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  1. Finished another unit of warefare swedes. This time Jönköping.
  2. 30 strong. The front center standard barer is Liutenant Engebakken the ancestor to my fiance, But he has to be a Norwegian, Because she refuses to have a Swede in her liniage(Bad enough I'm only a few generations removed swede on both sides)
  3. Not sure, so far the only Norwegians I've painted have been modern, (marine force recon figures as standins with norwegian cammo) unless you count vikings as Norwegians. I think I'll only paint Norwegians in two circumstances. 1. If someone made good dynamic norwegian and swedish figures for 1809 or 1814. So far none have made them. 2. More likely skånske krigen, it actually saw a decent sized norwegian army invading Sweden. There are sevral figures made that would work for that war.
  4. And Kalmar is done
  5. Thanks, I finsihed the Kalmar regiment yoday, I'll post some pics after i take some daylight photos.
  6. Thanks guys. More done, Two major new projects started Dutch regiment of Friesheim for the NYW And first 3 squadrons of the Småland regiment, I hope to some time by february have all 8 squadrons that where at Poltova.
  7. The game is out on steam now. With a major patch too.
  8. I've still havn't bought it, lots of bills this month, and had to prioritize buying a bunch of swedes and dutch for my wargaming projects.
  9. It's not a total war clone, if anything it's a Europa Universelies Clone with Gettysburg ultimate general type battles.
  10. It's called The seven years war(1756-1763) http://thesevenyearswar.com/ It looks to be a Paradox type grand strategy, but unlike paradox games you can actualy fight the battles. Not only that, because while paradox games often are very superficial when it comes to the military part, this game has lots of it. Making supply for the army, having supply lines that can be cut but the enemy, making weapons ect. While still having all the stuff from the paradox games, with complex diplomacy, economy ect. Oh and it's made by one man.
  11. I played DoD since beta 1, many years ago, i was probebly one of the best dod players out there back in beta 1.3. (Granted less then 1000 players back then) day of defeat beta 2 to version 1 was fantastic, one of the best multiplayer games ever made. Then they made source, less of everything, it became "counter strike in ww2) Everything was to be balanced and fast. In other words they runied it... I still play Dod v.1 with bots, much better then source. Sorry for the negativity but day of defeat was my favourite game (one of my all time favourites) and was soo looking forward to source but they simply ruined it.
  12. The Duke of Marlborough him self. Not the inventer of sigaretts but the ancestor of Winston Churchill and the beater of the French!
  13. I rarely play past level 15-20 in battlefield, thats some 40 hours at my skill level. I don't buy any map packs or expansion. So i get 40 hours out of 60 bucks. So i dont care if the game doesn't have the staying power for those grinders that get to 60 or 100 or whatever max level is in battlefield.
  14. Better then a generic modern military shooter!
  15. Plays smooth for me at 1920x1200 with all on ultra at 100+ fps, With i7 3770K, 16gig ram and GTX 780OC SLI. With supersamplig I got about 40fps.