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  1. Thanks guys I really love all of this feed back, I don't think I can try all of your recommendations because the deadline is coming soon here. I will definitely try them next season for sure (if there hasn't been too many changes to the champions) I have been trying to main jungling Hecarim but I asked for this advice because I don't always get jungle Hecarim None the less thanks for the feed back. (Though It doesn't look like I'm getting gold this season, I should have started earlier :/ )
  2. The title explains it all, I'm in Silver 3, so if you could recommend some easy champs to carry out of there with that would be delightful.
  3. Riven in my opinion, she is kinda broken in my opinion because of 3 reasons. 1. Mobility, the shield dash and broken wings give her to much mobility for her damage out put 2. CC, a knock back and an AOE stun is to much for just a bruiser 3. The carry potential, she can carry so ridiculously it's not even funny So I would recommend playing her, if you are in ranked, I recommend banning Garen, the best counter to her in my opinion. Summary: Play Riven, If ranked try to ban Garen. If Riven already taken, try picking try Garen,
  4. Summoner Name: Zero0ninja Level: 30 Rank: Silver 3 (I NEED GOLD) Hours:.....WHAT YEAR IS IT?!........ Region: North America Roles: I play all decently, but the ones I enjoy the most are top and jungle.
  5. When I moved to Colorado, I of course made new friends, one of them being Brazilian Jesus (League name) Me and him became friends through other games of course, but when he told me about this game League of Legends I tried it because I'm very open minded I started in early season 2 and have loved it ever since. I used to take it somewhat casually and never dared to play ranked. Now, all I want to do now is get to gold. Funny how before, I used to take normals seriously
  6. I have a personal and deep hatred to Tryndamere. I hate how he can carry games easily, and he is too easy to play with how hard he can snowball. Lastly, he counters nearly all my favorite top champs, I guess I need to get good at Jax
  7. Summoner Name: Zero0ninja Region: North America Areas: Ranked, and Unranked Looking to get to gold soon, so if anyone who wants to save me from silver 3 then go ahead. I also play every role decently, but I enjoy top and jungle the most.