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  1. This seems like a cool idea! Wouldn't mind joining the community or one of the two rooms. I have a PS4, PSN: epicvincents. I play quite a few games like, six siege, battlefront and battlefield 4. Looking forward to, Final Fantasy and battlefield.
  2. Hello everyone, the name is epicvincents, I've been watching the Angry Joe Show for years and actually joined last year but I didn't really use it as much. I'm from the UK and still in education which made timings difficult. I have a PS4 and soon the new Xbox One S, and I hope I can play new games with you in the future, once I figure out how to join a community.
  3. GNPS2 My gamer tag is epicvincents
  4. Hi, I want to go on this game night and I have got the code however i do not know where to "reply" with the code to get in. If someone could let me know that would be much appreciated. Thank you