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  1. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Crazycrab in Xbox one VS Play station 4   
    PC Nazis, stop trying to convince people that they can build a "Console Killer" PC for the same price.  The prices in the link provided are bullshit because they don't accommodate the essential peripherals (keyboard and mouse for instance are NOT optional) or even a legal copy of the operating system.
    As a long time console gamer who just spent several months saving his money and spent his actual time researching to build a proper PC, you need to spend at least $800 when you include EVERTHING to get something comparable to a PS4 or XBox One.  The PCMR Reddit page is an axis society of liars.
    The only PC priced even close to a console even by their own bullshit standards is "The Media Elite"  which "is essentially a next-gen console with more versatility".  So let's analyse this one
    CPU:  AMD FX-4130 3.8GHz Quad-Core OEM/Tray Processor  The consoles use 8-core versions of very similar chip so that's already a fail.
    CPU Cooler: Cooler Master RR-HT2-28PK-R1 54.8 CFM Sleeve Bearing  ​A budget cooler but still a reasonable one , I'll give it a pass.
    Motherboard:  MSI 760GMA-P34(FX) Micro ATX AM3  No SLI/Crossfire support, no digital sound output and only one additional PCI slot, doesn't sound very "versatile" to me.
    Memory G.Skill Value Series 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1333   4GB?  Are you fucking shitting me!  That's not even enough to start Witcher 3!  WHAT A JOKE!
    Storage Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive  Twice the size the standard console HDD's, fair enough.
    Video Card PowerColor Radeon R7 260X 2GB

    The PS4 and XBox One get 60fps under similar conditions, SORRY!
    Case DIYPC Mirage-D1-Y ATX Mid Tower Case   Obviously not relevant here.
    Power Supply *Corsair Builder 430W 80+ Bronze Certified  ​I would say this doesn't offer much room for safety or upgrades, but the motherboard makes that pretty much impossible anyway!
    I also find it HILARIOUS that this "Media Elite" doesn't have an optical drive so it can't play DVDs or BluRays, and what do the PC Nazis have to say about this.....
    "Q: Why don't you include an optical drive?
    A: Aside from installing the operating system (sometimes not even then), an optical drive is a dead and obsolete piece of technology. The PC industry has long since migrated completely to the faster, cheaper, and simpler digital distribution method. If you want an optical drive, your best course of action would be to buy a portable external USB one so there's not an extra useless part in your computer."
    I rate this "Console killer" build an......

    Sorry for that tirade, on topic:
    That and what exclusives you find the most appealing should be at the forefront of your mind.  In terms of performance, features and reliability their pretty much level pegging at he moment.
  2. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Shagger in Xbox one VS Play station 4   
    I do own both, so I'll answer as honestly and completely as I can
    1) The PS4 has appeared to have a slight edge in performance in terms of resolution and frame rates, but not enough for for me personally to consider it a big factor in choosing it over the Xbox One. Played a couple of the same games on both, and the difference is negligible at best.
    2) To play offline, they can both be offline, but have to connect during initial set up. To play on-line games, update and use other internet based feature like web-stores and streaming apps, then you of course have to connect to the internet. In terms of comparison, there's no real difference here.
    3) I find my Xbox to be superior here. It's feels better built, runs quieter and cooler, but neither console seems likely to have have serious issue here. If, however, I was told that one of them would break down or overheat through the same usage, I'd be certain the PS4 would be the one to go.
    4) You can reinstall games once you've deleted them, you still own them, and this is the case on both. 
    5) The PS4 can be fitted with a bigger hard drive, whilst the XB1 is compatible with external drives for game storage, so swings and roundabouts their. When it comes to storage, the more the better, just have to spend a bit of extra money for the 1TB versions. I think you'll find buying the 500GB system and then a hard drive would be more worth it though.
    Another thing I always insist is the most import when considering between two consoles is the exclusives in terms of features and games plus what system your friends game on, so think about what kind of games you prefer and system best suits.
    Hope that was helpful.
  3. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Mac626 in Video   
  4. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    Yeah, I'm done. Long War improves things about XCOM options wise and fixes some of the awful design choices of the base game regarding how country panic is handled and by adding fatigue, but some of the decisions they made end up highlighting all the terrible decisions behind EU and EW (which is pretty much all of them, XCOM is without question one of the most poorly designed games I've ever played, that somehow still ends up being a really fun game, mostly due to how short and easy the base games are). I've ran into too many glitches, shot down too many UFOs on identical maps that don't strategically work with the increased number of soldiers (I think Long War giving you additional soldiers and putting additional enemies on the map causes a lot of problems with how the game was designed to work), and there are too many terrible design decisions that are the fault of Firaxis. For some reason the game wants to keep crashing lately too. Hopefully with XCOM 2 Firaxis can learn from the Long War team, do a better job giving you information now that the game is a PC exclusive, and the game being made to support mods should make things a lot easier for people that want to make something like Long War while also allowing them to edit things that they aren't able to currently.
    The Long War mod was just updated yesterday and the teams pretty much done working on it. Sounds like they are going to be making their own game.
    I'll have to try playing a permadeath game with AJSA members again. Maybe Darkest Dungeons once it fully releases or Battle Brothers once that gets a few more updates.
  5. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    A team of seven is sent in to the subways to stop a terror mission

    After killing three aliens the team notices a horde of zombies advancing on them

    Eiousx, Black, and one of the Engineers attempts to deal with the ones in the train while everyone else moves to the right to fight the other advancing group.

    Dyzz charges forward to save some civilians and is then given a command by our new Lieutenant to fall back while Neon and Kaur move up and make short work of them.

    After another small group of Aliens the outbreak is contained

  6. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Dyzzles in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    I'm really enjoying the way my character helps out. I mean, who doesn't love a good explosion? Or two... Or you know... More.
  7. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    Two more missions down without any problems

    Well, no problems except one of my character somehow moving through the wall I wanted her to take cover on, luckily a command move from Oreyn saved her. Also this 100% shot missed

    Caljkn lead the next mission

    Meat threw a scanner that allowed the team sniper to shoot across the map at a group of Mutons.

    Oreyn was promoted to Captain

    For the next mission we attempt to extract Kaur. It was a massacre.
  8. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    Three new recruits will be arriving in a few days so I should be able to get you a soldier.
    Another Exalt group was spotted in the United Kingdom, Meat still needs one more promotion so Kaur was sent in once again. With Kaur on his way to disrupt Exalt operations Yor lead another team to a downed UFO.

    The mission was full of nothing but Seekers and drones (and the Outsider). Nothing interesting.

    Following that an abduction, also full of seekers, and a squad of Floaters. Six members all managed to miss seven shots all in the 45%-58% range causing Walker to take a hit.

  9. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Lazilot in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
  10. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    I have too many tired soldiers so Yor lead a team of only six on an abudction mission.

    After entering a large building I decided to exit out the back way near a flight of stairs that ocudl get me to the roof, but they were waiting at the back door

    but Yor has a rocket ready and destroys the Muton's cover. Leading to an easy defeat of the Muton and some drones, even though I threw a smoke grenade that the game had go through the ceiling of the building we were in that then landed on the roof.

    Emma reached the roof and finished off the Floater

    Making their way to the next building the team was attacked by some Seekers which are easily killed normally, even more so now that I have high ground.

    Next a team was sent to a new type of UFO we shot down.

    The Scout threw some scanners but found nothing near us. First contact was three Outsiders that Laser and the other Assault soldier quickly killed.

    A Seeker wounded out Rocketeer but was killed when he fired back. A few stealthed Seekers tried to attack us inside

    A few drones and a Muton later and we made it to a room where two Sectoids were holed up in, we captured one

    On the next mission the team must battle a horde of zombies.
  11. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    Seeing the fires and destruction on that last map makes me think XCOM 2 needs more explosions.
    Three more UFO missions down. Nothing interesting about them. Brooks was promoted to Sergeant. AcePilot got lightly wounded.
    The game is still cheating

    I did train two of the new recruits I got though and made Articman a Gunner.

  12. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    A team was prepared to go extract Kaur

    We have to defend the encoders and kill all the Exalt agents who are being reinforced every turn.

    I can make out the transmitters that Kaur can hack to disable Exalt weapons through the map and plot out a path for him to take

    I move the Kaur up to one door and the other eight up to another entrance and end the turn, allowing Kaur to move to and activate the farthest one with his run and gun ability, while activating a few Exalt soldiers in the process.

    With their communications down for a turn, the rest of the team moves in. Dyzz decides to throw one of his four grenades at that wall all those soldiers are hiding behind

    With the wall down, the massacre begins.

    Close combat is a great ability. The AI doesn't like to be flanked in this game and will always move away from you when you flank them, unfortunately for them moving activates the reaction shot that close combat gives if they are within four spaces. Kaur moves to and disables the next transmitter, then dashes to the next one.

    Dyzz sees more enemies in cover and decides that he doesn't like that.

    Zhang uses his command ability to give Dyzz another action, which he uses for another grenade.

    Bullshit, maybe I would believe that if the game didn't have terrible animations where they step completely out of cover to shoot.

    Oh well, I'll just kill him with someone else.

    Kaur deactivates another transmitter and moves to the last one

    Kaur disables the last one while Brook starts to disable the last of the Exalt troops

    The last of their reinforcements show up....but

    Back at base Mr. Black and myself get Depth Perception gene mods

    Caljkn gets promoted to Captain

  13. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by protectorcrimson in Waiting for Fallout 4? Play Fallout:DUST   
    Impression Piece on the Fallout: DUST overhaul game/mod of New Vegas.  Thoughts?

    Fallout: DUST (http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/57927/?)   As I said in the video I did have some problems with this mod.    Such as the weight limit and some of the crafting issues.  Here a list of mods that I used to rebalance the game.     Companions:  These are some companions that are not bound to New Vegas main story. But have enough that they are not just pretty dolls following you around.     Baby Deathclaw: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/37388/?   Mark Wun: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/49289/?   Zypher: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/59373 Jorge: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/55109/? (Warning he calls you Courier 6)   BuildableBots: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/35473/? (Allows construction of robots or zombies)    Gameplay Enhancements:   Project Nevada Core: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/40040/? (DO NOT USE REBALANCE. Adds bullet time, Grenade HotKey, Sprinting and More)   BLIND: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/59528/?  (Adds some fun graphical elements)   Jip Commanion Control: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/50468/? (Simple companion controls.  Think Mass Effects cover direction mechanics)   Tweaks: (Stuff that changes things just a bit)   Tunneler Hide Recipe: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/57271/? Spice of Life:  http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/44476/? Recipe Dynamite: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/46714/? Portable BedRoll:  http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/39067 Perk Every Level: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/34707/? Conelrad Radio:  http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/35061/? Bottle That Water: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/34840/?   Backpack: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/44629/? (Use this as extra storage.  If not this there are others)     Chris Avalone Interview: http://bit.ly/1HSwnJI
  14. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    Oreyn lead a team to another crashed UFO, which we started right next to. They circled to the right to avoid activating the Outsider and ran into some Thin Men.


    A Muton joined the battle which the team wounded and attempted to capture

    The capture failed so I had another soldier finish it off. Once moving near the ship the Outsider and another Muton appeared. The Outsider moved to a poor position and was quickly killed, while the team moved up to flank the Muton while the Gunner suppressed it and the Engineer threw smoke. A Floater was through the door above the Muton and was killed by the rest of the squad.

    Oreyn was surprised by another Floater (who I'm pretty sure moved in from outside the map), luckily his overwatch shot did some damage to it causing him to miss his shot before he was killed.

    It was time to extract our covert operative, Kaur.

    Kaur would have to hack two transmitters (each would prevent the Exalt troops from firing on their next turn) before we extract him and the rest of the team.

    Kaur dove through the nearest window to get to one of them. He activated some nearby troops but with his run and gun ability allowing him to hack transmitters/disarm bombs/recover meld/etc and fire before ending his turn after dashing they wouldn't be able to shoot at him this turn.

    ....I don't think he should be able to get to that spot, is the game just cheating all the time now? Luckily Gunner was having none of that.

    Kaur kicked down the stores door and rushed to the second transmitter.

    With his mission done Kaur made his way to the extraction point, after helping Gunner finish off a wounded Exalt soldier

    With a choice like that there was only one option

    "Another alien down." That's not an alien Zhang.

  15. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    There seems to be identical farms in Russia and Australia. 

    The team ran into a group of Seekers but a well placed grenade was able to do some damage to them. Usually the grenade couldn't hit them since I can't detonate it in the air, and with Long War making grenades do low damage the further away from the target it is (in regular XCOM it just does the same amount of damage as long as they are in the blast radius), Long War making grenade damage more random, and Long War added heavy armor to robots the only way to get a good hit is if they are near something I can land the grenade on, like that stack of wood.

    The Sniper killed a Thin Man but Alex took a hit, the shot only damaging his armor. After moving through a barn we located and advanced on the ship.

    After the Sniper and one of the other soldiers did some damage to the Outsider I had a Scout run up and capture it. If she misses with the Arc Thrower I still had four others that had over 50% shots so they should be able to kill it (though I have recently missed a 94%, 95% and a 98% shot).

    Five enemies, that was an easy mission.

    Next up was a terror mission, a good time to unlock the ability to field eight characters.

    We landed in front of a warehouse door, opening the door we were greeted by a group of Chrysalids who posed as much of a threat as Chrysalids always do and some Seekers.

    It was then that the Drones, Thin Men, Floaters, and a new enemy the Cyberdisk appeared. Luckily a few of the Thin Men fell to overwatch fire, the final one moved back further into the building and out of range (probably, this garage door was really messing up everyone's line of sight).

    The team dropped a smoke grenade to cover us from alien fire, some civilians weren't as lucky

    The Cyberdisk needed to die before it started throwing grenades at us

    It was finished off by Dyzz, unfortunately the resulting explosion killed a civilian. A floater had flanked us but was taken care of by AcePilot's sawed off shotgun.

    A Thin Man and Floater each shot a civilian in the back of the building, Dyzz quickly avenged one of them.

    Not having waypoints in the game is stupid

    I move Neon through the Acid (which doesn't effect him because the game is kind of broken sometimes) but he can't make the killing shot because he needs to reload. I prepare to use Yor's command ability to let him get another action to kill the Thin Man. My bullshit sense that I've developed over 20 years of playing video games went off, so I save the game before moving Yor in front of the door. Even though there is a straight open line of sight between Yor and Neon and they are in visual range, the game says he can't see Neon (again, because XCOM is kind of broken). I tell the game to go fuck itself and reload, this time moving Yor to the window side where it should now be more difficult to see Neon so, of course, he can see him now (walls are only sometimes really there, but knee high pallets obscure everything). Neon kills the Thin Man. A Seeker appears out of stealth and grabs Dyzz. Lazer does some damage to it with his close combat ability. I want to kill it with Eiousx but the game tells me to go to hell because you can't see things that are higher than a barrel over a barrel.

    So I moved Eiousx up against the barrel, where it still said he couldn't see the Seeker (YOU DON'T EVER PLAY THIS GAME ON IRONMAN). So I just shot the damn thing with AcePilot, which freed Dyzz, then Dyzz killed it. Laser ran to the other side of the building and managed to hit the final Floater flying above him.

    Long War makes a good change compared to the regular XCOM (well, it would be a bad change in the original due to the terrible way panic is handled and not being able to get lost countries back in Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within), where even though I saved most of the civilians, panic is still increased in the country where the attack occurred (as well as a smaller increase for the continent). A few less deaths in an alien bombardment of a major city that also involves people getting ripped apart and turned into zombies that explode and give birth to more alien creatures probably should succeed in raising panic, even if you do save a lot of people (hours after the attack started).
  16. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by 2and900 in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    Yaaa, I'm a secret agent now!
    "My name is Kaur, Bartholomew Kaur."
  17. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    I don't currently have any recruits left but will add you in once I can afford to buy more.
    Exalt showed up in India and raised panic there, which is fine since that is the next place I am putting a Satellite. Meat is who I would want to be a covert operative but she needs two more promotions to get the abilities I need her to have so I sent Kaur to make use of his high health, mobility, and Run and Gun ability.

    Others are sent on an abduction mission lead by one of my new Lieutenants.

    The team moved to the nearest rooftop and engaged two drones from the next rooftop. A muton and two floaters appeared after killing the drones.

    With Black wounding a Floater that remained on the ground I wanted to attempt to capture him when I had the opportunity (Arc Thrower only has a range of 1). I ran the team Assault into the truck to kill the other Floater, unfortunately this tirggered two Sectoids who were right underneath us. They remained close enough for us to easily move up on them though. I suppressed the Muton then had Meat run across the roof to trigger its overwatch and to find the Sectoid that I couldn't see, while Zhang dropped down to kill the Sectoid behind the Assault.

    A medic managed to capture the Floater, another medic jumped down the side of the roof to kill the Sectoid that Meat revealed, and our Assault threw a smoke grenade to protect Meat who was out in the open while the Gunner suppressed the remaining Muton.

    The Muton missed Meat from a combination of suppression, wounds from Black, and the smoke grenade. The Assault climbed the ladder to the other roof to finish the Muton and the mission.

  18. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Chumbry42 in Which Xbox 360 games do want backwards compatible on Xbox 1?   
    The mass effect trilogy, the first 3 gears of war games, asura's wrath (fucking epic) and the stick of truth would be nice
  19. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    Back to that council mission.
    I moved Walker up and he had found the problem. He moved back to the group to stay out of their range and we let them come to us.

    After killing three waves of Chryssalids we moved around the back of the map where we cleared a house with some zombies before running into a group of Thin Men which were mostly put down by overwatch fire

    A burning building was cleared of a zombie as we made our way to the nearby ship. Once there we got a new objective.

    The team ran back to the landing zone (why we had to out a signal in the ship if they were just going to blow up the entire area I don't know) with Pegasus and the other Assault watching the back

    So that mission was extremely easy. In the regular game I would have five soldiers here. Probably a soldier with a shotgun, one with a rifle, a gunner, a support, and a sniper. With Long War even with the stronger enemies I had two additional soldiers and Pegasus and Balendra both having close combat there was no way any of the Chryssalids could get near us, and even if they did I'd have three people with shotguns ready to shoot once my turn began. I guess bringing two Rocketeers wasn't needed. Once again Pegasus is given a promotion much earlier than everyone else.
  20. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    You don't have the will for psy (Medics, Assaults, and Infantry are the classes for that), but everyone will probably get at least one gene mod if I can afford it. The one that heals every turn besides being really useful to keep people alive is even more useful when Red Mist lowers movement and accuracy even with armor damage.
    I was wrong, I had one mission before the council one. Oreyn first lead a team to a small farm where we shot down a UFO.

    How the hell did that get up there?

    It looks like putting it up here is a bug as the game is treating it like it isn't here (I can't take cover on it and I can move inside of it), I was able to collect the meld when I moved to the side of it.

    I had everyone move up to check the area around the UFO, then decided to circle back around. I heard that activating the overseer causes other units to move to the ship and I don't want to fight everything all at once from two sides.

    We ran into a group of Mutons and a Floater on the right side of a barn, I got my sniper into a good position (the nice thing about using a Sniper rifle that you can't shoot after moving, everyone else has been using the Marksman Rifle, is that after moving you can still stead the gun to add 20 to your aim).

    Oreyn and Scohui moved up to flank the one on the right.

    The floater was taken down by out Infantry soldier

    Suppression fire kept them from hitting us

    Scohui and our Scout flanked a Muton, a command move from Oreyn allowed the scout to capture the wounded muton.

    The final muton was put down just as a group of thin man advanced from behind us

    We encountered the outsider in his ship and quickly dispatched him

  21. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    A medium UFO crashed into a town

    Moving to high ground the team ran into a group of seekers

    After destroying most of them a group of thin men advanced on our position

    I wanted to take one of them alive so after Demon wounded the last one and Eiousx suppressed it I ran up to the last one with one of the scouts and stunned it with the arc thrower.

    The last Seeker appeared and was as effective as Seekers always are

    After advancing on the ship we ran into a group of floaters, and learned that the Floaters now have the covering fire overwatch ability.

    After killing a few more Floaters that got behind us (luckily one of them missed hitting Gunner who was exposed). The team advanced on the room with the two Outsiders and with some grenades and a squad command from Caljkn they were flanked and killed.

    Eiousx was promoted and nicknamed after a failed show that people probably only know of from The Cinema Snob.

    This is what has been researched. Beam weapons have six days left to complete but I would need money to equip them on soldiers and I am more interested in getting weapons for my interceptors.

    This is what is building or has been built

    On the next mission Pegasus has healed again and is ready to be injured once more

    I brought the rocket launchers with extra rockets for extra discretion.
  22. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    Yor leads a team in an abduction mission

    Yor decides to move the team around the back of the building, getting Black and Meat onto the roof while making sure that side of the map was clear.

    No targets are spotted in the parking lot, alley, or through the building windows

    Two seekers are spotted in the back, Meat destroys one with a shot from the roof. Zhang moves up to collect the meld and is then grabbed by the other stealthed seeker before it is destroyed by our Engineer.

    Some of the team goes to the right through the alley, some prepare to breach, while Black stays on the roof. Black gets too greedy and moves up to a good cover spot, triggering a group of Thin Men and Floaters. Black does heavy damage to one while Meat's overwatch kills another. Unfortunately opening the door also triggers two sectoids. Another floater jumps to the back of the store but is killed by the teams Gunner.

    Black gets hit and is under heavy fire, luckily he is protected by his cover and proceeds to run off the roof to safety. I stupidly moved my gunner instead of throwing smoke leaving Meat and Yor with poor cover. I tested to see if smoke could go through walls to cover it's AoE (you know liked how bullets, medkits, etc can) but apparently it couldn't leave the buliding (maybe if the window was broken?). Yor and the Engineer decide that the best way to get out of this is to blow shit up. Yor does some damage to the Thin Man on the roof and destroys his cover while the Engineer does some damage with a grenade and next turn starts a chain reaction of explosions.

    Zhang gives cover from inside the store

    The Engineer throws another grenade to destroy the remaining car while Meat and Yor are hit with acid from one of the thin men.

    The Engineer takes a bad hit while Zhang and our Medic leave the store to finish the remaining targets off

  23. Bbrooks55 liked a post in a topic by Legolas_Katarn in A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers   
    We run into a new threat on this mission

    The team moves up to the wreckage and encounters the two Outsiders

    After killing the Outsider we run into our first group of Mutons. I really don't like these guys. They get the same bonus from being in cover even though they rarely fit, and even though they don't have much defense or health sometimes when you shoot them they will growl at the person who did damage causing them to panic (a much bigger problem in Long War), basically they make the games mechanics and your soldiers look really bad. "Oh no, it's on the verge of death how can we hope to overcome them!" Neon falls back so he doesn't get flanked.

    The Engineer used his turn to throw both of his smoke grenades while our overwatch fire activates

    The Engineer does some damage and is then scared by how easy it was to shoot the Muton

    Neon kills the last Outsider then is given another action by Caljkn which he uses to activate run and gun to move to flanking shot to kill a Muton

    Zhang tries to cover Neon but the Muton still gets his grenade throw off wounding Neon

    When the panic ends Neon kills another Muton and the last one is flanked and killed by our Scout.

    A squad of Thin Men activate near us but most are quickly killed by overwatch fire

    One more is killed on the next turn then I have everyone wait in overwatch for two turns, on the second turn the last Thin Man moves up to attack us.

    After slowly moving through the ship we run into a group of Seekers and drones. Our engineer throws a grenade to damage all of them and to reveal the cloaked seeker, doing some damage to Zhang in the process.

    They are destroyed by our Scouts sawed off shotgun, overwatch fire, and Neon's close combat ability when the final drone tries to move around the corner to complete the mission.

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    No one, but Pegasus has been kicked out of Life's Casino.
    Cuz he cheated Death, many times
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    You should rename me human shield x_x