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    Jazz, blues, hard rock
  1. I only bought enough to complete 1 full level, of gunpoint, cuz i enjoyed it and wanted the emotes, which i found quite funny. Other than that I've been selling all my stuff. Also you get wallpapers and stuff for desktop and some are rather good. Really who cares what people do, most of them buy this with card money they got from other cards, so they themselves don't really loose anything.
  2. On the legacy of kaine thing, there is a multiplayer game called nosgoth, pretty good game.
  3. I have added you sir
  4. I could be down for some nice coh2, where do you guys meet up and play
  5. Exept not all teams will be in it, and they will all probably be sold along a couple of years through "Editions and dlc". whatever way we can play with a ton of people with the things then want then good ^^ And I kinda hate how i keep getting to games too late.
  6. BTW to anyone writting here, we are kind of in a break, but still having the saturday events.
  7. And then a Chaost edition, but anyway, we should all play bloodbowl 1, because if we have good games in the second one, no need to get the next one , for an in game cup.
  8. I just started playing bloodbowl, again, i did just a couple of skirmish games, last time i played it. There is a community i hang around that host a cup, and I was wondering if I tried to host one here in the AJSA, would anyone be interested.
  9. We should have another one of these , because i just got into it
  10. As any and all Gamers should, same thing about movies, and cars, and really anything that you spend money one, (dont' forget to check reviews on that fruit you eat)
  11. Welcome, let's get wild
  12. Welcome
  13. He is basing his response on the trailler, alone, sooooooo But adam sandler has made some, incredably unfunny movies, where basically all the jokes relly on either stereotypes of gross factor, or weirdness. And at some point he made them kinda non stop soooo, he had a good run in the 90s I think, I liked Hapy Gilmore but I was a kid, so I don't remember much.
  14. WE got guns of icarus events on saturday and competitive on sunday, pretty awesome bunch if I may say so myself.
  15. Hello, the forums say hi , which means they are ALIVE. WHAT, run away it will eat us allll.