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  1. So many brony hunters! erm, hunters who are bronies...ah nevermind, point is WE ARE THE ANGRY SCOUTS! WE SHALL HUNT ALL OFF THE WYVERNS!
  2. thanks for the clarification friendo C:
  3. I like you. A brony AND a hunter.
  4. Erm, does AJSA has a minecraft server?
  5. AJSA needs a minecraft server and some Monster Hunter Players. I don't have the or patience to look. Quote if you agree.
  6. Thanks for answering. I'll see if I can find an AJSA Minecraft server or something.
  7. I need help. I want to rank up but i don't have an Xbone or a PS4 yet, what do i do? Thanks in advance to any replies.
  8. Monster Hunter 4U requires cooperation in multiplayer, and this is a community driven site, so...I SHIP IT! NOW ADMIRE MY SPRITE!!!!!
  9. WASSUP! I am AngryGMR (no sugar honey iced tea) and I am new (even less sugar honey iced tea) to this epicly epic site of epicosity. I do have a bit of a short temper but I have learned to control it, and I get quite aggressive when it comes to defending games I like that are good, like Pokemon, World of Warcraft, and Sonic. Notice the good. If I like a bad game because it's badness is funny I'll agree, like fable 3, Sonic 06, movie tie ins that I grew up with and enjoy to this day, and the Lego games (not the ds ones those suck donkey) from Star Wars on. Oh, and I'm ADHD, so expect some crazy sugar honey iced tea on my profile. AND F*** CENSORSHIP!!!