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Everything posted by Gunner843

  1. I just watched the blizzcon annoucment its 60 on console cause they can only get the orign edition where as pc can get it for 30
  2. We are based on the jedi covenet server imperal side
  3. To futher unlock the heroic star fortress you will need to collect 5 locked supply crates for the contact on the planet they can be gained by grinding the planetary heorics then its inside the bunker after using a orbital strike that your given to destroy turrets outside then kill everything inside the bunker and destroy it and the fortress for that planet is unlocked
  4. same here need to get it at somepoint
  5. i can gurantee members in ts friday at 6pm cst(midnight gmt )for pre expansion meeting
  6. Your addon worked like a charm seph and thank god for them killing the region lock so i can play on the na servers now
  7. Personally i would suggest watching them in what is known as the machete order which is 4 5 1 2 3 6
  8. I recently started playing GW2 since it went free cause im broke another restriction is cant start personal story till level 10
  9. i got windows 10 but cant get cortana to work
  10. The original was too liniear for my tastes but a solid game and fun one of the best star trek games out there i love what these guys are planning to do with the sequal and praise parramount and cbs for letting them do it
  11. oh god yes this needs to happen
  12. Mostly NA even though im in europe cause im a night owl and game through the night so games are more active na side when i play
  13. you need to be in game for a invite to be sent
  14. you can find the team speak server info in the server tab
  15. sure buddy hang in ts and one of us when we log in and your online will invite you
  16. hangaround in the ts kenetic if i am about when your on ill grab you a invite
  17. we are on jedi covenent budy imp side as well as republic scum
  18. ok i may aswell bite name Gunner nation GB class sniper/mec sniper
  19. Zalgo let me know about what time gmt you will be around and ill send you the invite
  20. Got laser in Gilt on a side note if anyone else is after invites i am on ts speak when im playing so poke me with your char name on ts or whisper Gunners ingame and ill get you sorted out
  21. Welcome to the army and if there is a server up you will most likely find it it the servers page or if a thread for ark has been made in there
  22. Greetings all I am Gunner843 or as some people have called me in some games i have played over the years the mad suicidal brit since sometimes i have the tendancy to run in against overwhelming odds thinking i can do somthing epic which i am slowly starting to stop doing i look forward to getting to know you all and fighting along side you now a little about me i used to serve in the brittish army and and i relise now i can never think of what to put here so wanna know somthing ask and i will most likely answer lols