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  1. Archer liked a post in a topic by Gunner843 in Bridge Commander 2   
    The original was too liniear for my tastes but a solid game and fun one of the best star trek games out there i love what these guys are planning to do with the sequal and praise parramount and cbs for letting them do it
  2. keneticsteele liked a post in a topic by Gunner843 in Recruitment center   
    hangaround in the ts kenetic if i am about when your on ill grab you a invite
  3. rogueassassin liked a post in a topic by Gunner843 in Greetings from the uk   
    Greetings all I am Gunner843 or as some people have called me in some games i have played over the years the mad suicidal brit since sometimes i have the tendancy to run in against overwhelming odds thinking i can do somthing epic which i am slowly starting to stop doing i look forward to getting to know you all and fighting along side you
    now a little about me i used to serve in the brittish army and and i relise now i can never think of what to put here so wanna know somthing ask and i will most likely answer lols