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  1. You guys do realize this guys video was taken down by guys from the AJSA, if you've seen his latest video you'd know that. He also does make a good point about Angry Joe and how he does things, you should give him a listen. People on reddit have said the same things too, he's not alone in his criticism of Joe. There's a guy who runs a blog about Joe and he makes valid points too, even if he seems crazy. http://angryjoesucks.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/angry-army-false-flagging-videos-on.html Just look at how Joe responded to Art Official, he called his video's trash. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-NmxRy9YpGR0/VY019fTOeyI/AAAAAAAAGk4/FcLPs-kx0og/s1600/hose1.png
  2. Joe is so salty in this video, it's like he can't understand Nintendo at all and is only concerned about making money.
  3. Man was this video annoying, can't Joe stop screaming like a moron for once.
  4. That's exactly the problem, Joe is prioritizing one thing over another because people throw money at him on Twitch. That and he needs to keep up appearances or people would forget about him, it's a simple fact that Joe cares more about Twitch than his YouTube fans.
  5. I know Joe has to make a living, but in a time where he's not putting out enough reviews you'd think he'd prioritize his time instead of making video's to pander to his Twitch audience.
  6. Exactly, someone like Joe who has such a large fanbase should be spotlighting good old games instead of pandering to those who only care about new games. Why can't he do a review for the old Xcom in the run up to the new game getting released? But I'm guessing that he wouldn't do it because "nobody would watch it", it's sad but true because Joe has said stuff like this before.
  7. Even so, he's giving higher priority to Twitch because that's where the money is. You can't deny that Joe is actively doing this, its sad to see him jumping on the let's play bandwagon when he used to be something.
  8. I don't understand why Joe has been playing all sorts of games on Twitch instead of working on his review for the Witcher 3, it's like he doesn't actually care. Does anyone else feel like this?
  9. I can't help but feel that Joe is only covering this game because it's new, this is becoming a trend with Joe.