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    Anime - Art - Music (Jazz) - Playing the trumpet (5 years) - RTS and TBS games - Star Citizen - Glasses - Full Dive VR
  1. LOOKS LIKE THIS TOPIC HASN'T BEEN TOUCHED IN A WHILE I'd like to start a new/different thread for this and actually end up making a spreadsheet. If a moderator or anyone with enough power to assist me with this, please PM me ASAP. Thank you and see you in 0G
  2. I'm pretty excited for the game to come out. I've got some pretty nice piloting skills in one of the fastest ships in the game (Mustang Omega). While I might not be one of the giant destroyers or cargo ships I still have decent firepower. Plus I use a console remote to fly my ship since it's a lot easier to steer. (Though the controls are a bit... interesting) So I can't wait till the game release comes out. Though it may not be soon seeing how they pushed back Star Marine by a few months. See you in space!
  3. That is just amazing, I mean sure you ran away but that is just the true meaning of under dog. How powerful were you before he attacked? (I'm guessing not the most powerful)
  4. The newest installment of Sim City has been Sim City 2013 Edition, I have enjoyed the game even though people say it's one of the worst. It is extremely hard to keep you city afloat with all of the issues like debt, homelessness, and other things. But one thing I want to ask, what was the most awesome DESTRUCTION of a city that you have watched, caused, or heard about?? Please share you stories down below! My story I was starting a new city on the Cape and I wanted to have lots of wind to power my city. I spent about 2,000,000 simoleans worth from my old city to start up. It was extreme with vertical turbines creating so much excess that I didn't need anymore for the rest of the game! About 10 minutes after though I heard a siren go off... The Giant Lizard "Godzilla" natural disaster flashed on screen. I wasn't worried though because I wasn't that developed except for my power and some homes on top of a hill in the corner. Well I should have been, since it had nothing to destroy the giant lizard kept walking... and walking... and walking until it reached the hill where it crushed every single turbine and house nearby to where I had two turbines and 10 houses left... it was one of the worst days in my Sim City career. Thanks for reading and post your own amazing or heart wrenching stories about natural or un-natural disasters down below! (Maybe even supernatural!)
  5. Archery713 report for duty! With one of the fastest and modified ships in the game I am proud to submit my vessel. The Mustang : Omega racer / fighter ship. With higher fuel intake and power recycling I can beat almost all if not all of the ships. Very handy for recon, spying, or early attacking my ship and I can take it. This is a first of the Omega class ships in the AJSA fleet and I hope she is welcomed warmly. Archery713 signing out
  6. In my time playing Sid Meirer's Civilization series I have had some AWESOME games. Comment on what your best times with friends, or alone in game was! Example Story I was in a game with my friend Trevor and we were on a team with Napoleon. Him being China and me being Russia we tried to grab as much land as possible. Eventually Napoleon claimed so much land we slowly used Great Generals to claim his land 3 tiles at a time. Once we downsized him quite a bit I really wanted more income so I traded my goods for one of Trevors cities. It had lots of whales and was a peninsula surrounded by China's land. So when I bought it off of him one thing led to the next and I renamed the city. The great city of "WHALES IN PANTS" was born and will forever be written in Civ 5 history. Thanks for reading and share your stories here as well! Any of the Civ games are welcome and encouraged even if their not the newest.