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Everything posted by amazinglibby

  1. I am currently ignoring all statements about Bloodborne never coming to PC. I personally believe this is a stunt to increase PS4 sales. If anyone hears anything, feel free to share with us. A nice, friendly chat would be great. Please respect every opinion with a smile (not physically but mentally unless you're so inclined). Thank you for your time. amazinglibby
  2. The following would be included in my ideal game An open world similar to Skyrim (including 1st person and 3rd person options)The leveling system of the Demon's/ Dark Souls games (with the exception of health and stamina)Health system to be similar to that of Metroid games along with a similar method for collecting items (including health and stamina)The scanning system of the Metroid Prime gamesImportant character choices that change your character appearance like in Fable gamesDifficult in-game puzzles like in Zelda gamesFeel free to include ideas for your ideal game. There are no wrong answers. If you believe the game someone describes already exists, you should probably let them know. Thank you for your time amazinglibby
  3. When I said I was "ignoring all statements" about Bloodborne being a PS4 exclusive, what I actually meant by that is "I am hoping very hard that Bloodborne will not be a PS4 exclusive." I am just looking for any small glimer of hope. The current situation is not looking good.
  4. I would like to introduce myself to the Angry Army. I play all types of video games. Personally I prefer playing single player RPG's however with the right video game on the right day, I will happily play any type of game. I intend on using the Angry Army for general news and gaming suggestions. If you read through this post, thank you for your time. For your patience the link below will show you the secrets of the Universe. LET THE GAMES BEGIN !!!!! amazinglibby