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  1. New line-up to test with some changes. Once again not final: Top: Roshiu Jung: Showtime Mid: LilyRose Bot/ADC: Gpawshaft02 Support: NamelessPric Let's try to get this tested out by the end of the weekend.
  2. So now that Titan and I can devote more time to be overbearing with the rank team again. Let's try to get this set of 5 to play ~4 games together to see how they will mesh. Once again, this is not final. This trial run will determine if the players here can work well together. This set has been determined not only by skill and stats, but also by playstyles. Top: Roshiu Jung: Brickhill/Showtime Mid: Gpawshaft02 Bot Carry: Showtime/Brickhill Support: Senpai Corea (Shotcaller) Whenever you guys are free we can try this combo out, and hopefully get closer to final starters in the next week.
  3. An update on the ranked team. The current starting five (this is far from final) are: Top: Rhabit Jungle: Senpai Corea (Captain/Shotcaller) Mid: Gpawshaft02 ADC: SONY Showtime Support: NamelessPric I want to see some games played together by the new year to figure out how everyone fits together. This starting 5 is far from final so there is a high chance of players being swapped out as things are tested. This is still in the trial stage. If you guys are free on Thursday, I am too so we can see if this set works as intended.
  4. Well they removed the new account CD it looks like. Just give your IGN and top two roles. The rest of the info is up there, and we will probably make final decisions around the new year,
  5. You really need to be a little more specific. Just name one by name.
  6. It seems like everyone else here helped you find decent hardware to build your computer. I'll just help with the audio stuff. You want a motherboard with a decent quality built-in sound. Most mid-range to costly motherboards with have that, and you will use it for everyday use. For your producing (not recording) you will want a high quality DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). A good one will greatly increase your sound quality, even beyond what a video card can do because of internal computer noise. Here are some examples of good ones. I don't know what you need, which would determine you need to buy, but this is just to get you started. If need to both record to the computer and have crisp audio be driven through your speakers you will need an audio interface, and I can make a list of suggestions for that too. https://www.jdslabs.com/products/48/o2-odac-combo/ http://www.hirestech.com/product/?pid=107 https://www.amazon.com/FiiO-Headphone-Amplifier-Docking-Interface/dp/B0070UFMOW?tag=lifehackeramzn-20&ascsubtag=a8c7bc29f0170290122755679e9e41b4c3ce2f44&rawdata=[r|https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F[t|link[p|483393503[a|B0070UFMOW[au|5716553178370339807[b|lifehacker
  7. It will be decided by the group of 5 when games will be played. It is impossible to tell you when to play when we will have no clue when the 5 will be free. Just expect it on weekends at night.
  8. Also if you adc/support mains want, I can queue up with you in a normal queue if you are afraid spectating when you have a horrible lane partner will end up destroying your chances of being picked near the top for your desired role.
  9. The only active club is NA. TheTitan18 is the head of the club and I am the assistant. There was a EUW LoL group if I remember correctly, but it died out.
  10. Happy Anniversary AJSA! To celebrate the 3 year anniversary the AJSA League of Legends club hosted the second AJSA League of Legends 1v1 tournament. Ayy Memer convincingly took first place winning by first blood in every game. Second place was taken by the defending champion IceSoul (Senpai Corea). He also made Blitzcrank the highest win rate champion who has been played multiple times in the 1v1 series with a 100% win rate. Yes, I am surprised too. Third place was taken by AphoticAngel beating out gpawshaft02 and finishing in the money. He also was the only person who came close to taking a game off Ayy Memer in the tournament. The highlight is definitely worth watching https://clips.twitch.tv/thetitan18/BlushingGrasshopperPuppeyFace. The final winner of the night was NamelessPric who scored highest in the prediction game by a lot. Now we all know who to go to for Powerball numbers. Overall we saw the competitors favoring to kill each other this time instead of trying to CS their way to a victory which made for quite a show. I would like to that all the competitors who showed up and gave it their all, and SONY Showtime who stepped up into the second caster spot when Kronosfighter couldn’t make it. Moving Forward: The next iteration of this will definitely not be until around spring of next year. There have been ideas thrown around like restricting classes, ranks and changing the format to a 2v2. This is where we need your feedback. What do you want to see? On the topic of moving forward, there are a few more things to address. The AJSA ranked team. I am sure more info will be posted by Titan, but 1st string positions will be on the line soon. The current idea is to shuffle teams together in custom matches of those who want to apply and we will observe their games and take notes. We will then vote on who will make the 1st string spots based on quite a few criteria. I would love have a sign up soon so we can start spectating people’s regular matches. We still want to make the mentor program happen. Originally, it was trying to be implemented at a time that would be tricky for a lot of players. Expect more info about the mentor system after the holidays, and school is back in full swing. There is also a team tournament currently being talked about. We are still talking about it, but when there is more info, it will be shared. Expect it to be run early next year unless it ends up being axed.
  11. The final bracket is here: http://challonge.com/novAJSA1v12016 I am putting a $10 RP code behind this one. The person with the highest score will win. Get your predictions in by tomorrow night at 6pmEst for your chance to win.
  12. The bracket has been made with a place holder in the final two spots. http://challonge.com/novAJSA1v12016
  13. Once again, if you are not already in the club Titan and I need to add you in League. The only way we can add you to the AJSA Club in League is if you are on one of our friends' list (blame Riot for that). Titan's game tag is Azure Titan and mine is TheDycer. If we send you a request, accept it, and we can add you to club and make sure you are set to go for the tournament. If you are not in the club right now, we are actively trying to add you. If you declined requests from us, or accidentally misspelled your game tag, please send us a request so we can get you in the club. There are four spots left not including two spots currently filled by people who are unresponsive. If you want to keep the spot you registered for, please make sure you are in the club or you will be demoted to a reserve spot once we hit 16 registered.
  14. If you are not in the AJSA Club yet, and have signed up here, send TheTitan (Azure Titan) or I (TheDycer) a friend request on League so we can add you. If you are on our lists and we forgot to send a club invite, just shoot us a passive aggressive tell.
  15. Anyone interested in playing a Civilization match this coming weekend? I personally can start Saturday morning/afternoon Est time. I don't know if TheTitan (https://www.twitch.tv/thetitan18) will be streaming it, but it is a possibility based on interest.