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  1. Hello Frank, welcome to the club
  2. I have it on 360. I have tiers 2- 10 and I'm currently grinding up mediums and tank destroyers.
  3. Get both. There is a guide on steam that can help you getting through both as well as telling you where to find the unofficial updates that fix most of the problems.
  4. Could I make a request to get gene mods or psy abilities ( if possible ) you can choose which ones would help more.
  5. Two missions in a row, but no promotion
  6. I would like to request my nickname be wolf whenever I get one.
  7. You can send me an invite or friend request. I've got Gears3, halo 4, halo reach, and halo 3.
  8. I personally dpn't think anyone buys a nintendo game for the graphics. I've owned every console from nintendo up to the Wii U and I have never once considered the graphics to be a problem. Each game has its own style and I respect that.
  9. Where can I get this Lomg War mod? This adds so much to the game. Amazing work Commander.
  10. FF3 or FF4 would be a good staring point for beginners. FF3 and FF4 still have class based characters and allow for more variety in combat unlike the later games. It is difficult to progress through the story and does not have a journal to remind you of what you're looking for or you're objectives. I don't recommend ff13. It has the longest tutorial I have ever seen at about 2 hours long without being able to skip through anything.
  11. I'll join. You can make me any class you want.
  12. Welcome to the army!
  13. Welcome
  14. I'll be happy to join you. XBL: Bbrooks55