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    Working on my skills as a bartender and hope to travel the world with it. Gaming is my full time hobby not just a casual pass time. Primarily on PC but consoles for exclusives.
  1. Yea, I probably would agree that is a low point of the series, and I mean the announcement of them selling $1billion worth of copies...to retail, just seems like them trying to save this disaster without any actual effort. Mate of mine has just said something though that's pretty spot on I think...PC gamers are the friendliest community of gamers around, infinity ward hates PC gamers, therefore infinity ward hates kindness. Facts people, facts.
  2. So I dropped $89.90 for this game, since I'm in Australia and everything is as expensive as hell, expecting a smooth casual shooter to kick back with with my mate...what did we get? An un-optimized mess with constant frame drops below 60fps in high end hardware, the game stutters and struggles at times if there is a bird on screen(that bird AI guys), and NO FOV SLIDER! Now I've only been on PC for about 9 months now and don't know the state of previous Call of Duty titles on PC but for a game to be released in this state is just disgraceful to all PC gamers whether they play COD or not. Is anyone actually having no issues with this title, and not getting sick from the narrow FOV?
  3. 51 hours in Enemy Unknown so far, impossible is just cheep at times but its about time we started seeing some really difficult games again. Enemy Within will just be kick ass and mechs...cause mechs. Btw anyone know what the 4GB update was today, pre-load of the expansion maybe?
  4. Awesome, but any chance at seeing an Australian server in the future so us Aussies can support the AJSA community without an excess of 200+ ping? Wouldn't expect anything anytime soon but just a thought for future servers on games as popular as BF4.