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    Pretty much all the nerdy stuff man, Marvel and DC LOL. I play a lot of different varying video games mainly on Xbox. I also like YUGIOH!!!!!!!!! STAR WARS and yeah I think you get the picture LOL

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  1. I echo runes sentiments I want to thank everyone that showed up I want to thank rune for staying up all night and I can't wait to see where overwatch goes in the future I look forward to two more years ! Cough if not longer cough and to answer your question rune yes overwatch will be the only one to hold this record. Why? Because if any event is going to break this record it's going to be another overwatch event ! LOL but in all seriousness once again thank you to everyone
  2. SO I would just like to say I had a great Summer playing Overwatch with everyone on Xbox!!! It was one hell of a Summer; we celebrated the one year anniversary of Overwatch with a 12 hour event, we finally got to see the arrival of Doomfist, and we played the hell out of the Summer Games content. I can't wait to continue on playing with you all and keep Overwatch going for years to come!!!! Love ya guys and I'll see you all this Saturday at the next Overwatch event.
  3. networking

    hey whats up everybody my gamertag is the same as it is on here AJSAWOOKIEJEDI i live in the eastern standard time zone and as for games i like to play oh boy where to begin with that im the overwatch game officer so of course overwatch gigantic is another good one umm i like alot of rpgs especially dragon age series lots of shooters and just a wide variety of others if you want to know anything else whether it be about me personally or the games i play dont hesitate to ask im always here for my angry army brothers and sisters if u ever need me ill be there i look forward to playing with all you guys peace out
  4. A week late but here is the latest developer update video!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkYJlPMdWNA
  5. this is a sweet article great job rune and i can assure you there will be loads of fun to be had at the event i just spent the last hour creating and saving special game modes that are ready to rock for tomorrow and you all are gonna have some great marathon fun as far as i know we are the only ones doing a 12 hour event and i cant wait to share it with all of you
  6. MORE BIG NEWS FOR THE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY EVENT OF OVERWATCH!! We're going to try to the best of our ability to make this event as EPIC as it can be! We're going to try and have the Anniversary event go for 12 hours next Saturday night! We'll be starting at 6:30pm and we'll run till 6:30 am!!!! BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE.... It has been announced that for the weekend of the event Overwatch will be ...... FREE TO PLAY!!!!!! SPREAD THE WORD INVITE, YOUR FRIENDS LET EVERYONE KNOW!!!!! LETS ALL GET TOGETHER AND HAVE A GREAT TIME!! I look forward to seeing you all there.
  7. ok ok for starters big shout out to Rager! these pics and videos are awesome brother!!!!!! Second thing this week (the week of the 20th of may) we will be taking A WEEK OFF from Overwatch. That's right ladies and gentlemen there will be NO EVENT THIS WEEK but don't be sad because we will be back next week and WE WILL BE CELEBRATING OVERWATCH'S 1 YEAR AJSA XBOX ONE EVENT ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!! Rumor has it that blizzard themselves has something planned for that and of course i have a few tricks up my sleeve as well so enjoy the break, I look forward to celebrating with all of you. Until then Wookie Jedi signing off !!!!
  8. ok so big announcement this saturday april the 15 there will be no overwatch event it will instead be replaced by an awesome gears of war 4 horde event we will meet up and attempt to beat the 50 waves of horde !!!!!!!! now dont be sad boys and girls because overwatch events will return in full swing on the 22nd i look forward to playing both games with you guys !!!!! love you all !!!!
  9. rager is always a pleasure to play with you and see you on here as well as a pleasure and good time to be had with evrerybody that comes to the overwatch events i look forward to playing with you all next week and i promise to be more active on here in the future till then guys
  10. hope everyone is excited for tomorrow !!!!! im looking forward to playing with all of you i have some special things planned and i look forward to trying out the new hero with all of you !!!!!!
  12. stick I love the way you wrote this up dude!!!!!!!!!
  13. glad to finally hear from you del I really enjoy all the stuff you do with joe in the rviews I look forward to getting to know you better
  14. I like the poem format
  15. hey guys I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who came out tonight despite the fact that I was late lol I was impressed by the turnout and even more impressed at how many of you have taken to the game so quickly not only that but I loved the wide aray of people / personalities we had in there when I finally did get on I had a blast playing the most fun ive had at an event in recent memory anyway I just wanted to say thank you again and I look forward to leading you all into battle lets make this game a great big one excelcior !!!!!!!!!!!!!