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    I don't want to limit myself...can I say everything that seems cool?

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  1. My body is ready. Wasn't here for the first one, gonna try my ass off for this. SN: wolfenstein247
  2. I'd like to participate as well, but I can't start until next Tuesday, because I'm currently in Germany. Other than that, I'll try and put a lot into this event.
  3. LoL IGN: wolfenstein247; Rank: Plat II NA; LoL exp.: Since beginning of Season 5 Role(s)/Mains: I carry with mid and adc as well, though I have stuck mostly to meta chmapions such as Viktor and Sivir. I can still play anything from Ahri to Syndra to Cassio mid though. What I know/can teach: Wave/lane control, item builds and theoretical builds, in game decision making, and all the life advice you could want. Trust. What I would like to learn: Zilean mid and Kalista adc Other MOBA exp: League is my first MOBA, haven't played anything else before or since
  4. I have to say, I think I've easily gotten the best loot anyone has ever gotten: Times 5. Please cut my hands off before they destroy my wallet
  5. I like most of changes...if it wasn't for the fact that have nowhere near the IP required to buy any of the exciting new champs like MF. Also, do you find it better to rush Rabadon's on Ahri? I main her as well, but almost all of the time I find myself going Zhonya's...maybe that's because they always counter me.
  6. Really? I'm disappointed in all of you. Only 0-15, 0-30 and you say that's the dream? Where is the passion, the DRIVE?! To succeed, one must reach beyond the stars, beyond this world into the next, grasping for the shimmering glimpse of hope that continues to fade away from human recognition. Only some select few, with gifts far above those given to mortals on this pile of rock wreathed in ignorance and inferiority, can truly pursue this path, striving ever higher until they stand upon a pedestal beyond comparison to lesser beings. Lines of greatness do not begin with small ambitions and petty, minuscule victories. One must EARN, and REACH for that glory. IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE STRENGTH TO ACHIEVE THE ALMIGHTY 0-500-0 RECORD, THEN LEAVE!
  7. Yeah, from all the gameplays I've seen there's a ping right as Tahm starts his trip, also known as... THE MAGICAL SUBMA-JOURNEY!
  8. I think the best reference for this is Foxdrop's commentary on the entire situation, at least his message at the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cpr8Q22ttWA You can't take anything you hear on this topic without a grain of salt, just like regular media. The facts I know for sure are that the Skype group of League Youtubers is real and UberDanger did have sex with one/some of his fans and bragged about it. Not much else because I don't care for this kind of quicksand drama, but enough. IF this group did indeed downvote and try to repress small streamers/Youtubers, then that's entirely unethical and completely wrong. But I don't know that for sure and it doesn't seem like the kind of malicious action a group like that would take. Either way its shady and something that shouldn't have gone on at all. What can we do to change their actions though? It's better to let the obscure shadiness fade into history. If it starts up again, however, that's when everyone who was jibbed by that group should put their feet down and stop these practices. Stuff like this, the behind the scene kind of drama reality shows love, has no place in gaming, a world where we're supposed to be having fun and making adventures for ourselves, despite any differences. Well, at least that's my take on the topic. Feel free to question it.
  9. Well, there will certainly be trolls rushing to this champion, expecting the same kind of team killing potential Bard has clearly shown. Problem? Tahm's ability to transport his teammates is entirely voluntary, and the other player must be willing to jump with Tahm before teleporting. At least that's how it works for his ulti, not so sure about the ability that allows you to swallow your teammates. Either way, trolls? Most definitely. Team-killing? Far less likely, unless the Tahm player is a massive a-hole.