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  1. You can't really complain about other powers being excluded from the game unless you bought the DLC or have legendary access. After all, the game is free to players. But yes, I do agree on the lack of customisations for your powers and equipment post-character creation. As I stated earlier, voice acting isn't that bad (it's better than reading walls of text). Cutscenes and lip-syncing are somewhat lacking but it's acceptable to me at least (hopefully the developers will improve in the future).
  2. I've been playing DCUO for awhile now and quite frankly I think the game lacks a strong community (despite having a few friendly players). Majority of the time while I was running through PvE missions there were a lack of online players which really saddens me as a fellow player. I know for a fact that this game, like many other MMOs, would be far better if more players played the game. Now I'm not entirely sure why most people quit but I hope past and new players would give this game a go. For those who bagged the game out in the early stages, stating that the game was far too boring and had no interest to them, I say to you that you play for a little longer and grab a mate to play. The game becomes better as you progress through the PvE content. Just take a few moments to actually take in the context of your missions and enjoy the storyline, and also, the voice acting isn't as bad as most people say. Graphically, DCUO may be lacking but I found that by applying SweetFX it makes the game more vibrant and enjoyable to explore and just wreck havoc. Furthermore, certain aspects UI is quite disappointing and that's probably why some people quit but the developers are working on a new interface. Game Update 31 was just released and new texture packs and graphical updates have been added to the game. Soon other features and enhancements are sure to be added. http://www.entertainmentbuddha.com/new-screens-detail-game-update-31s-graphics-upgrade-for-dcuo/ But yeah...enough rambling. I just hope you guys give this game a go (or another go) if you haven't already. Hopefully, it would be a blast to you guys and don't forget to grab a mate in the meantime P.S - I play on PC, not PS3/PS4.
  3. Meanwhile, Australia releases on the 29th.
  4. I love DC Universe. The content, voice acting, combat and other stuff are all great. The dev team is still making fantastic content for the game, and they're also updating the game with Game Update 31. They've listened to community feedback and are making sure the PS4 launch of the game runs smoothly. Not sure about you guys, but I think the devs really care about their game and fans unlike some companies.
  5. I'm positive Killzone will be fairly balanced especially when it comes to taking down sentries, bots, etc. On the contrary, games like Planetside 2, Battlefield 3 and 4 are a pain in the ass to destroy vehicles. It really destroys the fun factor of game, so hopefully Killzone is well balanced and plays like a dream like Killzone 3.
  6. The game engine itself looks fantastic. I was very impressed with Guerrilla's tech. KILLZONE over HALO any day for ME!
  7. Driveclub feels like a flop to me already. It's hard for a developer to innovate a racing game (online aspects don't really count as innovation in my opinion) so I don't see how it can do well. Unless, people are just purchasing it for the graphics (which are nice) or because it's a launch title and there's nothing else to play.
  8. EH!!! We got some Aussies here! Anyways, I laugh that people would pay more money for an inferior product (hardware wise). But I guess people buy Xbox for its additional features and capabilities, as well as its exclusives. For me, however, I see no interest in any of Xbox's exclusives so it's out of the question. Plus, I've been with Playstation since PS1 and have enjoyed their myriad of quality titles, so I see no reason to make the switch (and I doubt I ever will). Once again, it's really down to what people enjoy and that's what will influence their decision.
  9. Like everyone states, I hope it brings back good old Crash Bandicoot days.
  10. I never understood how some players weren't able to use the PS3 controllers; they complained about their thumbs hitting one another. Regardless, I think both controllers are great and will suit different form factors.
  11. Greetings from Down Under, and may you have a pleasant experience with Playstation
  13. Only when the game has fallen in price. Buying a 'new' FPS game at full price absent of any gameplay innovations or good story is ridiculous.
  14. PC when it's dirt cheap. It's not worth full price to me.
  15. PS4 games interest me more than Xbox One's. Easy decision for me therefore. PS4 all the way.