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Everything posted by Eggdrasil

  1. Well the big reasons that i can think of about why there probably will be a big lack of strategy games for consoles is because controllers make it rather difficult to control most of the time and because there isnt really a big market for it on consoles because the majority of strategy game lovers will play it on PC so there may not be much profit in making a console port.
  2. Well if you have "retribution" then it shouldnt be all to difficult getting into a game (I have no idea about the older games) but one advice I would give you is to first play against the AI a couple of times seeing since alot of the people that are still playing are pretty skilled in the game by now
  3. For me to buy it then it would have to have some special features and be damn cheap simply because if I try to fit much more random stuff in my house then I would have to start sleeping while standing up
  4. Welcome to the angry army! And I am glad to see someone who shares my girlish entusiasm about beeing a part of it
  5. Greeting to you as well from retina burning winter Sweden. Welcome to the angry army I hope that you will enjoy it as much as the rest of us have. Game on indeed
  6. I have the same problem and I can for some reason not connect to " ts.ajsagaming.com" no matter how many times I try so is there any way for me to resolve this or am I simply boned? :/
  7. So sad to see this go seeing since it was the only game the AJSA had that anyone could play and anyone could join without having to worry about paying, their skill or about not beeing able to join because its full
  8. Sad to see this go seeing since this was the only game that the AJSA had that anyone could take part in at any time without anyone having to worry about their skill or about having to pay for anything.
  9. Well you basicly just need to follow orders and shoot stuff
  10. I cant get teamspeak to work so I guess that I will just shout into the chat and hope that an AJSA office or sergeant sees it
  11. I have downloaded teampeak and installed it but when I try to connect then it just loads for a while and then says "Failed to resolve hostname ts3.ajsagaming.com". Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know why it happends and how to fix it?
  12. I cant connect either even thou I have tried multible reinstalls
  13. I havent even been able to connect once
  14. I cant get the teampeak to work so should I just stay clear of it or could I join and just follow the squad and platoon beacons?
  15. Well the god that I am best with is without a doubt Loki with him I usually get around 20 kills and 5 deaths but I am hopelessly bad with Au Kuang
  16. I can for some reason not connect to "ts3.ajsagaming.com" but I guess that I will just stick with my squad
  17. Damit I dont have internet connection this weekend!