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  1. isabellaravn liked a post in a topic by pisc99 in Great Mobile (Android/Apple/Win) Games thread   
    But do you guys ever pay money, or even buy a mobile platform game.
  2. pisc99 liked a post in a topic by BlondishMist748 in What games would you like for Angry Joe to review?   
    Honestly TotalBuiscit, even I adore him and I love his videos, is pissing me off sometimes. First I want to point out, his job is youtube videos, nothing else, he has a company around that channel, he doesn't do his own editing. He just talks as far as I know. So him complaining about anything in his life is like saying, I have one of the easiest job, I get nice money, but wee I have terrible life. 
    He hardly responses to tweets, he disabled comments and does not interact with his community at all. Joe is very friendly and he communicates with us. 
    Just to make it clear I have no problem with people making money from YouTube vids, just don't rub it to my face. I don't want to hear it. I could do all of that editing you have people to do for you in my spare time. 
    Joe does way more, he has costumes, editing and he does it all by himself. 
    Not to the matter of "requests". When someone tweets "Hey TB, check this thing out. You COULD do a video about it." Is NOT a request it is a friendly suggestion by a fan. (TB ignores). 
    I honestly don't know what TB does when he does not do videos. But they make him enough money to live very good life. When I tweeted Joe about one game if it is worth it I've got answer very quickly. I never got one out of TB.
    I still like him, I still like value his opinion very much. 
    If he would connect with his community more it would be way better. It seems he cares a LOT about money. I know it is not true, but take Twitch, I made a complain about Joe streaming in times when EU time is 2am-6am so I would get no sleep. Good thing is I can watch PAST STREAMS. Joe has Subscription to support him, TB locked his Past Streams to Subscribers only. 
    For people who find this offensive. Constructive, criticism towards someone who critizises 59FPS ! 
  3. pisc99 liked a post in a topic by Gone in Damn you Olympics!   
    I'm from England. The only thing that falls from our skies is water.
    If it was the water Olympics i'd be right there watching it.
    But fuck snow.
    It's cold.
  4. Black_Oak liked a post in a topic by pisc99 in Struggling Opinion, what do you think?   
    Well I think it's all about prescriptive. You and your friend have different prescriptive, and will never see eye to eye. But to say who is wright or wrong is hard to say.
    If you care about something, it's close to your hearth, you will have much more emotional response to it.
    For example:
    I don't watch football, and could care less about who bough what player or what is the state of football practice and football schools and all this things. And if somebody will talk to me about this or that in this topic, or rage like AJ  I will have the same response as your friend. I watch here and there a game on a national level, but that's it. If they win or loose I just don't give a crap.
    For you/me, games are more personal experience and it matters a lot what is the state of the gaming industry. And people as your friend will never truly understand why some people are affected by this, as he just can't put him self in this position.
    Honestly I don't understand how he unarmed you. He didn't make any valid points at all. If you tried to do the same thing with him and why the hell is psychical training so important, he would not give up that easy, heheheheheh
    But in the end it looks like typical debate between jock and a nerd, and you lost.
  5. pisc99 liked a post in a topic by Andelion_K in Struggling Opinion, what do you think?   
    I'm just going to be an absolute arsehole here and say that someone who can't respect someone else's opinion because they don't work out as much as this person does himself, is not someone whoms opinion adds a lot to a debate. It's like not listening to valid points made by people who happen to like popmusic because you're a hardcore metalhead.
    To get to the point, there is a difference here: This person is clearly a casual gamer, and not in the bad sense. Like you explained, this person has lots of shit to do in his life, is planning on pursuing a carreer I horribly disagree with and thus doesn't really give a damn. He plays videogames every now and then and is absolutely cool with yearly releases. But that's the thing: Based upon what you've told us, I think this guy plays the gigantic AAA commercial games. A hardcore athlete and soldier to be probably has no time to care about games like The Witcher, Fire Emblem, Metro Last Light, The Last of Us Etc. because he doesn't have the time.
    However, I'd describe myself as a core gamer. I follow the news within the industry because I'm interested in it. I follow releases of not-exactly-obscure-games-but-not-exactly-hollywood-blockbusters games, because I'm interested and because I follow the news and because I have this interest I think that I have a pretty solid knowledge of things within this industry. Because I have said knowledge, I think I have the right to complain about things within the industry and call out BS when I see it en encourage others to call BS as well. However, if you'd ask me to give my opinion on the lastest developments within the world of sports my opinon wouldn't be very valuable because to be fairly honest, I barely know what players are on my national footballteam (Or Soccer, because 'Murica hasn't quite figured out why all those silly europeans call their sport about balls and feet football when they use it to describe a sport about hand and oddly shaped balls.
    TL:DR? It's okay for him to not care about gaming because he's a casual player. It's okay for me not to care about sports because I'm a casual gym-visitor. His opinion on gaming most likely isn't based upon extensive knowledge of the industry, my opinion on sports definetly isn't based upon extensive knowledge of sports.
  6. pisc99 liked a post in a topic by Ysnar in spaceships :D   
    This guy pretty much nailed the size issue:

    Source (and better text):
  7. King_Chalupa liked a post in a topic by pisc99 in spaceships :D   
    The one from Mass Effect games.
  8. Fuck! liked a post in a topic by pisc99 in So why is your country epic?   
    We published Serious Sam games. That's the only thing that I can remember.
    Plus wars, corruption, beautiful nature beautiful women. Croatian cost and good cold pork products.
  9. Hishinuma liked a post in a topic by pisc99 in What was your first game or games that got you hook into gaming?   
    Another world. Amiga 500. Still one of the most crazy games I ever played. For that time with graphic that were also from another world
  10. Gone too liked a post in a topic by pisc99 in Do You Consider Video Games a form of art   
    Sure. Just look at concept art that is used for the games.
    Plus mechanic things can also be considered a work of art.
    So all in all, games are a piece of art.
  11. pisc99 liked a post in a topic by JDTheGeek in Angry Joe's Best Moments of 2013 Fan Appreciation Video   
    I made this video not to get famous or anything that  Just to show that I am a pure fan of Joe's work all Copyright in this video goes to Joe.Im mostly an anime and vlog channel with some gaming now and then My bad for fucking up the rendering at the end of the video btw never made a video more then 20 minutes ._. This video doesnt include his vlog's or twitch streams Best Other Joe moments coming soon Follow me on twitter@JDecady Follow me on Instagram :LongLiveTheGeek  
  12. Gone liked a post in a topic by pisc99 in Is the gaming industry about to crash?   
    I agree with Gomly. Crash no way. but more shity and streamlined games for sure.
    The main problem is that there are way more "gamers" now out there, how like light flat and streamlined games. Just imagine how many PS4 and Xbox One will be sold to kids how honestly still don't know what hardcore game are because they grew up in different times.
    Playing COD and Fallout 2 is to different.
    Other thing is that I think the same is happening to games as it's happening to software. Nobody is condenser about the optimization of processes any more. No need to innovate or cut corners. Why make a game that could run on old machines if now everybody has 4,8 GB of RAM.
    But i feel happy that kick-starter will even the odds little bit. At least they will still try to develop games that are harder, have more choose and are not for everybody. Here I mean that all games now should be for everybody. If you are RPG fan or FPS fan ,no difference, all the games feel the same.
  13. pisc99 liked a post in a topic by Gone in Is the gaming industry about to crash?   
    I think the days of big publishers are numbered with the amount of indie developers and kickstarter projects but a crash ... not a chance.
    The gaming industry is a multi billion dollar/pound/yen/whatever currency you use .... it's no where near a crash. 
    With so many millions of people still willing to pay for the top titles it would take a hell of a lot to crash it. The big crash of the 80's was only Atari and it didn't take long for Nintendo to fill the hole it left.
    There is just too much money involved. 
    It means nothing to us. Like I said, there are far more developers that aren't attached to publishers making successful games. Some of those games rival AAA games for content, gameplay, graphics and standards ... some surpass.
    The only thing likely to crash are those that have grown "too big" like EA, Ubisoft and ActiVision. Value money over quality. With the rising number of smaller developers it's slowly rendering the need for publishers obsolete. 
    But it would take decades for them to come close to crashing. They are still raking in far too much money which will only increase with this gen of consoles.
    But the gaming industry as a whole crashing? 
  14. Frozen_arow liked a post in a topic by pisc99 in Game endings that screw with your mind.   
    Red Dead Redemption. When my character was killed, I was like wooooooow, and my mine was booooom.
  15. pisc99 liked a post in a topic by Berserker in What's your battle theme?   
    Sabaton has a battle song for everything: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjqsfNKNOcM
  16. Frozen_arow liked a post in a topic by pisc99 in Game endings that screw with your mind.   
    Red Dead Redemption. When my character was killed, I was like wooooooow, and my mine was booooom.
  17. pisc99 liked a post in a topic by Master Chief in (Bad)Fanboyisme in the angry army?? Dafug   
    Hey guys and girls
    I'm more like a long time youtube viewer of Angry Joe then a actual member of the Angry Army.
    I always gamed on most platforms except for psp and gamboys.
    I love games way more then the console or pc i need to play them on.
    But shit... first comments i read in the AJSA Xboxone forum turns out to be PS fanboy trash talk.
    i'm glad Joe is going to do PS reviews.
    But if this means flamewars and monkey shit fights on the AJSA forums , i'm not so sure if it is a good idea anymore.
    AJSA isn't really the place for SDF types.
    If you don't understand that, you don't understand what Angry Joe is all about.
    I mean Joe is like a big 360 fan, still that didn't stop him to make Angry Rants about shitty 360 games
    Boy are they going to be shocked if Joe is going to do a Angry Rant on a PS4 exclusive in the future.

    Let's hope it want be necessary, still i don't mind a good Angry Rant now and then.
    Same goes for those who love the insult PS,PC gamers.
    AJSA is for people who love games.
    This console war bs is going turn AJSA into BSN (Mass Effect 3 ending pro enders vs anti enders, still that ending was BS... right? whatever)
    I think i made my point.
    Sorry for my poor english guys.
  18. Choococookie liked a post in a topic by pisc99 in Greetings from Croatia :)   
    Hello from Croatia also.
    Nice to see I'm not the only one.
  19. Unresolute liked a post in a topic by pisc99 in Hello for Bosnia   
    Grettings from Croatia. Dobrodosao.
    It's to nice see somebody from our contries also watch Angrey Joe show.
    I don't feel alone anymore.
  20. pisc99 liked a post in a topic by Vinterdraken in Underrated games you enjoy?   
    Well Im going to have to go with the obvious ones before everyone picks them: Beyond Good and Evil and Psychonauts. Played those games so many times over the years and I just love them, shame they didnt sell better at launch and we will probebly not see any sequals.