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  1. Oktarnash liked a post in a topic by Laserrifle125 in Act of aggression   
    I'm also hoping that they do a good job of balancing the factions, that's especially the case with the Cartel faction, since they seem to have the most advanced tech of the 3 factions. 
  2. Laserrifle125 liked a post in a topic by Oktarnash in Act of aggression   
    Hope it is good, I went to look for this thread the moment I saw it, but no one had made one .
    The Campaign better be something they get right, because it is part of what makes a game memorable, the Multiplayer makes it last though.
  3. Oktarnash liked a post in a topic by Laserrifle125 in Act of aggression   
    Since no-one made a topic about this game, I decided to make one. If you don't know anything about this game, it's an upcoming RTS by Eugene Systems, if you don't who they are, it's the company that made R.U.S.E, the Wargame series and Act of war (the spiritual predecessor of Act of aggression). It's currently in closed beta, you can access it by pre-ordering the game. They currently have 2 of the 3 factions in the beta, the US army and Chimera. If you want details about the game's current state, here's a video from TB:
  4. Oktarnash liked a post in a topic by QwiK in The Actual Issue with Verdun   
    I decided to write this because i think its time to talk about it.When i started out Verdun back in April, i was exited with all of the positive feedback ive got through the post i made.However i found out quickly about a few weeks later that i had literally no one to play with except 2 guys, i was shocked, sure i had to wait forever till peoples started buying this game when its was discounted at a lower price that not the actual problem im experiencing currently.
    But what i was experiencing right now is the lack of peoples who play its constantly everyday.Sure lately i have seen explosion of new players for this game and its somewhat growing pretty fast which im happy about! But the true fact is that most peoples that have this game is european yes im talking more than 75% of my friends who have it. Apparently WW1 is more interesting for EU players than NA,the true problem is that those EU players cant play everyday because well they are most of time busy or offline ect..) That means this is why you do not see any peoples in the Verdun channel beside me most of time. I do hope you understand what going on right now other than that, the game is going great! By the Way our Verdun Steam Group is growing considerably with nearly 30 members! Ask for invite oki thanks for supporting Verdun
  5. Oktarnash liked a post in a topic by The Last Shelander in Hello! I am The Last Shelander   
    It's a pleasure to finally be a part of these forums!
    I've been a huge fan of Joe's for many years now, and I decided it's finally time for me to support him in his endeavors a bit more than just up-voting and liking whatever he posts.
    I do a lot of traveling so my time zones change often, which makes it very hard to attend any organized events. But I've been a part of the Angry Army in spirit for a long time!
  6. Oktarnash liked a post in a topic by ProdiGY_DE in Ma I wanna join the Army   
    Welcome to the AJSA!
  7. Oktarnash liked a post in a topic by Sereto in Ma I wanna join the Army   
    Welcome to the AJSA ! I hope you have a great time with us .
    Side note: Do you listen to Slipknot or Limp Bizkit?
  8. Oktarnash liked a post in a topic by Legate Johnston in Ma I wanna join the Army   
    Welcome man hope you have a great time
  9. Sereto liked a post in a topic by Oktarnash in Ma I wanna join the Army   
    Hello I am Oktarnash, and I have just joined to seek thrills and excitment, basically I'm looking for a good group of people to play games with, since, last times have proved not particularly well, so I wanted to try the angry joe army.
    I do kinda suck at writting these introductions because I kind of prefer talking to people directly, because I tend to overthink what I have to writte here, and end up never making these :X
    PC gamer through and through, exept for when i used to play with a Sega and a PS1
    Love RTS games, tried playing Company of Heroes 1 competetively, but at that point the game didn't have many people playing.
    I do like FPS and RPG games
    All about that Metal, wheter it be Power with Dragonforce, Hammerfall, Death, with Amon Amarth, or Death, Trash with Slayer, I love metal, and I love to talk about it \m/
    Star WAAAARS
    I would love to get into Warhammer 40k tabletop, but i live on an Island in the side door to nowhereland.
    Trying to play Bass guitar, since I just got one really recently, and I have a small structure(organizations, political parties, timeline) for a Sci Fi World I'm writing.
    Short story short
    I wanna play games, I like metal, and I write things.