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  1. That's right!!! You heard it folks! I have a video that shows you the most LEGIT Hack of Diablo 3 ROS. Here's how you get Legendaries SUPER FAST without any download bull shit. Yuuuuuuuup!!!!! Now watch the video below and enjoy your free haxs and legendaries!!! Credits goes to the awesome forum member, Kinetic.
  2. Im interested in the time line. Is this a Sequel or Prequel to Mass Effect?
  3. Let me know if they do so I can add it to the list.
  4. I saw what happens in the 3 Minute mark and I jizzed myself. That was fucking dope and probably his best skill in the game.
  5. Page Updated with further boss details[sorry >.<] and other miscellaneous things.
  6. Thank you. What other cool tips you got under your sleeve?
  7. I have a question, does raising ones Insight also increases the difficulty of a Boss?
  8. If anyone here is willing to write up a list on how to deal with the Chalice Bosses, go ahead and I'll post it in the main Post.
  9. Thank you. Updating now.
  10. If someone here has the location of all Badges or things that unlock all items in shop, I'd appreciate it.
  11. Page Update and Creds Given! Thx Argetlam!
  12. That is a VERY good point. Post updated and creds given.
  13. Please do so. Send me a PM so we can review it together. I need all the info I can get for everyone's eyes
  14. Thank you. I updated it and given credits