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  1. no hate for any game I played CoD for campaigns and be done with it My first CoD multiplayer was black ops, it was very good experience but i hated the killstreak thing, people used to get overpowered and then noob like us, die, just spawn and die, i got bored Then thinking of that may be MW3 is better in terms of MP, just few good things like support package, and etc. but still no change in gameplay style, quite disappointing but still ok But then i was sure of not buying any more CoD, but my luck, i got BO2 as gift, and it was again same shit like BO with scorestreak, which again i did not like at all, its juct changing name from killstreak to scorestreak, no value add, i played for some time and be done with that But in all CoD's i liked their stories and fast paced action in campaign Not much of fan of zombies, as L4D2 is 1000x better than CoD zombies (In my opinion), and about MW3 co-op, it was good and fun for some time but dont know why quickly got bored, doesnt holds interest Surely then after MW3, i made my decision not to buy CoD but will rent or play on friends PC the ghost game for campaign, i was never and will never be exited for CoD since after MW3. If u give me same thing every year, why would i ever like it since when i already have it, its like eating same food everyday
  2. may be its good, may be not but theoretically, 4k picture quality is real good, and it will surely rock At last, all these company if wants to survive, they need to innovate a little and market it like its something huge achievement in technology, thats a marketing strategy but honestly, its no values add to me, for me SD to HD upgrade was just fine, as long as i get entertained, i dont care HD/SD/4k, a pleasant sound and good picture quality is enough for me, since at last, no matter how hard all these 4k, 8k, 100k try t impress me, they end up killing my pocket and there r other things in life, ur family to take care for and spend money on Also buying all these new tech and throwing old tech, increases e-waste, so why trouble mother earth for new 4k, keep her safe well in case if u have extra money to buy 4k, better donate to needy one's, there r peoples in world who dont have luxury of just an FM radio. they need education too
  3. wow!!! i want this game
  4. by now worrying about VGX and making ur own video of GOTY, rpg, shooter, racing, fighting etc etc of the year videos and let peoples like and enjoy them u can also create a poll on ur website of best GOTY and other year of the stuff and let people like and share it. it will surely impact a lot, use ur community angry joe, its time, when u show strength in angry army
  5. Best gaming PC: 1. AMD FX8350 2. 8GB DDR2 2133MHz 3. AMD radeon hd 8xxx series or rx9 series (based on budget) 4. f2 885 socket for little lesser budget: 1. AMD APU 6800K 2. 8GB DDR3 2133MHz 4. f2 885 socket motherboard, preferably gigabyte These things are more or less constant 1. 1TB HDD seagate 2. cooler master ATX cabinet, u can choose low cost one if have lesser budget 3. 750W cooler master SMPS 4. DVD writer Other than this u can get nice gaming peripherals: 1. gaming mouse and keyboard like razer products, if u r low on budget get logitech G100s gaming combo, they r fairly good at that low price For OS, get WIndows 7 ultimate, u can also go for windows 8 but u wont be able to play very old games which r made for XP, 98 or lesser, so i prefer windows 7 ultimate
  6. The 1st CoD i played with multiplayer was black ops, then i went to MW3 and then to BO2 and here is my verdict. At first it seems very cool and i enjoyed it specially BO, with its multiplayer and zombies. But i hated few things in multiplayer which made me throw this game out of window; the killstreaks, overpowereness, this makes the game like if u get killed once u r always powned like if u ever existed on map, respawn and die, and on that im noob, and this game never gave me chance to win a single fucking game. In CS:S deathmatch mod i could at least kill few peoples but this killstreak thing in BO just made me hate it. I improvised but still wasn't enough. Then i got MW3, it made it worse by designing ugly maps both in design and graphics. The support thing helped me but still, no improvement, so i went lot away from this game. Then i got BO2 for free (actually as a gift from someone), i played it, the same problem that were in BO are here as well, the fucking scorestreaks gets reseted and i never get chance to earn rewards and always gets pawned. At least BF, CS:S and CS:GO gives noob their fair chances like happened to me but CoD just made me hate it more. So, after BO2, i decided to never go on that road of CoD.The only thing i liked about BO2 was campaign, nothing else, everything else was just recycled and packed in new packaging, people will talk about pick 10, but still its shit as always, nothing that makes use of player skill. The only skill used is whos hands move faster. I love BF for this reason, 1st the maps are huge, the player size if 64 players, im skilled user of jets and tanks and game allows it, no killstreak (hurrraaahhh!!!), completely skilled, gunplay feels a lot different, i mean every gun feels so different, even pistol can be as deadly as an assault rifle, when using its own advantagte, distructibility, etc etc. I played BC2 and BF3 and loved both, yet to get BF4. But im more inclined to buy titanfall than BF4, since its something new, and i love something new now, all i explained is just my opinion. So, in a nutshell i hate CoD, not all MMS, if i exclude the campaign
  7. tiger in water, i dont know whats does it mean?
  8. well, i loves most of games on iphone like most of the games from Gameloft company, EA games then some superb games like boost 2, batman arkham, asphalt, infinity blade 1,2, real racing, dues ex, lots of good rpg's and god enough shooters. The list is very big, ths market have some of its own jewels. iPhone is not a great platform but good for some timepass gaming, the great platform for handheld in my opinion is ps vita
  9. well, its cool and all, but he's already doing his best by giving reviews, and thats the best thing i wanted from him ever He's fair and square in all his reviews, very detailed and says if he's giving game his own opinion or not, and thats enough for me, if he goes out of the box, its cool but its his own choice, just like its his choice to make AJSA but we r here to support him always Keep up angry joe
  10. Hello All, As u must be knowing, every in game settings have in game mouse sensitivity settings generally set to 50%. So, if i increase mouse sensitivity in game settings vs i increase the mouse DPI, is it the same or both r completely different things? And why so? I mean normal mouse can be equal to gaming mouse when increased the sensitivity. Whats the real difference between increasing sensitivity and increasing DPI? or only increasing sensitivity vs only increasing DPI? Also, to my strange finding, when i played CoD (everything high) at 800x600 settings, the mouse precision is very high, i mean im very quick in getting accurate shots and quickly and easily focus on enemy, but as i go on increasing the resolution, i see my mouse aim precision is decreasing as well. If u know, please tell me why so? Im just asking out of curiosity and wants to know whether gaming mouse is really value add, practically i never used gaming mouse, just wanted to know ur opinions, suggesions and experiences. Sorry for my noobness Thanks Ashutosh
  11. Hello All, Just curiosity! Whats the diference between normal and gaming KB and Mouse. I mean dont get me wrong they look same except flashy looks and a little bigger keys, and mouse looks bulky like big size rat i dont see much of a difference, if possible plz give the technical description as well. ANd also, please suggest best gaming mouse and keyboard combo u have all used and still using with new editions for 2013-2014 Thanks...
  12. why u want everything at once, get only those games that u gonna play, finish them and then buy new one, and honestly who has time to play all games in the world
  13. i give my vote to Valve, Bethesda, Bioware, 2K games etc etc, to sum up, all the PC oriented game developers. Not to left behind are awesome indie developers
  14. i guess then i need to buy a memory card, fair enough; but the point to be noted they should have used SD card. The things getting too costly anyways, thanks for info guys
  15. Hello All fellow gamers, im getting myself a ps vita. As a curiosity, i just have a question that, does ps vita stores its game save data on ps vita game card itself or on external ps vita memory? I mean if i dont have memory card will the game run and still save my progress on game card or cartridge? Thanks...