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  • Birthday 01/09/1994

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    Gaming, Music, Anime, Animation, Movie Making
  1. PSN: TDKSparda I'm on PS4 Currently playing Injustice 2 and UFC 2, online that is, and a few others offline ( don't know if that's relevant) Looking to play any game really, as long as it's fun and I have who to play with. I would also like to join the PS4 AJSA room.
  2. Thank you very much !
  3. Hey guys, I've been really busy these past couple of years with Uni, currently third year and I really need to take some gaming breaks as I can't even remember how long it's been since I actually felt like a gamer. Where is everyone? Teamspeak seems dead, where can I find people from the AJSA to play with?
  4. Hey guys, I just came back after a while and TeamSpeak seems to be emptier than it was before, are there any people playing games anymore? Any way I can find some people to play games with?
  5. Awww man... I really wanted to join, how can I get in touch with the guys that are playing? Because there was no one on Team Speak...
  6. Any active players on the game from this community?
  7. Just wondering if there is anything going on today, if anyone feels like playing a game or 2.
  8. I think you should talk to the guys on NA, as you might have big lag on EUW, if you want though, we can try, but you would need to make an account for EUW
  9. I am currently at work, but will get back to you guys as soon as I get home
  10. I am going to be online on TS in the League of Legends lobby most of the time so anyone interested that wants to talk on TS about it can contact me there. So far the members we have would be: ApexSpartan focused on : ADC, Jungle, Supp TDKSparda focused on : ADC, Top, Mid , I can also play jungle and supp if needed Zilmian ( an outside friend that is thinking of joining the community and is up for the idea of a LoL team) Focused on : Jungle, Supp and can also play Top or Mid
  11. Are there enough people to play this game with in this community? As I am very interested in playing strategy games with others and SC2 is one of the ones I would really like, but any game would do as long as there are people to play with
  12. Hi everyone, I am interesting in either creating or joining a team to play both competitively and casually with. I main adc, I am also good top and mid, and I can play jungle and support as well. I'm not looking necessarily for people too advanced, but still of a decent skill if possible.
  13. Thank you very much
  14. Hey guys my name is Mike, TDKSparda on-screen, don't know why I haven't made an account earlier here as I've been following Joe since 2011. Anyway I am looking for people to enjoy games and I said there is no better place than this, so hello to everyone and is there a team speak server established, if yes, can someone let me know how I can access it and become a part of it? Thank you and wish you all the best