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  1. That and voice commands for recording are the only thing it's really good for
  2. Um seeing how the trailer is usually revealed during the NBA Playoffs it's only a matter of time. And what's wrong with CoD spreading? Is it really a bad thing that CoD is making gaming more mainstream and socially acceptable? Or do ya'll just want to stay basement dwellers forever?
  3. At least this is something different and finally they are using their A-List actor to the best of his abilities. As for all the people saying negative things, well you haven't said anything that surprises me. No matter what happens you will hate on this game and it will be for your usual bullshit reasons. Most of you are just made because even though Ghosts was mediocre it still did better than Battlefield which bombed worse than a Keanu Reeves movie. So for all of those who try are trying to look at this with an open mind (yeah I know gamers and being open minded doesn't exist but work with me here) ignore the nay sayers because we all know Haters Gonna Hate.
  4. Agreed that and with a my work and college schedule the console is just an easier decision to make. It's also the main reason I prefer COD over Battlerfield.
  5. Completely agree. Everything wrong with that game is an easy fix in the modern era. With this day and age the story would actually be something new and fresh.
  6. What games from past generations should make a comeback on the new generation of consoles? Personally I wanna see Syphon Filter return as those games were fun as he'll to play. Also I would like SOCOM return, albeit with updated controls and better story where you do idk Navy SEAL shit. Pretty much an update of the original 2 games. What do you guys think should return from the dead?
  7. They should just do something like a spin off. Have it take place in the same universe have supporting character make cameos and go from there. If they have a good story that captures the essence of the game then it should be good. Games that play out like movies could work with direct adaptation but they fucked it up with Max Payne that could have been an excellent direct adaptation but failed. Also don't let Uwe Boll touch it! Unless you want to kill your game franchise and have to rebuild it like Far Cry On that note Uwe should make a Call of Duty movie that way he kills the franchise and they'll have to rebuild it to make it good again.
  8. That's because us gamers are vindictive sons of bitches and treat every stupid move like a war crime. Then we blaspheme them as we walk out of the store with our copies of Battlefield, Mass Effect, Titanfall, Madden, FIFA, NFS, and Dragon Age. In regards to Battlefront, they should take some cues from the Galactic Warfare mod from Cod 4 while incorporating the things that worked from the original games.
  9. That's business. In the console market the 2 biggest factors that separate consoles are price point and console exclusives. If you have an exclusive that is amazing and worth playing then people might overlook other flaws in your system like a price or all that shit that was removed from Xbox One that people still feel the need to bitch about.
  10. The game is ok but could have been better. In regards to the campaign they had a lot of opportunities to do great things but missed them. A great actor known for an iconic role, an oscar winning writer, an original idea in regards to gaming and a new gameplay mechanic. All these great things that they failed to take advantage of. In regards to multiplayer problems that were caused by devs and not its increasingly shitty community, they give you access to everything too quickly. The prestige system was fine as you were able to get a taste of everything quickly as opposed to having to play the game for 6 months to get one gun as well as allow the casual player at least some chance against the hardcore gamers. But with the way it is now it feels like there's no purpose to any of it anymore. Now they just throw squad points at people like the government throws money welfare recipients. Also I feel like the community is part of the problem. Nothing new ever happens because the MLG players and 12 year olds who mastered the game want to stay on top and keep their YouTube channels going want the game to stay the same. And because devs pretty much only listen to you if you have a fucking YouTube channel that makes money, that's the only people they listen to. Yes I said YouTube channels are part of the problem
  11. JFK might have said win the hearts and minds but LBJ said if you have by the balls the hearts and minds will follow. Besides no one put a gun to your head and forced you to buy Xbox so if you hate it so much then just get rid of it. And here's some knowledge for you, we all want games to be cheaper but that's not up to Xbox that's up to the game publishers. We would also like free movies and shows once and a while but again not up to Xbox, up to those tv and film distributors. So before you go blame "MoneySoft" for all that, why don't you put some blame where it actually belongs for once.
  12. I guess non of you are going over to his house to fuck his sister Semper Fi oorah!
  13. Why is Goldeneye007 not on this list? FAIL!
  14. We found video games and lost the love of using our imaginations. We now rely on crappy recycled stories and instead of coming up with our own better ones we just bitch and moan.
  15. If you play games you're a gamer simple as that. I can't stand all of these long drawn and specific definitions of what a gamer is like it's fucking special or something. We play video games everyone we're not anything special people.