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  1. Because of this http://www.eurogams-killed-pc-xbox-cross-platform-playoss-platform-play Theres a reason why consoles have autoaim.
  2. As much as I like the witcher, I am glad that it is ending. We don't need to oversequelise good franchises, as other games have done in the past.
  3. Alt accounts? haters? Are you naive or something? Did you ever think that people are actually tired of the same shit every year? Sure you might like it and that's okay, but among those people that disliked the trailer(myself included) I do genuinly think that most of them are just tired with Call of Duty already. And I mean hey, if it dies(hopefully) you will still have like 12 other CoD games to play. This unless they shut down the servers. Also, Jason Derulo's music sells like hot cakes, that doesnt mean that it is good though. IMO quantity =/= quality.
  4. 1300 hours in Dota. I also played WoW for like 5 years or so.
  5. VR has no games. Even if it will have games you can't port every genre to it. Its a gimmick and an overpriced one. You dont need an 800 dollar headset to be immersed in a game, because if you had severe problems with immersion you wouldnt be playing games in the first place. I also wear glasses and have eye issues so thats a no no for me. And then there is motion sickness.Besides the MUH IMMERSION meme that all market exec's spew out I dont see the point of it.
  6. 2 M I L L I O N D I S L I K E S Most people have gotten sick and tired with CoD. It WILL probably die in the future, but we don't know when.
  7. I freaking love it. It suits the game very well
  8. You can still use an injector to force MSAA or better yet upscale to 4k.
  9. Or you could use mods/sweetfx/reshade suite/enb and a 4k res upscale and get that for free. Kinda like how a lot of gamers are doing already.
  10. Yeah these new GPUs are really fast. And heck the price, is like so low; you pay the price of a 980 for something that outperforms the titan X regarding gaming. I am curious to see what Polaris will bring up. As far as I heard the future gtx 1060(which I am really looking forward to buy), from some leaked benchmarks it outpowers a gtx 970 at 1080p. Thats a pretty huge performance gain. Here are some more detailed benchmarks
  11. Wait for Polaris from AMD, and for the new benchmarks when it comes to the GTX 1080/1070. I would highly recommend you to go for one of these new gen GPU's since they not only perform really good but they are also a good future investment. Moreover you didn't specify if your Intel CPU is gonna be a skylake or not(i7 6xxx series). Only skylake cpu's can run with DDR4 memory. Also an i7 is not needed for gaming unless you plan on doing rendering or streaming. You didn't specify the resolution that you use. If you are going for 1080 a gpu like the 980ti or the gtx 1080 is an overkill purchase.
  12. Completed: DOOM Time: About 15 hours I freaking love this game. It is what DOOM should be: fast, gory, hectic, and badass. The campaign is on point 100% of the time, even the story is interesting. The demons are varied and if you are under the impression that you are gonna be spared you are wrong. There's no boring cutscenes or long introductions, you just kill stuff. And while the multiplayer is weak and the snapmap mode needs more time, the campaign is so good, that you won't even care about the rest of it. 9/10.
  13. Completed: Hyper Light Drifter Dark Souls 3 Firewatch Alan wake Warhammer DOW 2