for.... I can't even think of the term for it. But I do recall playing an RTS that allowed a player to just be a participant watcher looking over what the other two were doing. I think that was Command and Conquer 3 though. Yes, its been awhile since I've played an RTS. Lol. But I'm pretty sure there are others that aren't RTS that have this feature and if not I'm sure there is a method we can work about getting the matches recorded and set up.
    Now without further ado.... Well a retelling of the rules first for those who may be seeing this for the first time. I will say First: and type a word of phrase after that along with an image and all you have to do is be the first one to reply to it. Doesn't matter how you respond, but you have to make sure to reply to the post directly or it wont count.
    Also to avoid confusion like last time, though I found it hilarious, please don't repost the image if you are a previous winner in the later months. People get confused and think that you've won.
    And now without further ado....
    First: Demon Extermination Service

    2016 winners
    January- Kaz32
                    Games Won:
                                        Age of Mythology EX
                                        Dungeon of the Endless: Crystal Edition
  20. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Steam Machine Questions   
    I would seriously consider just building a gaming PC. It doesn't have to cost you one of your kidneys on the black market and would be a hell of allot cheaper that a gaming laptop of similar speck. To know what kind of performance you can get depends on your budget, but I think it's entirely possible to build a PC with all the necessary peripherals, high 1080p performance of nearly any game without having to upgrade for a few years for around $700 give or take.
  21. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Mainman651 in buying random skins are safe??   
    i wouldn't trust any link that someone spams especially a link to a Chinese website, you may have already fucked up by visiting
  22. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Samurai Rabbit in 7 Reasons Why Star Wars Battlefront is B***ocks   
    Reason No 9: The £50 Season Pass
    Reason No 10: Only 4 Maps
    Reason No 11: ONLY 4 BLOODY MAPS!
    I had to stop at 7 otherwise it would have been an hour long!
  23. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Kaz32 in OH MY GOD!!!!!! SHADOW COMPLEX IS REMASTERED, AND THE PC VERSION IS FREE RIGHT NOW!! OMG!!!!!   
    Alright. Alright. I gotta calm down.
    For those of you that have no idea what Shadow Complex is, it was an Xbox Live exclusive game back in 2009. It is made by Epic Games, the same people behind Gears of War, Infinity Blade and Bulletstorm, and it is an excellent Metroidvania style game, but with a modern and extremely fluid and well done 2.5 D style gameplay. I played this game 5 times, 3 of those times completing the game 100%, and until I found an armory that has every weapon in the game in gold. It exists.

    This for me, is their best game besides Bulletstorm and Infinity Blade.

    Download the game right here.
    Excuse me while I go to work. Curse you work. I shall play the crap out of this game again when I get my hands on it damn it!
  24. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in Steam has been hacked?   
    Seems more likely to be a problem with Steam itself, it is logging people into the wrong accounts as well as allowing them to see the email, phone, and credit card number of people if they go to account information. Steam itself and others with more technical knowledge seem to be saying they were not hacked (which probably just ends up making Steam look even worse). If you buy games with Paypal you can login to paypal and cancel automatic payments to Steam, but it is best to avoid Steam for now (if you can even get to it anymore) as it looks like they finally shut down the site and store after about two hours of this.

  25. Velocirapter liked a post in a topic by Killzone in A fitting end to arkham knight dlc and a message   
    First off merry Christmas and look what we got some batman dlc which is more promising then what they have made half assesed dlc and also a fitting end to batman saddest villan
    Mad hatter

    Mr freeze 

    Ras ah goul

    Best bits of what i seen this dlc is literary the only satisfying dlcs at least from what i have witnessed anyway merry Christmas to all and lets work past any hardships that may have happened