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  1. Agreed. This game is actually quite challenging. I love it.
  2. Wall tapping would be a sure fire way to get yourself caught in this one.
  3. I picked up the first issue of the comic today. It's pretty good, anyone else got it?
  4. I was on the fence while considering the price/content ratio while being a long time fan. I almost skipped over it entriely considering the backlash. But in the end I got it digitally on PS3 (£20) bundled with Peace Walker, I wanted a digital copy of PW anyway so I could lend the disc to my brother for CO-OPS so that pushed me over the edge in the end. So here is a mini review from a fan. Pros - Ground Zero was phenominal, oh god was it good. Gameplay is more fluid than ever and everything feels more natural as you play. And there are enough side activities to keep you entertained for a good while. If your a Peace Walker fan the story will be more entertaining for you than anyone who might have skipped that title. Cons - If your in it for the story only, don't care or skipped over Peace Walker, nor care to do any side activities and/or side-ops then this game is a waste of time and money. I would say it is worth the digital price but only if your a long time fan and meet the conditions above. However the physical disc price is a rip off unless you're the most hardcore collector owning merch like a 6ft Solid Snake statue. In the end I'm glad I got it digitally, I feel I got my money's worth but of course as I have said others may want to avoid it.
  5. Not really, although The Witcher 2 does Reference events from the first game (and even changes some meetings in the 2nd game if you import a save) the stories are different and can be enjoyed by themselves stand alone. Although I highly recommend trying out the 2nd game and seeing if it suits you better, especially since the gameplay mechanics have been changed as well (for better or worse is heavily opinionated). I must admit if you weren't that keen on the first game the possibility stands that this series may not be to your tastes. Still try it out if you have it, and make your own oppinion.
  6. I thought there has been adequate news to update this thread with now. -Firstly and most importantly in case no one has heard The Witcher 3 has been held back to Febuary 2015 now. -The first issue of the Comic based on this franchise comes out later this month from Dark Horse, I'm looking forward to that one personally. -Another books has been officially translated into English, Baptism of Fire which continues on from Time of Contempt. -The board game has a release date period of Q4 2014.
  7. I'v been able to snag some legendaries with my UK Vivillon. It's fine for me at least.
  8. I love the Wii U. I own a good solid 11 games not including downloaded titles on it.
  9. Trailer for the new Witcher boardgame. I don't often want to endulge in spin off games or merch but goddamn it looks shiny.
  10. Welp my PC finally died. GPU overheated early last year and the damage was done, was just a matter of time. Pretty amazed it lasted this long. Perfect excuse to start collecting the parts for a PC worthy of The Witcher 3.
  11. As has been said by icebolt. Both the Witcher games are on sale dirt cheap right now on steam. Don't forget you can also redeem the Steam serial code once you get it for a DRM free gog backup copy as well. In other news I finally got Time of Contempt. House mate got it for me as a christmas Present
  12. CDPR has released the VGX trailer in full glorious HD quality. It's well worth watching again in HD and I don't say that about anything else. Link is in the first post on this thread. http://en.thewitcher.com/forum/index.php?/topic/37548-news-the-witcher-3-wild-hunt-vgx-trailer/
  13. Shame really, after reading the fan translation it was a really good book. I would buy it if it ever came out and it does introduce important characters as well. The only problem I have with the fan translations is a personal one, I hate reading on PDFs. But I was able to get through it in the end. Oh well I get to read my new copy of Blood of Elves over christmas (also in the process of reading through them) so looking forward to that.
  14. The next book Sword of Destiny wasn't released in English if that is your native language, while the others are still being released over time (Blood of Elves and Times of Contempt are both out). Fear not though for the unreleased books have been fan translated and are up for download on CDPR forums. Here is a link. http://en.thewitcher.com/forum/index.php?/topic/20967-our-community-fan-translations/
  15. Some wallpapers I threw together from the trailer. Just ask if there was a scene you want me to make one out of, or if you want it in another resolution. THUMBNAILS: With and without the logo. 1920 x 1200