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  1. I don't understand with this outcry. I played COD1 from time where you had to move 5 desktops in one room to have a LAN party (dont think most people know how was that), and until now nothing changed. Have in mind I’m not a fan, part of huge clan or fanboy. I’m not even good in them. But I’m still hardcore game in soul. And people have to have in mind there are different games. Light level and heavy. Now I play COD AW with my girlfriend, and believe me there are not a lot of split screen games. Plus I didn’t find any single problem that occurs with game if you are a normal casual player. But to sum it up, in all of these years COD was always a multiplayer game that is and will be fun, and being me or my friends or my gf we are always having fun. Counter strike and COD and battlefield or HALO or any games like that are the same in the end. For me these games are not there to change the playfield (other should do that) , but to continue to deliver what they are delivering. Fun and easy games. Enjoy.
  2. For some reason I always shoot to low then I aim down the sight. I shoot in knees and get shoot in head. Working hard on this, heheheheh. Plus 4x games (like galactic civ) i can't find balance. I find a ship I like and produce million of them. Enjoy.
  3. I traveled to multiple countries in Europe ( im from EU contry, Croatia) Africa, even Mexico. Everytime I just put it my hand luggage, same as I would put any laptop. during the check in security check, you just take it out. They scan it and thats that. No extra charge or anything. Nor was I ever stoped or questioned for tax pay or something like these. So, yes you can travel with it normally
  4. Woooow is the only thing i can say. But you need to like the show and this kind of stuff. But I found my self smiling all the time. Although it looks little bit overpowered the block ability, but maybe you have different settings, or this is just the beginning.
  5. That might be for you. But in my childhood, either you played football or you played computer games. And in my school guys who went to after school informatics class didn't play sports that much. I didn't say we were not normal kids, and "jocks" can't play video games. Everybody is normal, and not everybody is the same. But based on his conversation that is what it sounds, and off course I'm stereotyping. But as said, his friend didn't make any point's except admitting, he does not care about this stuff. Because he has more ( in his opinion ) important things to spend his time on. Enjoy.
  6. Well i knew it that people who are going to complain are from countries where there is no snow.
  7. Prey never played. As for Mass Effect, based on what you guys said, it's in making. But it's good thing they are moving outside the ME 1-3. Continuing on this would just drag out the storyline without bringing nothing new. Same shit happens to the movies. So I think moving to new timeline, story line, but in same universe is a good choice. I would go more in future. And I think (although I'm lonelty in this) the "after credits scene" of MS3 was a great teaser for something new, bigger.
  8. Well I think it's all about prescriptive. You and your friend have different prescriptive, and will never see eye to eye. But to say who is wright or wrong is hard to say. If you care about something, it's close to your hearth, you will have much more emotional response to it. For example: I don't watch football, and could care less about who bough what player or what is the state of football practice and football schools and all this things. And if somebody will talk to me about this or that in this topic, or rage like AJ I will have the same response as your friend. I watch here and there a game on a national level, but that's it. If they win or loose I just don't give a crap. For you/me, games are more personal experience and it matters a lot what is the state of the gaming industry. And people as your friend will never truly understand why some people are affected by this, as he just can't put him self in this position. Honestly I don't understand how he unarmed you. He didn't make any valid points at all. If you tried to do the same thing with him and why the hell is psychical training so important, he would not give up that easy, heheheheheh But in the end it looks like typical debate between jock and a nerd, and you lost.
  9. Ahhh, Dungeon Keeper, what a great game. Why this games are not coming out any more, soooo sad. But in the end I agree with what Cheufade said. There are just stupid people who pay and pay and pay. Everyone would do the same if they would be EA, because it a business model brings money, why change it. I never understood why some games just for mobile don't cost 20$ or something like that. You pay and that's it. Would be nice if everything is free but this is not how it works.
  10. What ever. Just play everything you get your hands on. After some time, you will know what you like and put more effort into researching more games in this area. I very early found out for example that driving and sports games are completely worthless for me. But as most of them said, just take best games in every genre in last 5 years and start playing thous.
  11. Yes, thanks for the correction.
  12. We published Serious Sam games. That's the only thing that I can remember. Plus wars, corruption, beautiful nature beautiful women. Croatian cost and good cold pork products.
  13. The one from Mass Effect games.
  14. Based on games here. I would say I'm quite old. Hell my first game was snake playing in It department at my mother's work. You started it inside qbasic. And print of Persia