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  1. Yea i've seen them but i just recently got FAF so im still trying to figure it out. I havent figured out how to download them yet or even find the download for that matter, but i have seen gameplay for them on youtube. there called the Nomads.
  2. What if we got a Supreme Commander Forged Alliance event going? They got this thing called FAF (Forged Alliance Forever) where the game is still recieving updates and everything. They even added in a new faction. Not to mention Supreme Commander is a really good RTS.
  3. I just recently picked up Grey Goo, not that bad of a game, but a couple guys had helped me get it going in the forums for the game and was asking me to bring the rest of the Angry Army to help build up the player base for the game. so hey, if anyone is looking into getting Grey Goo, check it out. check some gameplay and stuff and possibly pick it up. No it does not play exactly like starcraft so do not expect the game to play like it, even though it sorta looks like it.
  4. yeaaaaa those were some nice ass games Rune. cant believe how close some of those came.
  5. If anyone has CoH2 and wants to do some AI skirmishes to help me kinda get the hang of things of online play before going online hit me up. I have all the DLC except for some of the commanders but i have all the theatre of war stuff ,willing to do those too considering i havent done any because friends dont own it or dont want to play, and ardennes assault. But yea, hit me up on Steam if you wanna do some theatre of war or help me practice against AI skirmishes.
  6. yea, i got it when it was $40, i think it was one of the first sales for the games. but it is completely worth the money. ardennes assault dlc is a different style campaign then the base game so i feel the ardennes assault dlc is fully worth i think the extra $20. but overall yea, coh2 is much better. i feel the layout of the interface is just better then coh1. havent played coh1 in a while haha. but when you end up getting coh2 or hell if you wanna jump into like a skirmish game, i can always use more practice in coh, hit me up sometime if you want too.
  7. Any of the Dawn of War titles i would love too see and CoH 1 & 2 i would love to see even for. possibly even supreme commander or Sup:Com FA
  8. I have the second one, love it. If your looking for someone to play with, hit me up. I would get the CoH2 if you have the funds for it. It feels a lot better then the first. I've tried to go back and play the first again but CoH2 just feels different that its hard to get back into. but yes i highly recommend CoH2, especially if you liked the first one.
  9. Not really sure how to start this out but uhh...here goes nothing. Loving gaming I do and am glad to be part of a true gaming community. If anyone wants to hit me up and play some games on Xbox One, I have BF4 and BF Hardline, Destiny, MKX and Titanfall. I'm trying to get more into PC gaming and get that library out of just single player games but we know how money is. But yea, if you wanna game sometime hit me up on Xbox One, Gamertag: KIN6 NOTHIN6. On steam my profile name is Kin6Nothin6. In case you havent guessed yes I am a huge Metallica fan.
  10. Okay here's another question. Yes Silent Hills being cancelled is tragic to fans of the series (like myself) and I hate seeing that because i would love to see where the series would go, especially on next gen. But with Hideo Kojima also being one of the lead producers on Metal Gear Solid and Hideo officially leaving Konami, How grim is the future for MGS V The Phantom Pain?