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  1. Hello o/ Tyler here with a small event for those who will be here for Wintersday (December 25). I have made a JP in our Guild Hall with the excess of snowflakes everyone has. It's still a work in progress but on Wintersday at 9PM Server (so guild misson time), anyone who is interested can join in the Guild Hall and we'll have a race to see who can finish it the fastest. The prize is an Enchanted Snowball Box which gives an Enchanted Snowball. I hope to see you all there o/
  2. Hi there o/ My guild mission will be this Saturday at 9PM Server (4 PM EST). We will be doing some PvP in a custom arena. We'll be doing mainly Courtyard since it's a mode most of us haven't played/don't get a chance to play often since it's been off the normal PvP map rotation. Hopefully we can get atleast 10 people to do a 5v5 though we can make do with atleast 6 or so. I'll be assigning teams half based on a random number generator/half based on me moving it so one team isn't stacked. Please be on TS and hope to see you all there.
  3. Hello there o/. My name is Tyler (though you'll see me as vinhtyler.4613 or Eva Lumina on my main). *shakes hand*. I am replacing Jeb as the Co-Leader of the Angry Army along with Toriko. That said, not much will change really, business will be usual. More guild leader introductory stuff Jeb wants me to type, stuff stuff stuff, power, stuff stuff stuff, responsibility, stuff stuff stuff, respect, stuff stuff stuff. I hope to see you all out there.
  4. NOTICE: My event (tyler) and inot's event times are being switch for ONLY the month of december
  5. Tyler Here! Class is Ranger. DPS with Minor Support through Frost Spirit for 7.5% extra damage and Search and Rescue. Elite will likely be Rampage as One or Entangle depending on the situation though it can be Nature Spirit for AoE condi clenase and revive from downed if needed. Also traited for SaR when I start rezzing someone. Pets will be Electric Wyvern for Break Bars and either Tiger for PermaFury or Bristleback for tank. Gear: http://imgur.com/JzkKfVI Chest Piece: http://imgur.com/LsTivLh Weapons: http://imgur.com/a/Tl6sv EDIT: Finished Ascended Set.
  7. Aww man having no responsibilities is great xD
  8. ^^ congratz on being a sergeant senju ! Would say in game but lack of decent pc makes it hard T_T
  9. Good day everyone! Tyler here with this month's Guild Raffle. October, the season of beautiful leaves, crisp cool air and MEATOBERFEST!!!! That's right everyone, we have special Meatoberfest themed weapons lined up for this month's guild raffle. I traveled all around the world for the finest of drinks. This one, made by a giant, stubborn, burly norn deep in the Far Shiverpeaks who has survived Jormag's awakening, can keep even the coldest of temperatures at bay. Moonshine - 3g 1s 74c I went a ways away to the west and met with a small colony of skritt deep in the depths of Metrica Province. One of their "happy drink machines" malfunctioned and made a drink so potent, even a drop would make anyone woozy. They left it on a "shiny box" and no skritt has had the courage to take another sip yet. Courage - 9g 52s 5c I went back to the Black Citadel, close to the heart of Meatoberfest to see if I could find some meat. I nabbed a giant chunk off one of the cows there and brought it back to my tent. I guess the smell was too strong and some charr couldn't resist and ate the hunk of meat leaving me with a giant bone . Kevin - 2g 9s 70c Disheartened, I went back to Lion's Arch where I met Poyaqui, the hardest drinker you will ever see. It was a close match but he beat me just by the drop in a drinking match. He did give me a cup of his special brew for puttng up such a good damn fight. Poyaqui's Noggin - 5g 38s 56c A total of 20 gold worth of prizes. 1st place gets a choice of 2 Exotics from the pool of 4 2nd place gets a choice of 1 Exotic from the remaining pool of 2 3rd place gets the remaining Exotic. Tickets are now 50 Silver a ticket or 2 Gold for 5 since the prizes are actually worth something now xD. Again, a limit of 5 tickets. This raffle starts on Oct. 1 Server Reset time and ends at Halloween Server Reset. Everyone who joins the raffle will get a little something special on Halloween day as a gift from me to you. Send all raffle funds/questions or inquiries to Vinhtyler.4613. Please include your account name as well as the number of tickets you are buying. Thanks and have a good day!
  10. Posting this from my phone. PC died so all weekly dungeon message stuffs you need me to read can go here.
  11. And pop goes the hard drive! See you in 2 weeks AA! o/
  12. Will be MIA until I fix it. o/
  13. GW2 Wiki. I could start modeling it with Eva I guess. Was in a slight rush.
  14. Introduction: Hello there! Tyler here (most of you will know me better as Eva Lumina). In light of the guild looking for donations, I am setting up a Guild Raffle and all the money received will go to the guild in prep of HoT. While not the best prizes here (I'll be putting up better ones for future ones) I hope you guys will participate and enjoy! How to Enter: Each ticket will be 25 Silver or 5 tickets or 1 Gold. PM me @ vinhtyler.4613 with the following format: Subject: Guild Raffle Message: Number of Tickets: ____ Amount of Money Included:___g___s Account Name: ____________ The Prizes: Scepter of the Highborn (Scepter): https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Scepter_of_the_Highborn Spectral Wave Modulator (Rifle): https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Spectral_Wave_Modulator Impaler (Spear): https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Impaler Mecha Anchor (Hammer Time): https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mecha_Anchor The Winners: There will be 2 Winners. 1st place will get a choice of which two they want. 2nd place will get a choice of which one they want. The Last one will be recycled into the next Raffle. The winners will be drawn on Midnight October 1st.