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  • Birthday 05/21/1992

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    PC Free to play Gamer, Youtube videos, Gaming Art, Game Design Student, y latino por sobre todo :P

    Thank you for leave me being part of the Angry Army.
    ¬°Aguante ANGRYJOE!
  1. yeah welcome
  2. Estupendo, yo solo tengo un problema al respecto, no puedo dar mi autorizacion en el teamspeek para poder tener todos los permisos, el otro dia entre y el AngryBot no aparecia, tambien vi el video tutorial y trate de copiar y pegar el codigo que se generea en la pagina pero no tenia resultado, o no me dejaba poner la opcion de "obtener permisos manualmente" y cuando lo hacia el codigo que utilizaba me decia permisos insuficientes, no se si algun otro tuvo este problema
  3. OMG I WANT SO BADLY GTA V, but i can't with my pc T_T, my brother have a ps3 but he dont want to spent to much money for a game e.e
  4. Hello and welcome, nice mix of type games lol xd, hope you like it the AngryArmy
  5. hey there you two, welcome to the Angry Army!, as first duty, MAKE ME A SANDWICH!
  6. ok i dk who is this Kim guy but anyway, WELCOME TO THE ANGRYARMY!
  7. Hi and welcome to the AngryArmy!!!, hope to see you in the fields of justice XD
  8. Hi and welcome to the AngryArmy bro, hope u like it
  9. Well thats not a big deal, i have a ps3 but in my parents house, so now i just play pc games, i never like the war between video consoles
  10. ouh thanks then, i dk that xd, i need to play more then
  11. thats always make me laugh, not so much xd, anyway, welcome momo!
  12. Hi!

    Hey nice to meet you Icazael, i m also a pc gamer, so welcome to the AngryArmy!
  13. Hi Pierre, thats a cool name right there, welcome the the AngryArmy
  14. Hi and Welcome to the AngryArmy ^^, i also want to compete with you guys, i m more like a pc game
  15. here is 6:52 am, i just wacth the AngryArmy video and end up here XD. ALSO, welcome and very nice short intro you have