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    Shooters,role-playing and real time strategy games.
  1. I highly reccomend Farcry 3. I don't need to tell you why, you will see.
  2. Five years I've had Steam. FIVE YEARS! And I cannot think of a single instance where Steam pissed me off to the point where I would hate it. Aside from some minor inconveniences, because Valve isn't perfect, I never ever truly hated Steam and I do not understand why some people give it so much flak.
  3. After seeing the massive success of the first Bioshock and the above average success of the third one (we don't talk about the second), I am curious to see what the devs can come up with next. The deep sea setting was great. The above the clouds setting worked well too. Space is dumb. Abandoned space stations full of crazy people/monsters/aliens have been overdone to the death. What else can the human mind conceive? Let's get creative!
  4. The first Bioshock. It has everything you could possibly want in a shooter, not regarding your wildest/craziest dreams.
  5. MOBA games used to make me angry, until I quit that terrible addiction.
  6. If you could name one, what would it be and how would you see yourself using it? Post a picture of it if you like. Mine is the Franchi SPAS-12, because Gordon Freeman,obviously,but I also enjoy using it in other games that have it. I see myself using one of these beauties during a zombie apocalypse or ocasionally on unsuspecting bandits/thugs/henchmen.
  7. Persuasion is one heck of a great skill to have. I play this game called Real Life (average gameplay but the graphics are good) and I'm still leveling up my Persuasion skill. I prefer to not use violence,otherwise town guards start crawling out of the woodwork and bad things happen.
  8. Half Life and Portal. Not only are they are both in the same universe, but could both use a third sequel. Besides,when has Valve ever screwed up a sequel?
  9. Sometimes you have problems with your PC that you can fix by yourself without having to pay money, you just don't know how to do it. It would be awesome if we had a handful of computer experts in this community to help us fix our own stuff, because as you may know, healthy ammount of frames per second in a healthy PC.
  10. Valve had to do something to calm down the spirits. I personally have not played DOTA 2 in quite a while and I didn't ask for any of this,but I sincerely apreciate what they did here, in the very least listening to the complaints of the community, no matter how childish and stupid they are. Of all the money grubbing gaming companies I see out there, Valve stands out as the good guy. Everyone knows that even the good guys make mistakes.
  11. After going through both League(2 years) and DOTA 2(1 year and a half) I came to a realisation: You get severly punished for someone else's mistakes, and get no recognition or sense of fulfillment for your own achievements. Sure you get a double kill, but hell if that matters if your team mates are brain dead. This is one of the reasons why people are just so nasty in these communities, and also the reason I will never come back to these games without friends. Actually screw that, these stupid games ruin friendships.
  12. When I reload my gun in a first person shooter, I like to move the camera to match the animation.
  13. STRONGHOLD! Does nobody remember that? Probably because it has no memorable sequels.
  14. My PC is awful so I definitely need one.
  15. My experience with russian games comes from Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. Although the games do not follow the books properly,I still thorougly enjoyed them. So yeah,hope is not lost in russian game development.