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Everything posted by FPSNORWAYS

  1. It feels like i have hit rock-bottom on youtube. There is so many factors leading me to this. Social life,busy with school,youtube itself and just demotivation in general. I really think that if you watch this video you will understand why every youtuber that never gets big gives up, this is atleast my interpretation of it as a youtuber he has before and now is there again. Video: http://bit.ly/1gZTSPW
  2. Thank you man! Good luck to you aswell. Hope it will go well for you.
  3. Thank you for your words. I enjoy making videos most of the time i have enjoyed for a long time, But I've been doing youtube now for almost 3 years and i am very busy with school atm, and i hate to be inactive and then come back with one video and then inactive again.
  4. Just started a new series.... MC because it's so creative and orginal and it has never been done before, but with a twist we are creating our own relgion from sticks and stones. It's going to be good. http://bit.ly/I7uQCG
  5. YEEES! Hahha. I have a serious aggravation issue. When i play anything from something simple as MC to Dota. I have so far smashed 2,5 headsets and 3 keyboards. I have problems.....
  6. Thank you same to you fellow gamer!
  7. Hello! My name is Asger i come from Egersund Norway. 15 years old. I play really any game. Ranging from FPS to RPG'S. I like both single and multiplayer driven games. The games i am currently playing alot is Call of Duty and Batman Arkham Orgins. Can't wait for steam christmas sale! My IGN: FPSNORWAYS
  8. Takk! Det skal jeg!
  9. Funny enough i am half danish! Hehe. I am born in Esbjerg but lived in Norway most of my life. Never the less thank you and likewise!
  10. Thank You!
  11. Takk!
  12. Thank you so much. Likewise!
  13. Takker!
  14. My favorite guns are the Walther PKK (Huge James Bond Fan) and The Peacekeeper Revolver from the wild west
  15. Who is the best villian ever when it comes to games? My personal picks are: Vaas: Facry 3 Handsome Jack: Borderlands 2 Joker: Arkham Series
  16. Hehe true about the spawn. Hahaha
  17. Yeah. That guy was so fucking scary. And in the movie he was even scarier.
  18. Yeah both of them are great villians but i would pick Joker of those two. I liked Maxwell aswell though.
  19. Yes. I know right. The classics did it first so they have a special place in my heart. But like i said i think of you want to make a good villian now. She/he needs to be orginal and creative and cruel and evil in a special way that hasn't been done before.
  20. Yeah one of mine aswell. I think the Troy Baker's Joker is the best.
  21. Haven't played the DLC yet. Practicly broke.
  22. Yes he was an awesome villian. The way he confused Mason into thinking Reznow was still real.
  23. I agree with all of your statements. Kefka was a bitch to kill But very,very rewarding. That's what's wrong with all boss battles now. They are all easy. Either it's quick time events or easy. Why not improve the boss battles. It feels really unsatisfying when the boss or villian is very easy to kill.
  24. Yes. There is alot of good villians. But i think that now if you want to make a good villian it needs to be different. For example the villian in Spec ops: The Line. Great villian but it was very vanilla and unusual. Still a great villian with a good plot twist. No spoilers.