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  1. Yeah itis digital only budget title
  2. If you like comics and Diablo clones, X-Men Legends 1 and 2 are really fun with good stories.
  3. Jim is just awesome, that video made me laugh
  4. This makes me wonder if the game was shaping up to be just not very good. Remember the hype around The Order on ps4, and how it was justnot very good, and got a lot of bad press? I wonder if Microsoft just didn't think it was going to be too good, and didn't want to release a game that was going to get tons of poor reviews after being hyped so mch
  5. Curious if anyone else owns or plays this? I was thinking it could be a fun thing to do as a test AJSA event, even if it's an unofficial gathering. One person would have to stream it, with the others watching and playing on their phones, but everyone could be in an Xbox Live Party talking and having a good time while we do this. And the party pack 3 added a couple nice new features for the streaming aspect, such as extended timers to balance out the stream delay, and the ability to hide the room code from the stream until people you want are in the game. Plus several of the games have audience features that allow them to vote on things like Quiplash answers. It can get a bit dirty/inappropriate at times, it's the nature of it, but as long as everyone playing knew what lines to not cross and was ok with it it could be fine. So if anyone feels like they might be interested in trying it out sometime, let me know. I don't know if anyone else owns the game or if it's just me.
  6. I am not too great, but I'd be down to do some Firefight sometimes, it's what I tend to play with friends when we go on. I like it because I feel losing isn't as big a deal since it's against AI instead of competitive with other players.
  7. I cannot stand turn based RPGs, and the way the combat systems are I only made it about an hour each into Final Fantasy 7 and 10 when I tried them. But this is more action style combat, like a Kingdom Hearts or Dragon Age Inquisition right? I have no spending money for the rest of the year, Christmas is killing me, but I might get this on sale in the new year if that's the case.
  8. I will request a join next time I go online. Always relucant to play online stuff since I am very bad at games, enough so that half of my friends refuse to play team based stuff online with me because I bring them down lol. So no idea how much I would play
  9. Can you avoid the PvP aspect or are you forced into it? I had a friend who played it on pc a couple years ago and had a very bad experience with a much higher level player coming in and essentially harassing him
  10. Forza Horizon 2. I don't even like racing games and I enjoyed this. It's open world so that's a neat thing, and it's got great gameplay. There is a new game in the series coming out in September, so if you got this and enjoyed it, you can have more of it without too much waiting.
  11. I'm awfl at stealth games, can't really beat them if it's stealth only succeeds, though I always try to be stealthy. Deus Ex Human Revolution was a great game for me. I tried to be stealthy but when I failed I could always shoot my way out. Dishonored was great too. Combat is there but if you get in a fight with too many people you will get wrecked. That game felt really balanced to me.
  12. I don't realy read their reviews, I just like their news articles and stuff
  13. Because I had to sell my xbox one due to financial issue, and my 360 games library is over 200 titles
  14. Kingdoms of Amalur definitely underrated. Last of Us overrated. Only slightly, still a great game, just don't think it's one of the best ever or anything. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows another really overlooked and underrated game.