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Neon Gopher

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    Neon Gopher
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    Ugh...let's see.

    Typically I focus on sci-fi, modern or not and be it in comics, video games, books and the occasional tv show (Farscape FTW). Cthulhu knows I'll read anything with Michael Crichton or Ernest Cline's name on it. I do, however, have a strong weakness for retro jrpgs such as Final Fantasy 4, Mario RPG and the tales series. Well anything made by Squaresoft really (with some Square Enix on top). Well, the list is much bigger but if I start now I probably won't finish until Valve finally figures out how to count up to three.

    Anything more specific that you'd like to know about then please, do ask. It's much harder than I thought to keep this concise and relevant
  1. Dood, this idea has as much potential as a robotic, bartending sex doll with a Nuclear Physics degree and a free wifi internet hotspot feature. During the climax of that particular quest you could have Batman stripped of access all of his gear and even the Batcave, with Alfred (who'd be captive or presumed dead of course) as the only way to undo all the damage and maybe even a chase sequence or boss fight between Bats and the Batmobile. You, sir, are a mad genius. Now excuse me while I torture myself by fantasizing about this wonderful idea of yours Most certainly would've loved this much MUCH more than what we've got so far. I mean, the Joker twist started off fantastic, and then he got reduced to comic relief. GOOD comic relief, but not much else. The game sure as well could use something like this, considering how "safe" they played it through and through. I personally was looking forward to civilian NPCs to help or hinder Batman depending on your actions throughout the game. But that would've been too much fun, I guess.
  2. O.o Is the game supposed to look that easy? Honest question, only version of Doom I've played Brutal Doom (ultra violent mode, specifically), a mod that's notorious for its difficulty. Like, Dark Souls levels of difficulty, it's frustrating and glorious! The one on this video looks like I might actually be able to beat it for once ^_^'
  3. My account name is Shinkirou.4518, and I would like to join the guild if possible
  4. A capture the flag type of game could've been fun too with the swim mechanics of the game. Just use a zapfish instead of cloth on a stick and have the defending team spawn faster to keep the tension high. I do like the idea of room customization, however.
  5. NeonGopher#1682, NA server Reporting for duty, sergeant!
  6. Ok I only skimmed the article because I'm half asleep, but let me get this straight. The kickstarter met its goal within 9 hours of its announcement and is being backed by Sony. This, in turn, means that we're gonna get a possibly exclusive title (because we all know how Sony can be when calling first dibs on a third party game) published and maybe even produced by one of The Big Three yet funded by the fans? Dunno about you guys, but that's a major shitstorm brewing if the game isn't absolutely perfect. Like bad! Like "Zombie Nuclear Shitnado in Space" kind of bad (although if that was a low budget movie, I'd watch it). If Duke Nukem taught me anything its that hype alone can kill a game from the word "Go" regardless of actual performance. Even if I own a PS4 instead of an Xbone, it's still an awful move on their part. Maybe if enough fans clamor for a steam release they'll wise up? I mean, in reality just think of the sales for a moment
  7. Ok first and foremost, if you're reading this, thanks for clicking. You're awesome! My name is Jon, but of course I prefer Gopher as it's much less boring. Truth be told, normally I prefer sticking to single player games, though from time to time, when the stars align just right I delve into the horrors of online multiplayer. As a wise man once said, "it's dangerous to go alone, take this" after which of course I got a friend request for his Guild Wars account, that we may die together during group mission since it was just the two of us. Currently I'm jumping back and forth between Guild Wars 2, SWTOR and Heroes Of The Storm (though I'm not very good at that last one. working on it!). If you see me, would you kindly gimme a shout and a smack if my noob is showing? When the stars aren't aligned just right my time is usually spent in RPGs, sci-fi shooters, metroidvania, stuff with Batman in it and fighting games. Many, MANY fighting games. Oh and Galaga. Because I love me some Galaga I look forward to participating both in video game events and in the forums and, well just having a blast, really. And again, thanks for taking the time to read this, even if it was a bit aimless and kinda ranty
  8. I do admit, had a similar experience myself. What surprised me the most about Splatoon, however, was the lack of local multiplayer. I mean Nintendo has made dozens of multiplayer centric games before, at least on in every one of its major franchises save for Donkey Kong, and the focus has always been local over online. But with Splatoon there's no competitive local multiplayer of any kind, and to me that's both odd and disappointing. Now I don't know what they've got in store for the game, but it sure would be nice to have something along those lines. Hell I'd be happy to fight bots for absolutely no reward if it meant doing so with someone I know for once. If that and the lack of game modes weren't bad enough, there's the whole Amiibo debacle. I know that's more of a community problem, but the needless lack of supply is doing more harm than good to their reputation and feeding the onslaught of scalpers taking advantage of the limited market. All in all, it just feels like the game's potential has been mishandled and squandered. Or is it just me?