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  1. Much obliged. I have a lot of catching up to do for FGY and that includes with the previous winner of the last tournament as well. Its been more a chaotic mess then I expected.
  2. Thank you. I haven't moved yet, but my situation will get better once I move. I will have access to higher paying jobs and will have help getting myself planted. Getting a job as soon as possible will be my first task and I will work up from there. Considering how different the cost of living is in California from Georgia, I wont really know what I'm working with until I get work.
  3. Sorry for the long absence. I'm alright. Just been behind quite a bit with everything and trying to catch up. I will be moving to another state in May next year so I've been preparing for that. Getting rid of everything I'm not taking with me, paying bills a few months ahead of time, making sure I have my flight all set and what I need to ship will be taken care of. Just everything that I need to do for the move and working out everything else in terms of catching up. Its been a pain that nothing has been working out as I intended to, but at least once I get settled after the move it opens up wider possibilities for me to get back in sync.
  4. Tomorrow is supposed to be the day I feel better. I feel like I'm trapped in Limbo. I just really want to get back to work
  5. I have never been this sick in my life. Literally the entire month I have had to be in bed with a few trips to the ER.
  6. From what I got out of it. Your body changes every 7 years. So things that didn't affect you before its quite possible later. I've gone through 4 7's thus far. Not looking forward to the coming ones. Gotta prepare.
  7. Thank you. I can say the worst is over. Meds are working fine. My body is still pretty sore but I can get around and I noticed I can finally eat more, though I'm keeping safe and sticking to the soups.
  8. Thats the two of us. I could have sworn I ate it before, but that was back when I was a kid. They do say you can get food allergies later. As you said. I'm glad it wasnt worse, but it did kill much of my work hours. Already missed 3 days, and now have to aid 2 more to that, but its for the best.
  9. Its all good now. Just have to make sure to rest. Keep myself cool, and take my meds. I've already missed a lot of work days. But thankfully I had gotten myself ahead on rent so its helps a bit. I tell you. This is what I get for trying to eat healthy. Lol. I can't win these days. Some things you just have to be thankful for. Despite the bad, it could have been a lot worse for me. So I'm happy for that.
  10. Sorry I have been absent. Found out Im allergic to squash and had to go to the ER twice. Been pretty much trapped to my apartment aside from the one idiotic mistake I made of going to work which sent me back to the ER. On that I would like to claim first time food allergy mistake. Didnt know it wasnt actually over until it hit me again at the end of the day. Willl keep you updated when I can.
  11. Anytime. Just keep rolling out with the content and things will fall into place well enough.
  12. Soon enough you will reach 1,000 Subs an then your goals will start moving on to each 1,000th in subs. Tis a wonderful feeling my friend.
  13. Wanted to give a heads up for those that want to go for the Tenkaichi 3 for FGY2016. List of modded characters included: False SSJ Goku = Goku Mid SSJ Color 4 SSJ4 Gold Goku = Piccolo Early Color 2 SSJ5 Goku = Krillin Color 1 SSJ6 Goku = Goku Mid Color 1 SSJ7 Goku = Guldo Color 1 SSJ8 Goku = Frieza Soldier Color 1-2 SSG Goku = SSJ4 Goku Color 2 SSGSS Goku = Goku Early Color 2, Goku Mid SSJ Color 2, Grandpa Gohan Color 1 SSGSS4 Goku = Cell Jr Color 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kid Goku Golden Ape = Kid Goku Great Ape Color 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Teen Gohan SSJ3 = Teen Gohan SSJ2 Color 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SSJ5 Gohan = Ultimate Gohan Color 2 SSG Gohan = Ultimate Gohan Color 4 Ultimate Gohan SSJ = Ultimage Gohan Color 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SSJ3 Vegito = Vegito SSJ Color 2 SSJ4 Vegito = Nail 1-2 SSJ5 Vegito = Yamcha Color 1 SSJ7 Vegito = Kid Goku Great Ape Color 1 SSJ8 Vegito = Fasha Color 1 SSG Vegito = Vegito Color 2, SSJ4 Gogeta Color 2, SSGSS Vegito Base + Transformation = Supreme Kai Color 1, Kabitokai Color 1 SSGSS4 Vegito = King Piccolo Color 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SSJ3 Broly = LSSJ Broly Color 3 SSJ4 Broly = Cui Color 1 SSJ4 Gold Broly = Cui Color 2 SSJ5 Broly = Raditz Color 1 SSJ6 Broly = Videl Color 1 SSJ7 Broly = Great Saiyawoman Color 1 SSJ8 Broly = Dodoria Color 1 SSG Broly = Android 16 Color 2 SSGSS Broly = Janemba Color 2 SSGSS3 Broly = Vegeta Scouter Color 2 SSGSS4 Broly = Chiaotzu Color 1-2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Raditz = Raditz Color 2 SSJ Raditz = Raditz Color 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vegeta Sword = Super Trunks Color 2 Vegeta SSJ Scouter = Vegeta SSJ Color 2 Majin Super Vegeta = Super Vegeta Color 2 SSJ2 Vegeta Bulk = Vegeta 2nd Form SSJ2 Color 2 SSJ3 Vegeta = Majin Vegeta Color 2-3 SSJ5 Vegeta = Great Ape Raditz Color 1 SSJ7 Vegeta = Arale Color 1 SSJ8 Vegeta = General Tao Color 1-2 SSG Base Vegeta = SSJ4 Vegeta Color 2 SSG Vegeta = SSJ4 Color 3 SSGSS Vegeta = Vegeta Scouter Color 3, Nam ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Adult Gotenks = Gotenks Color 2 Adult Gotenks SSJ = Gotenks SSJ Color 2 Adult Gotenks SSJ3 = Gotenks SSJ3 Color 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SSJ Bardock = Great Ape Bardock Color 1 SSJ4 Bardock = Great Ape Bardock Color 2 SSG Bardock = Bardock Color 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SSJ3 Gogeta = Gogeta Color 2 SSJ7 Gogeta = Great Ape Fasha Color 1 SSGSS4 Gogeta = Great Ape Nappa Color 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Beerus = Saibamen Color 1 Whis = Nappa Color 1-2 SSJ Nappa = Nappa Color 3 Kid Gohan SSJ = Goku GT SSJ3 Color 2 Handless Tien = Tien Color 3 Dodoria = Dodoria Color 2 SSJ Rose = Recoome Color 2 Guldo = Guldo Color 2 ??? Frieza Henchman = Appule Color 3 Cell Jr ?? = Cell Jr Color 2 Robot = Cell Jr Color 3 Crono = Babidi Color 1-3 SSJ Turles = Turles Color 3 Janembuu = Janemba Color 1 Red Dragon = Hirudegarn Color 2 Zaiko = Cyborg Tao Color 1-2 ???? = Pilaf Machine Color 1 Pilaf Machine = Pilaf Machine Color 2 King Piccolo = King Piccolo Color 2 Arale = Arale Color 2 Link = Tapion Color 3 SSJ Pan = Pan Color 3 Golden Frieza = Android 8 Color 1 Base Frieza = Android 8 Color 2 Kid Pan = Pan Color 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SSJ Captain Ginyu Goku = Captain Ginyu Color 2 Captain Ginyu Goku = Captain Ginyu Color 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SSJ Super Buu = Gohan Absorbed color 2 Super Buu Purple Shirt = Gohan Absorbed Color 3