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Posts posted by ruo66

  1. I feel the same way, I don't like using a keyboard and mouse other than RTS games, but I have a PS4 so if I were to play a multiplayer PVP shooter like COD I would buy it for that.  I don't like playing these games on PC because I'm not as skilled with keyboard and mouse, I know I could still play with a controller but it puts me at a disadvantage.



    When I play PC all I ever use is mouse and keyboard because I do not have a controller to use. But there are definitely instances where a controller can be beneficial.



    People will always make the claim you get more precision and less down time when using a keyboard and mouse however my experience has shown that a person is only good at what they know. So if you have played for years on a controller, you know that device versus relearning a new control scheme. Your response time will be faster because of that experience. 



    The mouse is going to be better but if you aren't used to it you will probably do better with the 360 controller. If I was playing a FPS on the PC I would do better with a 360 controller because it is what I'm used to (and because my mouse only has three buttons and I really need to get a new mouse), but I'd probably use the keyboard and mouse because getting better at it will help me in the long run.

    Thank you all for the advises, ill think about it and try FPS'S vs friend once with a controller and once with K&M, and see if there's a skill difference(COD games of course)

  2. Hi guys, i'm in a real debate here.

    When it comes to online i don't play too much, but when i do its Strategy or FPS games. So i own a good PC and A crappy Xbox 360 FAT.

    But when it came to COD, i had a blast playing in the Xbox(last one was COD BO2 and i've played it A LOT) and got really skillful.
    Although mouse is fun in games like CS or FTP FPS's(Dirtybomb, Warface etc'), i prefer controller in COD'S.

    So now i face a question: can i buy BO3 for PC and play competitively with players with a controller, without having a disadvantage, or i will have to get it for the Xbox 360 to play evenly, which will look and run like.. well crap(i have no intention to buy XBONE or PS4)
    You're opinion?

    PS: I actually played with a controller vs players in pc in the beta, and i had fun!, but felt a bit slow...

  3. Hi guys! I'm ruo, and i've been waching the angry joe for a lot of time, always with honest reviews and funny as well :)
    In israel threes a big gaming community, a bit trolley, but still nice, and we always appreciate joes reviews and interviews. 

    I hope i can find here good players to play games with, on Xbox 360 or PC.
    I play Strategy games(Mostly Civ V and BE), and Fps's on console(and some on steam).

    see ya around!

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