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  1. I'll let my friend talk about this since he played the beta as well and since he doesn't have an account: Friend: hi I was also in the ESO Beta and I've been playing for about a month now. It's changed a lot. There aren't nearly as many stupid glitches. Leveling feels rewarding now. Dialog is nice and immersive. And one of the most fun things for me personally: they added the justice system. It didn't feel quite like Elder Scrolls until I could rob the hell out of everyone. It looks really beautiful. I just upgraded my PC so I'm playing with everything at max. I haven't done PVP much, as the first time I poked my head into it I was viciously thrashed, but I hear good things about it at the late end. All in all I think i's pretty great, and definitely worth it if you grab it on sale. me: Hope that answers some of your questions. Post anything specific you are interested in. My rational behind buying the game wasn't the music graphics or story line. It was actually the psychology and depth of some of the characters i watched unfold during some missions and the inbuilt racism that exists for certain races. It was cool to watch the world come a bit more alive. (we had seen a little in skyrim but this made it more systemic and interesting. It actually is fun to play through all the races and watch the dialogue change due to your race). All in all, I agree with my friend and say it is easily worth the $55 mark. And a steal at sale prices.
  2. hello guys. So the winter steam sale rolled along and my friend and i decided to start to play eso. We were hoping to join. My friend and I are still low level but having alot of fun focusing on crafting. @IzayaSwordsman <-- me @Lukken <-- my friend
  3. The game looks incredible and I will spend the money, most likely, to buy it like the others. However, I can't help but feel it is being released WAYYY too soon. Do you guys think it will have the same quality story and depth as the first one? My money right now is no.
  4. Short answer: to us, yes. For them, no.
  5. Hey, Im thinking about buying a far cry game since it is exactly what I like to play. However, I don't know whether to buy far cry 3 or 4. Any suggestions?
  6. Hello guys. I plan on buying ESO soon (After I get by paycheck ), and I was hoping to get some advice on what realistically I can look towards to building a character. I have two favorites. Being the archer in the back with cc and massive debuffs. And being on the front lines doing moderate damage which am emphasis on buffing and supporting the allies around me (healing is a yes or no here. Im more looking for increase group damage given or decrease damage taken. I really like being a support for the group while being able to do damage myself. Thanks for the advice (hopefully)!
  7. Same for me. While I it will have little to no affect on me personally, it is a nascence I don't see necessary to get rid of. What is the point of not allowing any splitscreen at all? I do LAN parties alot when i find new people to get to know them(You know a person by whether they pick up the shotgun or the sword. It is a fact about life my friends). And I do see the reason used is framerate loss and also harder to code to make it look nice, but thats the player's choice to live with, not the designers' to just get rid of the prospect entirely. And, as previously said, the only valid reason to get rid of the function is to just sell more units on the xboxone. Which is fine, in my opinion. It is also the gamer's choice to buy the game or not, they are being up front with it. But I don't see a real honest explanation of why this move was necessary for the function of the game itself. And that does bug me.
  8. Banned for not knowing where to get it
  9. There is so much to this game since it plays along to what you like to use in a fight. My personal suggestion, which a friend gave to me, was just to spend time figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of each unit you use. It will make your battles unique as you use different tactics to beat the enemy. also, flanking enemies is GODLY! make them fear your Calvary (or really scary masked swordsmen)! but yea, just take ur time and learn your troops.
  10. I personally am rather excited for the Forest and hope to see it develop well. However, based upon countless, COUNTLESS other alpha games which show slight improvement here or there, I see no reason to actually gamble my money on something that has not yet been completed. I think has potential and can be fun, but I see no reason to pay anything now for the game. I would say wait for it to develop more into an actual practical game and less of just a concept with potential. On a completely separate rant. Can we please just STOP with the preordering of games! It is truly killing the game industry as a whole. Because they know that the majority of their money is going to be gained through the pre orders when the price is at the highest. And they focus more on the extras you can buy than the actual content of the game itself. It's insane. There have been way too many screw-ups to ignore something which has gained way to much complacency in the gamer sphere. (angry rant aside) I would definitely keep looking at the Forest as I am and give feed back and ideas on their message boards. You are a potential buyer and WILL not ignore your comments unless it was already railroaded or just a front, in which case you have saved your money. For games, either buy what you empirically know or invest in what you yourself can have control and deliberation over to create a game which you will enjoy.
  11. I don't think I will ever get this song out of my head.....
  12. I would love to see another good WW game in general. However, I think its the wrong place to go after Advanced cybernetic Dr who 2. I mean, you have three main options. 1. Go even further balls to the wall and push to explosions and even more diverse equipment and make it continually available. 2. Go back to the more standard COD games which we are familiar with and had a decent story. The final possibility is to try to go to other places and depict different countries' wars which have existed. I'm not saying go to ancient Rome and throw spears like tomahawks (even if that would be reaaaaally cool with the graphics and fluid gameplay layout of COD). But we have beaten USA vs Russia/Nazi to near death. What about other countries outside the US which bring a new environment, new stories, new cultures to live in. That could be a place where new ingenuity could take place besides shiny, faster shooting weapons along with Halo'eque augments. So while I wouldn't be against seeing another WW game from the COD producers, I would much more be in favor for a new game in a new environment which could be a fun new direction for the franchise. However, if they try to go back to WW and do what has been done before, I feel like the franchise will suffer greatly due to it feel as if the company has run out of new ideas or mechanics.
  13. I have the same question because I love elder scrolls so much and have always wanted it online. But I can't really justify the monthly costs for something that only looked okay. Do u guys think it is now worth 15/month?
  14. Second what has been said above. shogun 2 is really awesome and best overall gameplay.
  15. Here is the big thing. Congressmen are needing more and more votes from the younger generation to keep a hold on passing bills for the US. Which means... all of us gamers... will CRUCIFY them if they try to make us pay more for the internet and specifically gaming. So, like john oliver, all we have to do is send a couple thousand emails expressing this belief and they will back off.