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  1. I to have been playing (a lot actually). Server is 291 PvE tribe target name magic man if you need any help or want to try it out for a bit and have no idea what to do.. Gamertag chris62475.
  2. Is anyone going to host a non dedicated game for this? I'm hooked on it already!!!! It like Minecraft with Dino's.....
  3. here is some hopefully helpful information some skyshards location from youtube https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLN6gm7vJs30ftYQ4tBRsQda6UTUXtWAru crafting set locations http://elderscrollsonline.info/guides/crafting-item-sets-in-eso need anything else let me know and maybe i can find it for you.
  4. Something about playing as a dung beetle just makes me feel "unclean"
  5. Something about playing as a dung beetle just makes me feel "unclean"
  6. xbox cause BIll Gates told me so. no but really i just went with it cause i already had the 360 and loved most of the games for that. Gears Of War anyone? and i don't see many playstation game i really wanted to play.
  7. can i play with you guys????? pretty plz? add me to your list?? forum name and screen name are the same Chris62475
  8. hello to everyone out there, My name is Chris62475 and i am new to the AJSA forums. i currently play ESO and Smite, although you may see me play many other games. the xbox is my consoles of choice. I've been playing games since WAY back in the day (try Atari). if you see me around friend me or follow me and maybe we can play together for a bit. just don't expect to win alot. my trigger finger isn't so fast anymore. see you around and have fun
  9. gamer tag chris62475
  10. i'm new to the angry army but i would like an invite to your guild Gamertag chris62475 plz.