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    coooking gaming watching animes love playing minecraft with others on xbox one love helping people
  1. i cant wait till its open to all the members
  2. cant wait for this
  3. i just got minecraft for PC if their you dont mind adding me it be great id love to play MC with the ajsa my name is DarkExcailbur
  4. banned for saying good bye war bear
  5. happy birthday and if im late happy belated birthday
  6. i dont get it
  7. sorry about pic size someone changed it size so i had to reload it to my computer and now gotta resize
  8. welcome back
  9. i cant figure out how to install team speak on my computer lol i know im stupid
  10. welcome to the AJSA
  11. i think removing her was stupid but their must be some kind of reason behind be it good or bad reason but i would prefer it to be a good reason why the removed her then some stupid reason but thats just my opinion
  12. i liked it because it shows off a great game if this game gets enough reviews on it it could be the next big gaming hit
  13. mine is guardian and assassin though i just started playing so im not really that good with them yet
  14. i dont know much about the game but i do know that the choices do have karma to them and at some point in the game and im not gona try and spoil anything here but their will be some major choices to make which can make the people that follow you i think it either makes them hate you not sure on this though so dont quote me but i have never seen any stream where people have chosen to be evil i have only seen the good side and alot of the choices in speach can be misleading to where you think your saying one thing and it will actually say something else. so you need to be careful when choosing what to say and that is all i really know about being evil i am still saving to get the game and if i do say anymore then what i have said it would spoil some of the game play so you will have to wait just a little longer to get more info on it